Welcome To The World of Rogue

It’s All About The Experience

Life is an experience. Take a chance! Embrace Life! Let your spirit free!

A World of It’s Own Nature

As you’re walking up to the door, finding that it’s already cracked open, waiting to welcome you….

As you’re walking in, please leave all your troubles and worries behind. Upon opening the door, you’re met with a pleasant scent within the air, a calming aura in the atmosphere, one of serenity and peace blanketing around you. A room lit by candlelight…and a lamp on what would be your side of the bed, just enough so that you can see that it’s only you and me…. I’m excitedly waiting to greet and welcome you in, “Heyyyy there!” After giving you a big hug and a deep passionate kiss. “Come in, stay for a little while, get comfy, take a load off and let’s have some fun.” As I tell you this is your home also, as I open up my home and welcome you in. You may ask if it’s okay to use the restroom to wash up, I’ll tell you “It’s your home, you don’t have to ask, go ahead and go, everything is there for you that you may need.” I may also let you know that after your first visit, I’ll let you know where the glasses and everything is located for you to get it yourself lol … Unless I’m in my place… Of servitude….

Welcome to the World of Rogue, walking into hospitality, Cajun Style, and already showing you my submissive form. My true nature that many see as role-playing, for me.. it’s my life. There are many aspects of me, to leave one aspect out, or to just look at one aspect of me is to leave a very big important part of me as each one as is as important as every other is.

2021 is Here! Time For Better! Time For Change!

My Vision

I had originally planned just to simply try to make the best of the situation that i found myself to be in, and to continue to on the spiritual path that I have always been on. I knew that with all of my life experiences and the spiritual gifts that I’ve been blessed with that I could be a positive influence within the community.
It has been through my compassion for others, wearing my heart on my sleeve, seeing the good in all, being a very trusting soul, along with being very naive and gullible and in my ignorance that everyone has seen me struggle with being taken advantage of and fight against….I had kept wondering what the hell these Texas women had done to y’all. Little did I know…and how quickly I learned….Time to get back to that vision. Time for a change. Time for a more positive Influence

To try to figure me out or see me as you see anyone else, you would come up with the wrong conclusions, there is way more to me, deeper in form then what’s at the surface or meets the eye. See, I’m like no other that you’ve met before. I may look or seem to you as being one way or the other, looking through the eyes of society….but….I am Rogue….

A very sexual person, that’s open-minded with desire and passion of fire, a caring loving person, a free-spirited soul, loving laughter and being silly and one that has MANY blonde moments, which sees the good in all. But you will also find a deep spirituality with many spiritual gifts that’s more than happy to share, and quite possibly can touch you with Healing Hands if the need should ever arise. A strong, well defined woman, with great wisdom and knowledge,. A seasoned submissive, biker, empath, visionary, healer, a messenger…a person of her own nature, of her own kind….to please you, is pleasing me, being true to my nature always…

This site is my out. It’s my ONLY out. My whole being is channeled through here.

About Me

This is my comfort zone, it’s where I call home. This is the place where I learn, I create, I imagine. This is the place where i laugh, I smile and feel proud when I accomplish something hard for me to do.

This is also the place I come to when I find myself to be confused, frustrated, annoyed, aggravated…and just simply when I get so very tired. This is where I remember, where I heal, where I cry….oh the many tears i cry. This is where all my pain is, my hurt. This is where you’ll see the compassion and care for all, my devotion and loyalty, my strengths even though I’m so freaking tired of “looking” stronger than what I am.

This is where I struggle and fight…for my rights! This is where I stand up and dust myself off when I stumble and fall. This is very literally ….My EVERYTHING …My ALL

This is only just tip of the iceberg of me… To label me would be 10 miles long…. To see me in a typical way is not to see me at all. To think you have me figured out, it’s to not get me at all, you may not understand my ways, but as I say there’s always a method behind my madness.

Although there are many aspects of me that make me who I am, these things you can always count on… With being true to myself means I never waiver. I never change, living by the code of honor and seeing that my integrity will always carry me…Old school in my ways. Respect, kindness, common courtesy, are important to me. Trust, honesty, and loyalty are of most importance. A down to earth person you can confide in your innermost deepest secrets and desires in without judgement or worry of anything going any further… And this is only the beginning…

No Gimmicks, No Hype….Just Real!

What I Stand For

Providing you with Good Quality Service from an Honorable Companion that you can Trust that believes in having Good Business Ethics, which is Guaranteed to Never diminish over time.”

I believe in giving exceptional Service that I stand by a 100% Money Back Guarantee (restrictions apply), I believe in providing a clean drama free environment (as long as YOU don’t bring YOUR drama to me), that’s safe and secure. I strive to continue to advance in website security by getting certified in website security.

By addressing the concerns of Privacy, Safety and Security I have literally taken all of your worries and concerns and made them nonexistent for you!!! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO THE “T” AND IF APPROVED, SHOW UP NOT BEING NERVOUS!!!

… As you have now entered a world like no other
….The World of Rogue
…..The Oral Specialist

1600 pennsylvania ave nw, washington, dc 20500

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