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 2 reviews
by Coggle2 on MsRogueSA
She is awesome

Definitely worth it. She is a master of her trade mind blowing sex. You will nut multiple times and great head.

MMMM .....With The Most Wicked Grin On My Face!!! And Love Taking Every Drop Till There's Nothing Left To Take! Great Times!

by Munchie007 on MsRogueSA
newbie friendly date

was hesitant about screening but Rogue made me comfortable, she was even better during our date. best newbie friendly of SA

oh hun im sorry im just now seeing this!! I want to thank you!!! Here's what I want to say, It's so hard to try to get anyone to understand that my screening...it's strictly for everyone's benefit. It's hard i know for ya'll and i do get that. but i'm the one who knows what i know, that you don't know, and can't know because of protocol, im the one who sees the dangers and everything that's involved. i'm the one who is literally TRYING TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE! I'm not the bad guy in this, i'm the one who cares for your families and for your lives. i'm the one who is actually looking out for you. and that's it.
I really appreciate you taking that leap of faith and trusting in me. and i wont do anything that would shatter that trust. because i myself go through that daily. i know how it feels. you were such a sweetheart. i enjoyed our date tremdously. cant wait to see you again hun!!! much love and licks till then!!!AND BE SAFE OUT THERE OK

12 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Michelle is that rare combination of cute and dirty slut whore sexy! If she doesn’t t make U hard then turn in your man card & get your rainbow gay membership papers processed. Big Titted spinner shorty that’s done it all and still is a nice broad. Hell I’d chat her up at a bar even if I had no chance to take her home b/c she is cool. So don’t be a pussy call up this San Antonio Hottie and get a 1 hour freak session scheduled.

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