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2021 Changes

Introducing Loyalty Rewards

As a way to say Thank You to those customers that keep coming back for The Oral Specialist Experience, You deserve to have a little “Extra Special” that comes with your experience.

When you have 5 Half Hour Visits with me, for your 6th visit, you don’t have to worry anything. It’s on me!!!

Both Half Hour Sessions are included. You might be in the mood to be Worshipped one time, and the next…well…you get the picture. 🙂 ONLY HALF HOUR SESSIONS APPLY.

NOTHING CHANGES IN THE WAY THINGS ARE DONE. You still MUST Screen, with a VALID Proof of Identification. You MUST give at least a 2 hour notice before the time you are wanting. Everything is the same!

You have till the end of this year 2021 to redeem your 6th visit. And is NOT to be combined with anything that I may offer the year. Is NON TRANSFERRABLE and does NOT hold any cash value.

Contact & Location

My Availability:

  • Sunday 9 am through Midnight
  • Monday – Saturday 7 am through Midnight

I will NOT acknowledge any contact made through my email nor any other website other than the contact form or screening form on this website.

If you send in your screening form, you MUST send in your deposit and email me BEFORE I will acknowledge you

My location will be given ONLY when it is needed and ONLY at that time. Until then, it’s a “NUNYA”

New Screening Requirements

I’m now requiring a clear picture of you holding your valid ID/License/Military Issue ID up to your face AS A PART OF YOUR SCREENING. Must be a hard copy ID. No part of your ID or face is to be covered. One of my verification pictures is a perfect example of what I am expecting. I am required to verify this way on EVERY platform that I advertise on. I am NOT asking any more of you than what I am required to do as a part of my verification process for you

This is NOT an alternative screening. This is an addition to your screening. So your information must be consistent with your ID, Name, Phone Number and Email that you give to me.

Everyone is REQUIRED to be screened this way this year. I don’t care if i have seen you once, 1000 times or never. You must be rescreened for your next visit.

Your screening is valid for a period of 6 months.This is the time frame that all providers use for references.

Deposits & Cancellations

Due to the continual excessive number of cancellations I am now requiring a $50 deposit that, of course goes towards your donation. If you cancel THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE. So in other words, HAVE YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BEFORE CONTACTING ME.


You must realize that what you do or don’t do DOES DIRECTLY AFFECT MY LIFE.

If you have already set up a visit and you begin to feel like you are not feeling good. And you are going to try to hold off from canceling. I personally would prefer you to at least give me a heads up. That way if you do have to cancel, I will not think that you are doing this on purpose.

If the excessive cancellations do not stop, my next step will be to require HALF DOWN DEPOSIT AND A UTILITY BILL.

Content Sells

Proof of age that you are legal to buy adult content is required for all content sells. NO EXCEPTIONS

A clear picture of you holding your valid ID/License/Military Issue ID up to your face as proof of age is required before I send any content to anyone.

If it’s not up on The Naughty Corner Page, it’s NOT ready or I do not have it. NO NEED to ask about it. When I have it ready, it will be up on The Naughty Corner Page.

Payment Options

The Payment Options that are available for both deposits and content sells are:

  • Cash App @ $MsRogueSA
  • Venmo @ MsRougeSA
  • Amazon Gift Cards @
  • Physical Amazon and Vanilla Gift Cards Take a picture of the back of the card with the number scratched off and the receipt and then send the pics to

Here’s How I Roll 🙂

The way I do things NEVER changes. Getting on the same page makes things so much easier for both sides. So here it is in short…:)

  • Fill out your screening form and send it in,
  • Send screening fee in
  • Email me at to verify payment so I can make sure who sent the payment
  • I will confirm it’s received and about when I can do your screening.
  • Once I’ve completed your screening, I will then email you one way or the other.
  • Once visit date and time is set….CONFIRM WITH ME BY EMAIL TWO HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTED TIME. This Confirms for the both of us.
  • If New, send deposit amount in at the time we have both confirmed, BEFORE I GIVE YOU MY ADDRESS
  • I will give you specific directions to my location, have an email drafted up already just saying you have arrived
  • Once you arrive, send the draft and I will tell you exactly where I’m at
  • And I’ll be waiting to greet you with a nice hot kiss at the door!!! 🙂

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