A Letter To All Men

To all those that beat me black and blue whether physical mental emotional verbal

I no longer accept you in my life

To all those who wanted to kick me down and keep me down steal all from me.

Including my joy happiness my peace and serenity

I no longer accept you in my life

I’ve been tied to that whipping post for way too long. I broke free last night and I don’t plan on coming back.

I got a small taste of an awesome gentleman a real gentleman in my personal life now I won’t accept anything less than a gentleman.

I Thank God for him, he reminded me of what it feels like to feel special again.

This is why i will accept no less… Than a gentleman inside and out, through and through.

Somebody who doesn’t see my worth because of this job.

Somebody who doesn’t want to bring me down but rather wants to life me up.

Somebody who is  genuine with respect and kindness and consideration.

With genuine concern for my feelings and emotions wants and needs.

Someone that doesn’t forget that I’m actually a person and not an object.

I realize what I now require in a man no matter how I meet them or where I meet them… Is very rare and hard to find.

But I accept no less from this day forward.

I take a stand against entitlements judgments and hates.

I take a stand for MYSELF.

There’s been way too many who judged a book by its cover and never wanted to find out about the diamond that’s hidden inside.

Focusing only what may be my imperfections, forgetting that they too are not perfect.

From this day on the white light that I have always carried inside and out will shine. For I finally pushed to this dark cloud that has been smothering and suffocating me.

From this day on

I kick the negative influence out of any kind, the energy of people that surround me MUST carry a heart was good intentions and Goodwill.

This is my stand i take for myself.

May 18, 2021 9:36 am

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