A Miracle Child Turned Demon Child

To give you an idea of my hell that I’ve been through and what you don’t know about. And what Twitter has put me through in the process

From The Beginning

From the beginning; getting pregnant. Getting pregnant all I ever wanted. To be pregnant and to raise my child. Be careful for what you wish for is all I can say. Because I got it

So at 28 & 29 I was told I couldn’t have any more kids. It took alot for me to go through the acceptance stage. But I finally got through it. The fighting to accept, pulling out my hair, crying, the whole nine yards of accepting of not having anymore kids. I was supposed to go through a hysterectomy for a prolapsed uterus after being told I couldn’t have no more kids. I was also told that I had endometriosis. So I had started scheduling for my hysterecomy.

Imagine my surprise when I went to the ER one night with more pain on my right side, thinking it was just another cyst on my ovary. I had fought the nurses and everything over taking a pregnancy test. I couldn’t afford to take one, besides that there was no way I was going to have to be pregnant. So why take one?!!!….. And then…. all the sudden I’m laying on the table, naked with a towel on top of your legs, feet in the stirrups and the nurse pops her head in the door and non chalantly says, “oh your pregnancy test came out positive.”

Ummmmm yeaaa imagine my shock???!!!! Boy, that was BIG dreams, high hopes. At that time Creed’s song, With arms wide open” was popular. I can’t even listen to it anymore, I can’t listen to nothing of Creed. Because well, I’ve always cried with that song, happy tears. Filled with so much emotion, hopes, dreams, everthing. It always meant so much because I dedicated that song to him.while I was pregnant.

Now I’m going to skip all the way up to when I moved here when I first got here

Being Blackmailed

Taken From “When Given The Chance & Enough Rope” Blog

So let’s start at the beginning, just so that I can show that from the get-go what has been done. The very one that fucked me on my first website and everything is the very one that threw me to the wolves in the beginning. Not realizing I was a lone wolf. And introduced me to MocoSpace which I had never heard of until that day. Told me to go study MocoSpace see how things have been done.

It was less than a week later, 5 days to be exact, I get a message saying “I know that Facebook face”. That gave me a cold chill freezing cold, mind you. Suspiciously and freaked out “who the fuck are you?”  I asked

Just imagine my shock down to the bone when I hear, “hi mom” the funny thing was that I heard him say it literally like he was in my ear I heard that little squeaky voice that cracked. I can tell you the next thing out my mouth was “what the fuck are you doing on here?”

A “Man” That Turned Out To Be My Child

Let’s go little farther into that one, that was my son, Ashton at 15. His profile was as a 47 year old man. and when I went and looked even farther, he had made that profile right after he left my home. So his sneaky ass made that profile when he was with CPS, where he wasn’t being watched correctly. Cuz I had a grip on him after what he was trying to do to me. Along with after taking all the knives and the scissors and shit out of my home because of him.

Does this begin to give y’all a little thrill to those who like being on MocoSpace??  ya’ll need to think about that really hard. Cuz just as easy as my little, manipulative sneaky ass son can do it, anybody can.

let’s go further cuz I’m not done, he went even further when he was trying to blackmailed me. Cuz see my son is by far stupid, he is highly highly intelligent he just chooses to use it in the wrong way. I think I’m going to leave that one right where it stands.

Now this is after I’ve dealing with his shit for two years and threatening to kill a me and being afraid of him at 11 & 12 and going through what I went through after he left and the rest of the shit that I went through with that little motherfuker.

Now, For The Rest Of The Story

I can tell you now this part is not easy at all I’ve only spoken this to a few people in private. Ya ever noticed, for those that have read that blog, that I never went into detail about what I was blackmailed with??? well, like I said it’s not easy…..

OK ,so he was 15 when he did this, 2 and a half years ago since I’ve been here in San Antonio. ‘Cause you see, I need you to get a real picture of what he did and that he didn’t change. And why I fear the living fuck outta him. Just to give you dates so you can get the idea September 9th in a week it will be 4 years ago then he walked out my home call CPS in the cops on me and I’m just taking a nap and woke up to him leaving um but the cops and everything there um he was 12 years old 2 months before 13. November 21st he will be 18 this year just said you can have the idea.

He apparently had gone into the San Antonio chat room and found out that I was tricking and He acted like he was wanting a call. I think I’m gonna stop right here on this one…… But that’s how he found out.

Ok, so getting back to, “hi mom” on Mocospace and being blackmailed. Being a child he couldn’t figure out what he wanted need to do I score is blackmailing me there is 3 different things I’m only gonna speak about 2 and that’s more than enough knew read what I have to say. So the first thing he want me to do was to shit in my hands and take a picture of me eating my own shit out of my hands….That should say it all right there! The sickness and the hatred. Yeah that’s hard to say that out loud and I am dictating this I wish you can hear my voice cracking, that’s really hard to swallow and everything… so um….

The second thing he wanted, was basically, to be my pimp and my dominant at the same time. And then on top of it all, he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do. Tormenting me, I guess now a days you could consider it to be “spam” calling, blowing my phone torturing and tormenting me about it. in this is trying in between trying to take phone calls bramp staying at to start work I’m only done one com my first column here in San Antonio end of this start happening um. So the second thing was he wanted me to be a lot lizard and he wanted me to set up a call in the truck for $1000 I know we all know that no driver is gonna pay $1000 for a lot lizard please hello L that’s how much he knew you know. Not only did he want me to be a lot lizard and David call in someone’s truck it to send him with $1000 all of it. I’m not done, also wanted me to videotape it incriminating myself and send it to him……

So On Curious Cat….

ok on this screenshot, you gotta start at the bottom about the gang bang, and the gangbang is what you want to be focusing on ok

Start at the bottom on this one, about the gang bang

remember start at the bottom of the screenshot

again start at the bottom of the screenshot…


and ummm, as far as the gang bang is concerned, you can tell that is a childs behaviour, more importantly to note, a narcissistic and one I can pick up that has entitlement about himself…..

do you see where im going with this ……………?????????

i cant handle no more right now, so im ending like it is, let yall think on this one for a while let THIS soak in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea one last thing, the irony about all this huh, very ironic smh

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