A Peak Into My Life 4: Fireworks Of Another Kind

July 3rd, Marks The 10 Yr anniversay

I wanted to get this out ON the anniversary day, but now its 12:32AM on the 4th. I have been working on Part 3 of this series for 5 days now. That one has been a very emotional one to write. I will have it completed and out very soon, I’m just about done with it….just to give you an update….

Happy Fourth of July To Everyone! Have a Safe Fourth!

Biloxi Beach July 3, 2009

I was living in Gulfport Ms at this time and I was owned by the Mongol that Ive talked about before. He was an OTR driver, he had done His miles and was able to drive in from Fl to spend the weekend on the beach with Ashton and I…..So Ash and I, we were having a blast together…We buried a honda…shyyyyt….no rice burners are allowed lol I even gave the honda…its last rights lmao….he wanted to dig it back up…i dont know what for???????? but…my ass wasnt digging it back up ??????? then he just thought we definitely needed to have us a lifeboat,…for ankle deep water lmao…and then he decided, he was gonna head out ta china…okayyyy then….ummm you might be there digging for a while lmao….we had us a blast that day….that was mommas lil man! We did just about everything together, even took him on my dates..lord what a mess that was lmao…

Then All Of A Sudden, In A Split Second….It All Changed!!!!

Then…SOMEONE just HAD to decide they wanted to celebrate and set off fireworks a day early….uhh uhhh dont look at me, I didnt do it this time…it wasnt me, I swear to yall it wasnt me this time around!!! That was “little mister, Mini me” that did that shit!!! And he learned well, if you gonna do it, man do dat shyt right!! That lil shyt didnt set off fireworks….he set off a BOMB?

So, from that last pic up top, it took less 10 mins to get the apt from the beach…I got him in the shower first, to get all that sand off, he jumped out, i jumped in…and while i was in the shower they started played with the remote control cars…im ALMOST DONE,… then I hear that screetching scream ya never wanna hear from your kid…that was less than an hr after that pic was taken up top….

So what happened was, they were racing the cars and Ashton went and slid down on the wood floor, when he went to slide…he landed on his knee instead…of course not knowing at the time, him landing his right knee like that, caused a twisted fracter in his right femur…yes i did say his femur…that hardest bone in your body to break

When I called for the ambulance, the “ex” decided he was gonna pussy out, and left to go back to Fl to get back to his truck…leaving me alone THROUGH IT ALL..from the ER in Gulfport, when the doctor looked at his xrays, he came back to inform me, that it looked like my 7 yr old son was dealing with cancer…………………..at the point i was told he needed a specialist and that were going to have to go to New Orleans…so in shock, got back in the ambulance and we made out way back home….oh yea, dont let me forgot to mention the male nurse that I was trying to get to, to kill, in the process of all of this….

Being that it was his femur, on a child that age, it was law to call CPS to investigate for child abuse. So when that male nurse had to talk to Ash, well that was fine…up until he tried to get Ashton to tell him outright that I was abusing him….Welll…thats when I had a problem. I went off, I was already in shock over the “C” word, I had a punk for a ole man, I was alone…scared freaked out then this mfer, just HAD to come along and say some shit that he did……that just wasnt happening for me lol

So, long story short, I really don’t remember getting to New Orleans, I do remember waking up in the chair in his room upstairs but I was so out of it, I couldn’t find to get out of the room, so that I could find the nurses station. The shock just fuck my body all up lol…Upon further testing, Thank God, he DIDN’T have cancer, but what he had was a cyst above his right knee, it was hole the same size of his femur bone. So it was inevitable that this was gonna happen at any given time. What they did was RE break his leg, to position the two slates of bone, so that they line them up but NOT put them together, that way extra bone could grow in between so that his right thigh could actually be stronge. In order to do this, they stuck two pins to hold the bone in place. and yes they were sticking out the side of his knee, that would make me sick to look at it, knowing where it was coming from…and me being a believer in Duct Tape lmao…welp, i covered the them pins up with gauze and duct tape! lol…ya’ll I couldn’t help it, i would get weak in the stomach everytime I looked at them pins, cuz I knew where they were coming from lol smh So the cast, it went from his nutsack all the way down his toes….that was soo much fun….alight im being fecious lol….

ok ya’ll before I end this blog, ya’ll got ta hear THIS STORY HERE; LORD HAVE MERCY, SHA DAT POOR CHYLD GETS IT HONESTLY!!! SMH LOL

So, I’m moving into that apt in those pics above, that walker, that happened to be MINE, for when my back went down…his wheelchair had finally been delievered, and I was TRYING to get him to get OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR, WITHOUT ME PICKING him AND his 1000 lb cast up and carry him around…mainly to the toilet!!! sooooo…..ummm, there was this battle of wills between us two, AGAIN…I had made his favorite for dinner, my spaghetti, and ima tellya, he would NOT eat a fucking thang! EVEN AFTER sitting there for 24 hrs looking at it, lil shit wouldnt eat shit, chicken nuggets and tacos…but one day, he FINALLY tried him some spaghetti, and that was his new favorite, thank God, lol…well, anyways, yea i had made his favorite, just for him to get his lazy ass up out that wheelchair and piss on his own, i need to specify here…umm in the toliet…

well, i didnt give him his chlonodine that night to sleep…nope i kept his up, i wheeled his to the toliet, put the walker right in fucking front of him, as close as i could get him to that toliet…..hmmm….TWELEVE fucking hours went by….that plate was still out, not been touched, the noodles got hard and yucky…so i was nice about it..and got him another plate…every fucking 5 mins that night, id go that room where he was at, “WAKE UP” and wake his up…..

Now, im gonna tell yall, this fool here. smh he is honestly my child lol…24 hrs done went by…can ya’ll take a wild guess what my honorary chyld did…NOPE!!!!!!!!!!! your wrong…he didnt get up either!!!!!!! and YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! he stayed right there in wheel chair just like that….talk about me so damn fired up!!…..lol oh lord i was sooo mad!!! lol…

………So the moral of this story is…lmao yesss…ima crazy ass fool lmao…honorary asf, strong-willed as hell and determination thats out this world and i got a mini me out here thats just as bad and gets it sooo damn honestly…be afraid be VERY afraid lmao

Ya know, being raised Catholic, Catholics say, that a child at 7 years old, knows wrong from right….from my experience with this chyld, that’s very TRUE! Being that when I look back at this…this is pretty much the time that he started manipulating me like a mfer, him breaking his leg. this is where I feel that it was the beginning of the end between him and I. One last thing comes to mind, my dad used to tell me when I was a teenager. “I can’t wait till you have your children, ya know they gonna be 7 times worse than you”…..I don’t think I need to say anymore! My ass did get payback!!! lol

ok…so now…guess what…FUCK IT…HAPPY 5TH OF JULY FOLKS LMAO AT 12:34AM ON THE 5TH! ill proofread it later and fix my typos later lmao

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