A Peak Into My Life Part:1

I started this series on this last site that I had that Word Press took down. So here it is as I had wrote it . I’m continuing with this series and about to put out Part 3 and needed to go ahead and add this one in there before the next one.

This weekend being Memorial Day Weekend is the best time for me to start sharing this little project that Ive been doing for myself with everyone. With it being the holiday weekend that starts off Summer Time, I thought I”d break away from monotony of everything and give you something different.

The majority of you know by now that right after I moved here that everything I had brought with me had been stolen. So, for the longest time now I’ve wanted to go into my old profiles that I don’t go into anymore to get the pictures that I have on those profiles. Recently I started working on this little project. Little by little I have been taking screenshots of all the pics that I have on these profiles. With all the traveling that I’ve done and everything. I thought that it would be cool to share these pics with you. Just a lil summin summin that I wanted to do. Giving you a more personal insight into my life. Which of course, includes me being “mom.”

These were taken right around the time of Katrina. I had spent the day with a friend of mine. I believe He had taken 200 or so pics that day. And as I was uploading these 4, I have just remembered another profile that might have a couple more pics that were apart of this set! Yay! lol

After Katrina happened I moved in with that same friend that had taken the pics above, who is Ashton’s Honorary Uncle. Of course, this is his bike that I’m having fun taking pics on. ? It was during this time that my First Master had collared me. The one of me standing by the fence is one of His favorite ones that was taken then. My hair being dyed black was per my First Master’s command, as He wanted to be fucking a different “bitch/whore/slut” and yes the name that He had given to me was/is “bitch.” Had me in His phone with the name He had choosen for me….and I’m almost positive it’s still that way now lmao and noooo, I couldn’t leave the kickstand pic…just too awesome to leave out lol I have been registered with The Slave Registery, The UPC, which yes, actually does work, was my slave numberr. This number is considered to be just as important as your Social Securtity Number and is to be taken as such as well. I had gotten my Tramp Stamp about this same time of these pics and while I was owned by my First Master.

This is the first of more than a few to come…As I get each set and finish editing everything that needs to be edited I’ll share as I go. Other different sets of pics that I’m working on is from Mardi Gras, Going To Daytona Bike Week 09, when I was dating someone from the Mongols. Pics from going to Hollywood when I lived in Monrovia, CA that was on my birthday , a few pics of my family and the house that I was raised in.

I hope that this is a welcomed change of pace.

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Much Love,

Rogue/michelle ????

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