*ALERT* LE Posting On TNA Board

Ok so i got this notification the other afternoon, and i tripped, but then again im not suprised. But here’s the 411 on what i can find

Cop Been On TNA Board Since Nov 2018,Was Referenced And Had Reviews With 61 Posts!!!

….And you wonder why I REFUSE to count YOUR REVIEWS as screening???? ….And you wonder why I REFUSE to take any REFERENCES FROM YOU????? Lord have Mercy! That shows me NOTHING!!! I can do my own investigations (screenings) thank you but no thank you!

Here’s The Twitter Conversation…

Been Saying This For A Long Minute Now “It’s Thick Out Here Ya’ll”

I’m sorry but one more time I’m gonna say, and whether you like it or not, I personally don’t care. Because see this so called fantasy bubble that alot of you gentlemen live in when it comes to “this” sure does need to be popped!! Sorry but i’m popping it! And instead of thinking i’m all about being against you, you really to twist it all back correctly, ….What I’m doing is I’m TRYING TO HELP YOU TO “NOT” GET CAUGHT UP IN THE BIG HOUSE!!!

But ok, if you want to continue to be stupid, this is what I’m gonna tell ya…..go be stupid, but please by all means, go be stupid somewhere else. I’m NOT willing to put MY LIFE into your hands and get all caught up OVER YOUR STUPIDITY, Thank you very much!!

If I’m gonna get caught up, it’s gonna happen OVER MY OWN STUPIDITY NOT YOURS

I may be overly paranoid TO YOU….but im gonna tell another thing, I’m privvy to information that you’re not..I KNOW THESE THINGS WHEN I TELL YA, STOP QUIESTIONING ME, Yall stopping and taking a moment to question me, but that time, shiiit ppl just got all kinds of caught up!! damn! yall need to understand, i’m not after no one, im NOT out to hurt anyone either, very much the opposite im trying to let yall things …but with out telling you, cause i cant… fuck!!! smh read between the lines sometimes instead of thinking that im “attacking you” when i go to chewing yall out or something, damn! when i sit there and take the time to chew you a new asshole, it’s for your own fucking good lol….im trying to your attention somewhere because i mean daymn, when your dick is hard and you fools aint thinking cuz your dick is hard…somebody needs to do something to get your attention lol fuuuuck, and this whole time yall thinking im all kinds of pissed off and hating on you…man man man…smh yall need to start thinking straight . Please if you choose to continue to be thinking all kinds of crooked and stupid, please choose to do this….far far away from me lol.

ya’ll stay safe out here, it’s thick as a mfer out here!!!

Much Love and Licks


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