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ya know i know that i tend to intimadate men being as strong as i am. but if you were to have lived my life, you have no choice but to be strong. my life is NOT for the weak at all. you would never survive what i have survived in the many miles i have traveled. during a time where im constantly begging just to be able to eat and have a roof over my head, somehow i still have compassion and a soft heart that still goes out to people to help others. ya know, EVERY LAST PERSON THAT I HAVE LOVED IN MY LIFE, had turned their backs on me, every last one of them, from my family, both of my sons, down to the best friend that i thought i had for 22 yrs, who was the one that had put the black magic on me…. and im trying to write about it, in the “A peak into my life:” series that im writing.. Getting this PM has made my day during the time when i needed it the most. soooo ummm i asked for permission to share this and i was given the permission to do so. and so. i wanted thank this person for acknowleging what he saw in me. cuz sometimes acknowledement can be the most important thing, and today this person did this for me, it brought me to tears. Thank you for gracing me with your kind words

this gave me a new idea for another blog. what a visit is like with me. though it can be predictable you have to account for my spontaneous nature that leads things to be unpredictable in alot of ways. my free spirit, i know that it scares many, i also know that it intriques many as well.

ya know, fear holds us back on so many things in our lives. fear of the unknown…..once you stop fearing what is not known, you can enjoy finding out the pleasures in life that you would normally have missed if you had let fear rule your decisions of not knowing. once i learned that, there was nothing much that i feared anymore. i just enjoyed learning all that life has to offer. both good and bad….if you take the bad things you experience in life, and look at it as a lesson instead and you learn from it, you tend to look at things differently. im not sure how to really explain it all. this is why im just a different kind of individual. cuz i never went with the mainstream of any belief factors, and because of that ive lost many in my life. my family, my kids, my best friend included….because my family believed something else, and from their beliefs they judged. thats not what we are supposed to do in our lives. we are supposed to enrich each other by our individualities in our lives. not judge. thats Gods job, not ours. too many people like taking on such a job as Gods and it does nothing but bring negativity into our lives. when you see things in another way, in a positive nature, you start transforming in ways that i cant really explain right now.

but to fear me or be intimadated by me and my strengths when we all have our faults and our weakenesses is to miss out on joy and laughter, and experiences that you can only encounter with someone that embodies such a free spirited soul. your only holding yourself back from the many joys there is in life. instead, take a chance , be free spirited, go running head first into all….lmao….i dont where i get it, or how i keep it, but i wont be going all nice and clean, when i go to meet my maker, ill be going kicking and screaming and sliding into home plate. without a doubt….just like my grandmother did….instead of stopping to smell the roses…hell…grab every muthafuckin rose that you pass, you might end up with more than a dozen roses when you hit home plate! thats just my views on things, but ya know this email…thank you for the kind words and the encourgement that was needed i appreciate it greatly!

michelle6-23-19 3:36 pm

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