An Empaths Guide for A Better Well Being


so it is a very important for an empath to shield themselves away from and protector their energy away from people who are energy takers psychic vampires who feed off of other people’s energies it’s very exhausting for an empath, it is REALLY wears is an empath out. And can be done several ways. And while I’m still actually learning some of those ways.

Setting Boundaries To Shield Yourself

So the very basic of shielding is boundaries. an empath has to set boundaries and has to be adamant about those boundaries for themselves an adamant for the people to respect their boundaries as well. Because for an empath are natural gift is healing and caring helping people so broken people tend to gravitate to us. when we are actually sometimes we are actually very broken as well.

Reserve Energy

The first thing an empath needs to do is reserve energy how much energy is used is very important because your energy will be taken and you will use energy for others you will give your energy away so energy and reserving making sure you have reserved for an event that you have planned or turn yourself whether it’s cleaning home or going to work or whatever it maybe you need to take and reserved like a reserve gas tank maybe you can look at it that way you have to reserve that energy for that whatever you have planned.

An understanding that there’s so many people that gravitate to you they are going to save date that you need you can help them a lot of times they just want to be heard well I can tell you from experience not only did they want to be heard but the empath themselves they also want to be heard so for those that are not in pads if one is openly saying and letting you know that they are trying to take some conscious effort to think about them every now and then cuz they tend to get forgotten about it in the in the mix of things.

The Use Of Stones To Shield and Cleanse

Stones or a good way to used to use for shielding anything is like a smoky quartz or in the Smoky in the smoke family crystals black tourmaline I can’t dispute on the sunset that I had in my my other place they were used to for grounding hematite is another one for grounding also taken energy and absorbing the negative energy instead of you absorbing that energy cement I’m is a stone it’s very you never have to clean it amethyst is another good one taking off the top of my head someone time is a very soft Stone mineral I think and it never has to be plans and it’s you can keep I’ve got the way I had mine was I got mine in four sticks and you place each stick of sealing time enough corners of your home or where you want to keep your energy cleansed Anna play sit n each corner of that rumor of your home and you can keep that area pure are cleansed

Tieing Your Energy Cords To Shield

Tieing your energy chords and I have to be reminded of this all the time and I I hear lately haven’t been doing it I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing it because I seem to get lost in everybody’s stuff that I forget my own stuff I forget how to do my own things.

So let me explain your energy chords to you this is what I was taught actually I learned about this when I was going through Reiki in Pennsylvania it is my Reiki Maaster who have been working on my back and other things the other spiritual stuff I was dealing with it the time she actually showed me how to tie my energy cords so that I can not get everybody so much so that I could still have open feelings another way to not tie up my energy so much to where I can’t fill baguette guard myself so I’m not sure how I want to do this yet then I’m going to probably do a video is very swollen instruct a video of exactly how your energy chords should be tied and what you feel while tying them it’s right now I’m just going to put it in writing

Grounding yourselves

for an empath it’s very important to ground yourself. Because there’s always a storm swirling around you that you have to keep grounded you have to be spiritually grounded more so make sure that your feet per se is grounded in Earth because if so many kind of people are coming at you at one time you have to take time to ground yourself and I’m going to admit and stay this because I 10 to just get into the mixed up with everything and it just happened so quickly to where you can’t think about yourself.

And these are the things that I’m going to start practicing because I know I need them and I know it will only better me which in turn better is everybody around me but take about 30 minutes every morning or less but take some time out ground yourself ground yourself spiritually make sure your whole so that you can face the days feelings from everybody this is I’m finding to be very very very especially very important.

Make Others Happy Can Be Costly

I’m stating this cuz learn from my mistakes please because mine is just been a costly one. Empaths we want to make everybody happy we are caregivers we’re there for to help you and to make sure that you’re happy we’re nature we’re going to be like a mother we’re going to take care of you this is our wiring so what’s what’s happened to me. Well in my job I have spent so much money trying to make others happy and trying to satisfy others that it has literally put me in debt and I found myself just night before last and yesterday just in shock an internal shock why I’ve never been in this kind of debt and I still can’t make others happy. This for me is a very very very hard lesson I have had to learn and to swallow it’s been a l i opening experience needless to say. cuz this is why this is it important to set boundaries for yourself and to stand like a marine as I’ve been told and uphold those boundaries you set for yourself because because of the blindness that people gravitate to you by. Nurturing effect of helping them they don’t know any boundaries so you have to stand your ground and stick to your guns on this

Getting The OverLoad With Electriconics

Understanding that an empath gets feelings from far away. We can pick up on things that are very far away and the phone and the computer or two of the most detrimental things to an empath Laney I know I’m speaking all of this from experience believe me these have been the most detrimental things in my life is the phone and the computer I sit down dries about the phone and I cannot talk to people on the phone because what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to reserve my energy for those that actually come here and visit and deserve that energy that I give to them so I’m having a set that boundary and people don’t seem to understand it.

Important To Decompress

Taking time to decompress is another most important thing of an empaths well-being. part of the self-care movement but on a real note here the well-being of an empath is very important because we are supposed to we are helping everybody we are taking care of everybody else said therefore and you know we can lose ourselves while in the midst of taking over taking and making sure that everybody else is happy and in feeling good and all that so decompressing something I don’t do at all hardly. but seems to be very important because well I am I personally I don’t know if anybody else out there that’s an empath goes to this but I’m almost sure of it I get to that’s my body vibrating and shivers and shakes and it takes hours to take the residue off of you it’s very important to understand this

and say here’s the thing right now I actually have some clarity and I’m actually feeling some of myself it’s taken since yesterday afternoon when I deactivated Twitter till about 1 the next day to not be feeling anybody to actually be feeling some of myself come back around so right now I’m going to have the clarity because I don’t think about all this and I’m not aware of it because of everybody else’s stuff I’m always aware of I’m having to take the time and the moment to make sure that I do a checklist for myself therefore I just do it for everybody that’s where I’m at right now so these are the things I’m thinking and and I’m becoming aware of that I’m meeting to do for myself because I’m going to admit I do hardly none of this and I am recognizing at the moment that these things are so very important to me and no matter how much people fight me about my phone number or about this to our time limit thing that I have prior to this right now thing this is very important for my well-being and then it also helps others to see why I’m having to set these boundaries because takers don’t have boundaries they’ve definitely been showing that here lately to me.

so decompression time is really important to an empath. this is why I’ve been upset about the 4 a.m. contact me kind of thing going on lately this is important because by 4 I’m either just about to fall out I’m just then not feeling anybody else and their stuff support in the morning and you’re just I’m feeling everybody all over again and I never get decompressed time this is why I had to set boundaries of 12 a.m. is my cut off work time from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. don’t bother me respect that because I am coming to decompress from you from all of you too many of you all at one time. so for an empath this is very important you are start time and you’re in time apparently is very important for you and to keep grounded throughout the day.

Several Showers/baths Through Out The Day

understand this is all coming off the top of my head right now this is just me speech-to-text throwing it all out so I can remember at all another thing that I need to think about is I actually take like several showers a day several purifying myself cleansing the residue off of mean people that I get there get all their motions from I have to cleanse it off of me so I didn’t end up taking so showers a day so that I can try to not have so much where I do end up being a volcano. So making sure that you take a shower at least once if not more cuz mine can be up to the I know I’ve taken sometimes 6to 7 showers in a day that the energy is just that much for me but I try to keep at a minimum and it’s it’s difficult to.

Smudging With Sage

Smudging with sage is an also pretty important thing it seems like to keep the energies down and is also very good and is now proven to be good for sinuses and I think I know what I don’t want to State anything on that showing that I think I’d have to go look at backup but allergies as well but it isvfir of good health reasons. As well.

Empaths have to learn the word NO

For an empath it is very difficult for us to say no to anybody it is not it’s it’s totally impossible a lot of most you just find yourself not being able to say no you’re stuck in positions or whatever that you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings or just disappoint anybody where you cannot say the word no no practice the word saying it screaming it out loud whatever you got to do say it just practice the word no say it all the time practicing it you have your feelings as well the practice the word no that’s really important if it means turning your phone off turn off that is the hardest thing for me to turn my phone off but I learned the phone has an off button it was better for me turn the computer off I know for my job it is not the easiest thing to do it is just about impossible to do. but this is actually why I’m having clarity today because I shut the computer top down on my laptop yesterday and I turned my phone off I did not turn my phone on until 4 this morning this is why this moment of clarity is happening yay for me I did not know this about myself because I’m always feeling other people’s stuff. Another reason why decompression is so important for an empath.

Understanding The “Effects”

For every cause there IS effect, yes holds VERY true here. And for both empaths and those that are around an empath, when an empath is blinded by so many peoples other emotions and different things, its really really hard to be able to understand just why we are doing what we are doing. and while im having this very rare moment of clairy, cause ive kept shielded myself as much as possible today, i can now try to explain some of this to help everyone out, so heres’ the different “effects” that happen to an empath when we are ingesting too many others “stuff”

The Roller Coaster Effect

Understand for an empath there is no such thing as us not feeling emotion I’m learning this about myself it is impossible to not feel emotion when we are always feeling everybody’s emotions so it is difficult for us more so I think I don’t know I mean I would think but I feel it you go through it for example the roller coaster effect let’s talk about that those that are mountainous that love us they care for us they go through a lot of roller coasters Some are Good some are not so good feeling well we go through the roller coasters we’re actually feeling the roller coaster and we’re on that ride we’re taking that ride we feel it and the reason why they roller coaster effect is happening is because of everybody’s in oceans are around us that we’re feeling this is why you feel like you’re going through a mother poster I can tell you but you as a non empath is going through and feeling as if you know the roller coaster I can tell you this we are actually experiencing it ten times worse it is not the funnest thing to go through up and downs and so many Dane so many people’s emotions and feelings and stuff that it just it’s exhausting so this is actually the roller coaster effect that takes place for an empath and for that is that are around us

The mirroring effect

So what is the mirroring effect what what does that exactly mean well for an empath we mirror exactly does Aransas their feelings there everything about them we Mera if a person is around me that’s nervous I’m going to automatically right off the bat be nervous this is why I say don’t be nervous because I’m going to fill it people don’t understand that we are naturally going to be marrying them they don’t get this concept then no don’t know how to get this concept so a lot of people automatically hate you or distaste you or don’t let me just have bad feelings towards you because you’re automatically mirroring their energies automatically you or sending that you were reflecting them and they are and feeling it a lot of people don’t like this especially if it’s bad feelings are a bad bad vibes images that you’re picking up from that person so this is why a lot of times without even understanding why you’re not being liked that you’re just not light just people don’t like seeing themselves in the mirror from this part nobody likes and then their wrongs and no admitting anything so why you no question don’t like seeing a reflection of their energies but understand this is what happens and it’s called the mirroring effect.

The Volanco Effect

While we’re talking about effects we’re going to talk about the volcano effect so what is the volcano effect will this is what I’ve just done this because that’s what it feels like to me that’s what happens the volcano effect well think about it you get people’s energies all day long and you ingest them into your body you’re so you’re being your whole you is them but that’s not actually in so they are not going your body’s not going to absorb and accept this your body is going to rejected and what happens to me is when I get so many people stuff out of my time and my body starts to begin to reject it I now can recognize when it starts to happen but it happened so quickly that I barely have enough time to tell people let me go let me go let me go and by that time I’m blowing up but it is as I can feel it in the pit of my stomach it starts to rumble and it starts I feel like I’m rushing feeling it’s about to happen and I can it hurts my gut and it’s painful it’s like a option is. And when I say I need to go I’m trying to keep that away from people because it’s just going to come out and people then think I’m mad at them when I’m actually not it’s just my body is rejecting their stuff I’ve gotten all day long it’s too much for my body to ingest so in order to be able to handle anymore it’s got to get rid of what it’s already taken in so this is called the volcano effect and what happens and the reasons why.

The Graviation Effect

most people when they gravitate to me they don’t ask me can I talk to you it just out of the blue just strangers come to me and tell me they want to kill themselves you know I don’t know who they are this is the kinds of things that we go through and I mean how do you deal with that, really? it is it’s something that I’ve been faced with quite often the last couple years and I just I don’t know how to answer I don’t know how to help that person especially when I’m in that same position and they don’t know it they don’t know to ask they’re just so blinded by gravitating to me that you don’t think otherwise. its like a bouy in an ocean then when so many people are using me for their lifesavor i start sinking as well. then no one is saved.

The tug-of-war effect

So the tug-of-war effect you can’t understand I never get to feel who I am you tend to lose grip of who you are your reality your you lose touch with your inner person your inner spirituality you have two all you got together remember we are always you what you are looking when you were looking at an empath you were looking at the people that that impact is actually feeling so the tug-of-war effect is you know when you hearing me struggle and I’m saying this is not me this is me trying to identify who I am and I’m not actually mad at you I am not trying to identify your feelings and my feelings I’m trying to differentiate who was who and what is what and when you have 20 people feeling mad sad angry happy you’re going to get all those feelings and then you’re going to go will wears me why can’t I feel me and it’s not being angry or anything’s going since you personally it’s just fighting to find your own emotions that’s buried on top of everybody else’s emotions this is what you always see me is this type of war affect this is a tide that’s why I keep telling you I’m not mad I’m not really I mean my first generations come from this tug-of-war that’s what this comes from so not mad at you and I’m not even I’m not even angry cuz if I get angry I would kill somebody that is not even close to being me it’s the emotions that I’m trying to identify with my own cuz I never do get to find out who I am and that’s that’s what you’ve been seeing me struggle with a lot lately is finding out who I am so that’s what this effect does and what it what it means

i’m just now realizing, ya know being in that storm and being blinded with so much at the same time, and then when i begin to fight back, to try to stand up for myself, most times i dont even understand what im fighting for, i just know i dont want to feel what im feeling, that im feeling over ran and over whelmed, i just know that all i want is me back, its hard to figure out whats going on with you, when you cant seem to find your true emotions inside you. this is me trying to figure out who is who inside me. then i have to consious tell myself that is their this is mine, that is his and these are mine. just so that i can sort through things. its really hard to try to figure out what is really yours when the world doesnt take responisbility for their own actions. you get to feeeling like your the blame…then you figure out, that is not even your issue to worry about…this is the war always going on inside me trying to figure me out…..

So for right now this is a guide for an empath for me this is my guide to help with my well-being remind me of what I need to do for myself and the reasons why I do them. I will be going.

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