An Update For What I have Planned

i’m trying to learn how to make and put up the galleries section with the plugins that i have installed, i had thought that the “just me” gallery was going to merge with this page but it didnt. so for now till i can learn all this, im leaving this up so i can leave up the pics for yall. please bear with me, everything to do with this site is a “plug in” and i have like 50 or more plug ins to learn so that i can make this site to its full potential of what im trying to offer to everyone. This is includng the “join me” button on the home page, the email/newsletter subscriptions, the event tickets. ive started “testing out” the number game to give away sessions and different things as far prizes go.

I’m trying to have more interaction with everyone. and i’ve also listened and heard everyone of you about rates and money issues and such. But seems like the only interaction that is happening is by DM’ing me on twitter and wanting one on one time that i can not possibly do for everyone on an individual basis. This is taking up to much time away from being able to do these things that i have planned for everyone, and then on top yall are doing nothing on twitter but wasting time that i dont have. it also seems like yall dont have to particpate in these games and events when im trying offer sessions and stuff to help yall out with sessions and all…..i dont understand why i have such a resistance on everything that i try to do for yall.

but to the ones that are particpating, please bear with me, there is so much that i have planned, im just the only one that DOES EVERYTHING so please just bear with me

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