Are You Being Labeled As A Time Waster?

Ironically enough, I’ve been wanting to do this blog for the longest time now, yet never could get to it. Can you take a wild guess why??? Yep!!! Ya know it!!! Seems like all of my time is spent running in circles for nothing, not only my time but MY ENERGY was all for nothing…but Time Wasters. Those people that just like to steal our time from us.

The Gift Of Time

The two greatest gifts that you can ever give a person is ” Your Time and Your Energy” Time is so valuable, with that fleeting second, you can never gain it back, or replace it. It’s gone forever. The gift of giving your energy to someone, holds the same value and importance. And when your working a job that is based solely off of these two gifts that you give each and every person you come into contact with. You then start to realize just how valuable these gifts REALLY are. Putting a value on these two gifts…that are quite literally priceless. As Providers, trying to juggle, family/home life, clients and the countless other responisiblies she has. There just never seems to be enough time for any of it. It’s mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining, not to mention the physical exhausting to come into contact with others who have no other intentions but to steal away our time. It is something that we try to avoid at all cost.

So here’s a list that was complied from a thread on Twitter from all the providers that responded, said in their words what a Time Waster is. None of these are my statements. At the end I’ll make mine.

Typical Signs Of A Time Waster:

  • Asks to book an appt and never pays a deposit
  • Emails for dates, I respond, he falls off the face of the earth
  • Contacts me via Twitter despite me telling him I ONLY book thru MY WEBSITE
  • Sends reservation form then ignores my first follow-up email
  • If he submits a reservation form then ghosts (same as right above), he doesn’t get a second chance
  • Asking me to prove that I’m real with FREE nudes and face pics
  • “Hey baby” =Time Waster
  • Suggest extended visit (overnight or longer) or an on-going arrangement before he can possibly even know if he likes you or not. Like in the first email, when you’ve never interacted online before.
  • I find if it goes over 3 email replies, its likely not going to happen. You only need a few emails to book. When people want me to email back and forth it makes me sceptial
  • Just wants to chit chat, which is the reason for virtual rates. (Stating, “My time ISNT FREE.”)
  • Asks super specific questions like “how hairy are you?” or wants to know EXACTLY how a session is going to work with me from the moment he walks in the door.
  • When you asked for screening information and they beat around the bush by asking more questions instead of just giving the information. Basically looking for penpals and free conversation.
  • They write a 3 page introduction that doesn’t include ANY of your screening information requirements. And Ending with “I’m looking to see you on a regular basis”
  • Asks redunant questions
    • starts convo with “hi, hey, sup”
    • Tells you in two texts “I’m gonna be a regular”States “I plan on being extra generous” without provocation
    • ask for pics
  • “Send me a pic” No “hi, hello, how you doing” just “send me a pic” (This Provider stated: “I send a HUGE penis pics, since they didn’t specifiy, I send what I feel like.”)
  • Can I have a face pic before I book with you
  • Any mention of their looks “I’m young, fit/attractive”= “I shouldn’t have to pay” = Time Waster! Obviously we do get quailty clients that are attractive but in my experience, they never mention their looks when booking.
  • Slips in the conversation 3 times, “your going to enjoy me” (Provider stated, “nah, brah, i’m not cuz the 3rd time you said that you got blocked”)
  • Ask for pictures
    • Ask what you are wearing
    • Ask specifics about different services that you don’t advertise
    • Multiple contacts with no booking
    • Calls me pet names and wants to chit chat
  • Ask for me to dominante him (Looking for FREE wank material)
    • Asks me if I really am like (x) or simply for it $
    • Tells me they want to serve me personally but then give me a laundry list they want me to do with them.
  • Has a specific/obscure outfit request before we even met ( she stated: “thats been from my experience”)
  • Ask for information that’s listed on ads or website
    • Sends messages with one question at a time.
    • Makes booking and doesn’t ask for address (You don’t offer it cuz you sense they are a time waster.)
  • Responding to an ad with a detailed list of all the things they should include in a first message, “hey u around?”
  • Asking for 3 different dates and times and places, and then say, “Another SW will book him without a deposit”
  • “Hi”
  • “I found your website, what are your rates?”
  • Contacts you using a VOIP number or a throw away phone/email
    • Doesn’t respect your preferred method of contact, IE: calls when ask for text, email when you have a website, etc.
    • Uses explict language of any kind
  • A million questions never all in one email, but sent one at a time , after each response. (she also stated, “Now I just point them to my website and if they don’t book after the first one or two questions I require a deposit to answer ensuring that they are serious about booking before answering anymore.“)
  • Text or calls in the middle of the night when probably drunk and mulitple excessive times like more than once.. (Rogue says: “more like 3 to 5 times plus”)
  • Keeps coming up with more questions
    • wants more pics than you have
    • talks about his cock
    • wants to know personal stuff
  • Fills out the screening from WITHOUT any REAL screening info. (she stated, “???? Yes George I see your in Florida and want a certain date, but who the hell are you???” “Fill out the required info fellas”)
  • When they send a photo of cash
    • When they offer more money than your rate
    • When they send a dick pic (stated, “I send one back”)

Rogue’s List

I did state that at the end I would name a few that I have encountered that hadn’t been mentioned. So here they are:

  • Putting in the subject of an email “are you available?” or “call me” with a phone number….leaving the body of the email blank.
  • not giving a “statement of intent” when contacting, IE: “hey, how are you” butg i don’t know who you are or where you come from.
  • Telling me you want to meet for coffee or breakfast, instead of screening.
  • Saying you need to be discreet, not wanting to screen (we ALL need to be discreet)
  • Wanting to take me out to dinner, personally…
  • Telling me you’d rather be my boyfriend that you will pay for everything (that ONLY tells me you want control over me)
  • Making the statement “Let me save you and take you away from that life” (I don’t NEED “saving”)
  • Constantly wanting to talk on Twitter in DM expecting me to answer every time…especially after a year or more has gone by and you have not shown any support.
  • Telling me you don’t have a Middle Name to put as your Middle Initial on the screening form.
  • Forever wanting my phone number when I do NOT give it out. cuz if i did, …..IT WOULD BE IN MY ADS…

Added Comments To Note

A few things were mentioned that wasn’t apart of this “list” but are important to note. The massive amount of texting back and forth not only as it seen as being a time waster, but also as boundary pushing. If boundaries are pushed virtually, then the mindset of any provider is that the person would not respect any boundaries in any Real World situations.

Also there seems to be a “sweet spot” for the amount of questions that are asked. A provider normally can pick up after so many questions if someone is just looking to be a pen pal. At which point a deposit will probably be requested to go any farther.

Keeping The Benefits Mutual

When you finally find a Service Provider that you are wanting to meet after spending so much time and energy into looking for the “right” one that seems to match with you best. It’s gonna be only natural that you are going to want to get to know everything about her. And alot of times, the fine line between seeing a Provider that is offering this as a service and getting a little too personal become a blur. The undivided attention that you are looking for is given during the date. The Date is YOUR time and is about YOU! This is YOURS, all YOURS! The world STOPS during this time, making sure that you have 150% of our undivided attention.

From your stand point, you are interested in “one” person, wanting to get to know everything you can possibly know before the date to make sure that the date goes perfectly. From a Provider’s stand point, that has multiple lovers wanting her undivided attention BEFORE and/or AFTER the date, is ALOT of unpaid labor. It’s also very time consuming and tiring as well.

If a Provider is able to take the time and chat with you for a little while, please understand that this is done on her personal time and done out of the goodness of her heart. It is NOT a requirement that any Service Provider has to stop each time you message her. To remember that each time she stops to answer you, that you are taking valuable time away from other areas in her life. Giving a little token of appreciation goes an awfully long ways. And while not excepted each and every time. After so long, it can make the Provider feel unappreciated and taken advantage of. To send a small gift card or something off her wish list, is always a sure way of letting her know she’s appreciated. Giving her a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside.? And let’s not forget, it will only ensure your date with her that much better. ?? While, on the other hand taking advantage and monopolizing her time, will only ensure for a bad experience with the communication part of the whole experience, and most probably get you black listed as a time waster.

Hearing It From All The Ladies

In case you are wondering why this list contains several things repeatedly, there are a few reasons. Let me explain, first when I saw this thread. Putting it into a nice blog was the whole idea behind it. So I did not want to change anything at all. To see the amount of times and the different ways that is expressed in these statements, shows just how often they are used. They are used so often that they are considered to be “red flags” for a provider.

For anyone that may be new to the “hobby” that may not realize that these are common every day things that we deal with and doing them yourself wondering why your not getting any responses. By doing these things, you will NOT be taken seriously at all. Therefore, most providers will just ignore you. It’s a waste of time to answer these things. On the flip side, if you have been in the community for awhile, and you aren’t getting any responses back from providers. I can say, they you have probably been blacklisted as a time waster.

It’s As Simple As…

….Saying “Hello, how are you? My name is….”….as opposed to “PICS!” “Send me a pic” “Available?” “Drop EVERYTHING I Need RIGHT NOW” Remember: When all else fails, try being kind. Kindness is Free! I believe it’s the ONE THING IN LIFE THATS FREE THAT EVERYONE SEEMS TO FORGET ABOUT. There is no need to be vulgar and ugly to a Provider. No matter if anyone wants to admit it or not, we are all still humans that deserve to be treated decently and respectfully…..and it should go both ways.

It’s All In The Approach

For both sides, how we interact with each other is very important. Just as you are “screening” a Provider upon first contacting her. A Provider is also doing the same. Just because you may pass the actual screening, does not warrant or give you, or anyone the right to start disrespecting anyone. Both sides, the clients as well as the Providers should give that mutual respect.

At The End Of The Day…

Here it is, in short….no one is given any extra time in a day. We all get the same 24 hours. For the clients side, it’s really hard for you to be able to “get away” from it all, to be able to have some enjoyment for yourselves. And to have your time wasted, for you…its very unnerving and upsetting (to put it nicely) something you may just get more than angry about, especially when it’s your money that you have worked for that’s gone down the drain. That will make anyone angry…..Service Providers see this in the very same way. We work really hard at our jobs, we go out of our way, to make you feel just “right at home,” so to speak. Both sides should be respected as such. Neither side gets any more time than the other. And let’s face it, there is absolutely no one that can honestly say that they enjoy being treated badly, being ghosted on, lied to or any other bad way. If a person was to say this, I KNOW that it would be just foolishness. Each side should give the other the same mutual respect that is expected. Simple….it’s either gonna make for a better experience with the Provider you have choosen…or it’s gonna get you blacklisted. There’s always a choice.

In hopes that this brings a better experience for all,

Much love…and licks


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