Being A Messenger & A Seer: The Gifts


The Gifts

Published 1/16/2020 On Sharepoint that I never shared till now

The Gifts That Were Given

Can I explain to you in a way to help you to understand about these gifts that I apparently have been given? No, I can’t. Because I can’t explain them myself. It’s taken my whole life to TRY to understand what goes on with me. A lifetime of research and study. I can just tell you what I’ve experienced all my life. I can tell you that even though I was raised Catholic, my mother would bring us kids to a Non-Denominational Church as well as going to Charismatic Mass during the week. Especially during the summer times. I can also tell you that my mother has the Gift of Tongues, and prays all the time in Tongues. I can also tell you that my little brother, who is 5 years younger than me, started praying in tongues at the age of 7. I was given this Gift as well. Around that same time that my brother had received his Gift, so I was around 12. But as time went on, I noticed that when I was Praying in Tongues, I started to understand what I was saying. And then all of sudden, I couldn’t pray in that way anymore. So it was when it kept happening like that, that I finally caught on that I was given the Gift of Interpretation of Tongues, my own Tongues. 

To help you to understand a little bit better. The biggest impact of my life and my upbringing was in the 80’s. It was during that time that the TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart was very popular. With his Ministries and College being located in Baton Rouge where I was raised, the impact of his popularity as an evangelist as well as when he made the news headlines getting caught with a sex worker, was greater, even if you weren’t raised listening to his sermons.  

It was during this time that “backwards masking,” was going on. When you take a record, (or what’s called “Vinyl” these days. lol) and spin it backwards and it was said that groups like Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC would put subliminal messages into their songs, of the devil. And I so happened to be into heavy metal music. Motley Crue “Shout At The Devil” was my first heavy metal tape that I had bought. And I was also having my mom order Ozzy’s “Bark at the Moon” thru Columbia House Records. It was when the Non-Denominational Church my mom was bringing us kids to, Bethany, had a seminar one weekend on Backwards Masking, that it then became a HUGE deal in the household. Coming home from dates with all my tapes pulled out, even my country tapes. 

At the age of 14, during the summer I went to Charismatic Mass at my aunts church on a Tues. They would hold mass in the small chapel during the week. I had been dealing with problems with Scoliosis, The “S” curvature in my spine had caused my legs not to be even length. And had to wear shoes with a lift in my right shoe. Before mass started one Tues, an elderly couple had come up to me, they had asked me if I had problems with my leg. When I had told them yes, they asked If they could pray over that leg. I said I was fine with it, and my mom said she was ok with it. When they were done praying, I had put both my legs and feet together to see. What I saw was my hips, legs and feet were all straight and equal in length!! That day I threw out that lift that I had to wear in my shoe and have been forever grateful for that small blessing that I would call to be a miracle. 

And till this very day, my hips, my legs, my feet ARE STILL THE SAME LENGTH!

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