Being An Empath *Revised*

Being An Empath

An empath feels the feelings of all

An empath is a strong soul in nature

For an empath takes on the worries sicknesses the fears the hurt the pain of all others

Young and old rich or poor

We lend our strength so that you have the strength take carry yourselves one more day

To see into an empaths eyes is to see many eyes, and great pain

An empath can be Moody for an empath feels all

So therefore it takes on the moods of all

An empath carries the weight of the world upon them

An empath loves unconditionally

Being an empath is a warrior a surviver

A Healer  a visionary a messenger and  normally would be an old soul.

An empath is a very spiritual being

A very loving caring enlightened one

That sees all through many eyes

An empath has to know thyself

They have to be grounded amist the chaos hurricanes and tornadoes always swirling around them.

While they are The Rock, the center the one to go to when weak

Being an empath is sacrificial

For they sacrifice on so many levels

Being an empath is not perfection

But is one of compassion loyalty and one of Great Strength


And I’m ready to to take on the world today!!!!

I wrote this July , 2018. It was on the Tumblr I had before this one that I have now.

Part 2 July 7-2019

To be an empath means you are never understood

To be empath is to walk a lonely road all your life

Being an empath is always feeling everyone else, but never being able to feel yourself

As an empath, we live our lives purely on our gut intution, so our “logic is NOT logical”

As an empath we deal with neverous system issues

Dont make the mistake of lieing to an empath, We KNOW WHEN YOUR LIEING

Being an empath constantly struggles with an inner tug-o-war

Always having to be strong on the outside, while on the inside your screaming out “i just want to have a total meltdown”

Am empath just wants to find our place that we fit in, only to find ourselves being shunned

Being an empath is NOT our fault!

As an empath, we are both blessed with a special gift and at the same time given a bad curse.

An empath can be hiding in the most secret places not wanting to feel others only to be sought out and found

Being an empath means you are always having to shield yourself or trying to so you can try dig through eveyones feelings to be find your own

When an empaths body has taken some many peoples “stuff” our body starts to vibrate and shake, feeling a volcano about to erupt in our stomachs…and then all of sudden not being able to control everyones “stuff anymore…just out of the blue, we will erupt like that of a sleeping volcano finally wakening

An empath NEEDS to have “me” time but yet never gets it

Having “me” time just means all you to do shed everyones “stuff” at the end of the day…but to not be left alone and lonely

An empath is judged mostly by those that use logic…



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