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Dated 1-20-19

“To know oneself is to look to the universe…to begin to understand is to seek what nature has for us to listen to…all that needs to be done is to open the door, to a vast unknown…but to understand what is told, only can be understood by vibrating on the same frequency level that the universe vibrates on. As anyone that is vibrating on lower vibrations these secrets will not be felt or heard”…Rogue/michelle

As I’ve stated a few times in my Tumblr blogs there was a reason with a deeper meaning as to why i started this part of my journey. It was to reach the underground world, those that would normally be forgotten or not able to be reached due to it being the underground world. I knew this would only be temporary for me. What I didn’t realize was that only the first phase would be temporary. The first yrs, these last 2 yrs apparently was to introduce myself, to let myself be known, to verify, to show that i am very real, my honor as well as showing my consistancy. For me, it was also opening the doors in order for me to do what’s to come next.(ie: this site)

On my birthday, my body began it’s purging process, purging all the negativity, all that I have endured. Which is needed in order for the next phase of this. As the thirst that I have already experienced before, things are now coming so quickly that i cant keep up, again, I see another portrait in its beginning stages that like i have seen before, that with each step taken will be beautifully painted to its completion.

Here’s some things that are needed to be stated so that can be understood with reading my blogs, being the reason for this page. This is part of my purpose, and for MY purpose alone. (which will NOT be questioned) My purpose is one of great sacrifice and is to share my journey in order to prepare, as I start to share and unfold the journeys that I have taken, in doing so, I am showing, teaching, preparing.

This is BY NO MEANS anything to do with “religion” It doesn’t matter the belief systems in which one may believe in. I, for one, do NOT identify NOR do i proclaim any one belief system(s). I’m simply spiritual. I live my life in the light, in all things positive, and pure of heart. 

All of what I’m about to start sharing will be for ALL, and will only be understood by those who have good nature.


“I have been judged, criticized, chastised, oldest child sexualy abused by second husband, miscarried child by being beaten, youngest child wanting to kill me, abused mentally, emotionally, physically, turned away, stones thrown at, thought of as crazy, insane, not stable, not understood, but yet I stand before you, with a back bone that holds the strength not known by many, like that of an army of ants, (one ant can carry 10 times their weight). i have walked a journey of hardship and of sacrifice in order to share what i have seen and learned, in doing so, giving you the wisdom and knowledge I posses within me. if you are as so bold as to pass judgement, to think you can walk in these SIZE THREE KIDS SHOES i wear, and still stand strong and amongst those of judgement, I welcome you to do so. and try to keep up.”

About Me

20 Mar, 2019

About Me: My spiritual studies started when I was in high school. You can almost say for years now, I’ve studied kinda like a Monk does, doing extensive reasearch on different religions and cultures throught out my life. It’s been the last 18 or so years now that I have studied more on the Wiccan Spiritual Ways, Wicca is a nature based belief system that believes in the balance of the God and Goddess. The more that I studied on this, the more I realized that these techniques used, what was followed was more along the lines of The Laws of The Universe and is when I started adapting this more into my life. Though, I don’t consider myself to be Wiccan, as I’m more Eccentric.  Following more along the lines of my Real Dad’s Heritage with me being Cherokee and Irish. So, I indentify more with following “The Red Road” and the Celts. I was raised Catholic. I’ve always been more “Non denominational” As I do not like claiming any organized religion at all. Since the age of 10 I knew that I was different, seeing things, ghost, spirits, knowing things, and through out the years, my gifts one by one I started figuring out and learning how to use them. Along the way, I have encountered and experienced things that couldnt be explained, so to speak. My experiences that I’ve had through out my life, has given me the knowledge that I’m sharing out for everyone to know what I know. It is by my experiences alone, that I have figured things out. I’ve had many teachers along the way in my life. One in particular that I call as my Master, has taken on the job of being my Mentor since the year of 2003. And I owe my life to Him, as I’ve gone through major spiritual warfare for years now. More specificly when I was living in Pa, for 5 1/2 yrs as I went through some major heavy experiences that had it not been by having His guidance, I would’ve NEVER gotten through them. Before coming to San Antonio. 

For years now, I’ve wanted to be ordained to be able to “handfast” couples into marriage. I took to my studies in Wicca to get my Three Degrees to start on my road of becoming Ordianed in The Corillian Tradition Wicca. I had gotten to my second degree, when life took a turn and I had to stop for awhile. My studies are never over, as I stay in study and doing research and will continue to do so through out my life. 

This is the field of study that has ALWAYS been where I’m best at. I’ve also ALWAYS been a Mentor, and have mentored many between the BDSM Lifestyle and this area. The things that I write on and share out to the world, comes from a life long of many many many experiences i’ve encountered since the age of 10, and the extensive research that I have done through out my life. Though, you can say that I’m experienced, I wouldn’t want to claim that, being that anything that happens in the spiritual world when it comes to Spiritual Warfare, is normally not the same, but there are patterns that things follow. It is because of this very reason that lately, you have seen my struggles of finding and figuring things out and trying to place things that have been going on. Because I have not till now gone through the physic vampire attacks as extensive as I’ve undergone them for THIS LENGTH OF TIME NOR THIS HEAVILY. IT IS ONLY through ACTUALLY experiencing things that happen that you figure them out and learning them!

I share out to the world, NOT just the sex worker community, what I have gained though my research and studies AND my experiences that I’ve had through my life to for EVERYONE TO KNOW. These things NEED TO BE KNOWN, and be made AWARE OF THAT THESE THINGS ACTUALLY DO HAPPEN AND DO TAKE PLACE AND IS GOING ON AROUND US ALL THE TIME! 

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