Buying And Selling References: Security Alert

Update 6-20-19: This is ONLY ONE of the many reasons why I don’t take references from anyone.

Ok, so i don’t get to go and check all these sites daily anymore, but i have literally just logged on to a site and this what I see first thing, My feelings about this, We should already know, but I feel that this does need to be put out there for AWARENESS. These things that keep happening are what is putting EVERYBODY at risk. This is VERY DANGEROUS PRACTICES FOR ANYONE!!!! Not just for us providers, but think about it, just like my screenig, YOU as a hobbiest, should know me by now with people trying to sway my screenings, and you KNOW I WONT BUDGE ONE BIT, you should feel secure that I won’t allow there to be a weak link on any kind of security I have felt necessary to put in place, The hobbiest/trolls that are doing this, is causing you on your end of things, weak links…this is why im a tough bitch to deal with about the procedures on how I want things to go. Another reason why I won’t accept referernces anymore as part of the screening process, This is to show you what goes on. Please do not be one of the ones fucking more shit up. This is SERIOUS SHIT HERE!!!

BTW, words of another provider, 

 “I was contacted by someone asking “how much to buy a reference on (site name)”. 

It really struck a nerve with me for Obvious reasons….
Who else would be wanting to “buy a reference” but someone without good intentions, or respect to this board or any participating member’s safety and discretion. 

I Urge all other ladies here on this board to please do not compromise the integrity of (Site Name) Standards for a buck. It could easily put this entire community at risk and even possibly serious danger. 

I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention that there is infact someone seeking to unmind the respect and intergity of this “safe-reference” friendly community with dishonesty. 

Smdh there’s already enough review board trolls that have turned the light down on the intent of honest reviewing. We do not need this. And i hope by speaking out i can be a deterrent for some that may have been persuaded otherwise.

This is appalling to me! 

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