Can’t Replicate The Devil “Itself”

December 12, 2020

(I wrote this while I was in Natchez Mississippi)

Doing the dishes just now I realized something

Very important

After ALL the things that I have experienced in this sense…

Spiritual warfare…

And this the last few years of my life..

Yes some things were similar…it lacked the most important things .. which I’m definitely going to give them that answer…

But here something for everyone to think about…

…ya know there’s just no fucking replicating THE devil ..

… may do these hideous things in “its” name


The cloud of confusion and swirling tornadoes hitting you all the time… yes you really going to think its the devil

But now that I’m on the other side of that. .

Man-made doing it in the name of….


It wasn’t “IT” !!!!

Update April 27th 2021

About 2 weeks ago on Stephen Colbert, at the beginning of his show he was talking about some guy on Twitter wanted to put a chip in his brain and be connected to the computer and the internet at all times. On that same night he also had a guest that is author of the book The equation of God.

Looking back over everything that I have gone through I’m going to make this statement no you do not want to put any kind of computer into your body unless you want to go through massive amounts of electronic harassment from the government then yeah go ahead. Because that’s what I meant and been experiencing his massive amounts of electronic harassment. How is that done? Through computers. Well I’m trying to run away from electronics everybody’s trying to run to it. It’s amazing.

Here’s where I’m going with this.

Learning How To Discern

It’s getting harder and harder and harder as time goes of being able to discern between a real and not. Matter of fact it’s been here it’s been happening it’s just now coming out in the open more and more. Clones, cyborgs, human/non-human. We are here, we are at this point! This is why they are pushing the space program and going to Mars. This is why Biden is doing what he’s doing. I’m read recently that he just announced that there is no such thing as binary. That we are all non-binary. The things that’s happening in this world right now is going directly to all all these different “new world order” situation quicker than a lot of people realize. Learning how to discern between AI, robots and real humans from when I saw the news the other night. That shit is scary.

My mother taught me a long time ago, your body is the temple of God.

Putting anything into our bodies that is not supposed to be there desecrates The Temple of God.

So how can you tell between real human and not real? Here’s a few things I’ve learned thus far:

First of all, those that look wore down kind of like I do now LOL. Those that aged, tired worn down beat up. Very quickly you can be able to tell the difference between those who called to be the child of God and those that don’t. This will be the the very big telltale sign. those are called out to be a child of God will go through major spiritual warfare like I have been.

And the reasons are to wear us down to either kill us or to turn us. This is exactly why I said on Twitter that I was not going to denounce God’s name. and as you can see through time I’ve been hit harder and harder and harder every time I turn around it’s because I want to note that I won’t bow down to the devil.

Those that have chosen the dark side they’re outer looks will be a beauty they won’t look so wore down and beat up and tired. They’ll be supposedly given the gift of “eternal life.”.. all I’m going to say is this….”IT” fooled y’all.

“The equation of God” from what I heard the author say yeah right on the money as far as physics is concerned. There is one important Factor that’s not in that equation. REAL…CAN NOT REPLICATE WHAT’S REAL. THERE’S NO WAY TO REPLICATE YOU CAN GET CLOSE BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE IT OVER AGAIN EXACTLY.

There’s been some screenings and that I have not been able to pinpoint somebody down on. you may run across somebody that looks like somebody that looks like somebody that looks like somebody that looks like somebody else.  Not being able to get a full identity on someone. ….and I’m trying to figure out how to word this and word it correctly….”the devil will take on many forms many faces, many names.”, they will all look alike. Very similar but yet you can’t tell it all meshes together. They’ll blend together. Fake IDs, this is why the identity theft crisis is going on. So they can be more out in the open and have an identity but when you go to really dig and find something on them. It’s kind of like I guess in a sense to bring an understanding. It’s like somebody would be in a witness protection program from the FBI in the courts and all that and they don’t have a history a past to to see up front… “It’s” always going to be hiding behind somebody else. Changing like a chameleon but… The spots never change.

I’ve come across two different people who have mentioned about not being able to tell a person. That their pictures are all look the same but have different identities. The last person who I mentioned this to me was during the time when it snowed. I just stood there and I looked at him and it was like he was almost like trying to let me know some things which I’ve been suspecting. But I just kind of looked and it stood Frozen like wow you know. It was just the way he mentioned it to me that made me stop in my tracks.

Just like the tactics of spiritual attacks. THE APPROACH IS ALWAYS DIFFERENT, THE TACTIC IS ALWAYS THE SAME.

I’m still having a hard time learning how to discern. I know but I’ve been doing anything a breeding ground for those on the dark side. Any grosses now to know that I’ve slept with the devil in the real sense. And you can tell the war that I’ve been going through by the way I’ve aged in these last few years. like I said pretty soon it will be easily noticed just who is who when it comes to trying to discern  between human ad non human.

The most important thing to remember…. YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT REPLICATE WHAT IT’S REAL.

Coming across the situation and the experiences that have come through in my life when I look back over when I’ve come to these last few years yeah they sure made it look like it could have been the devil “ITSELF.” But when I got out of the cloud of everything and took a step back and looked at all I’ve come across that mother fucker more than my share of times I want to admit to or even wanted to. And I can tell you now, coming across that thing that sends you in to nightmares and the hellacious horrors of remembering things like what’s going on with me now. You’ll never forget that voice that’s a harsh, raspy voice ….oh God to get shivers when I think about it… There’s there is no way you can replicate that at all… You cannot replicate the hideous monster when you see it for real, in “it’s” real form. And you cannot absolutely cannot mistake real when you look at its hoofs. There is absolutely no way to replicate those things. and I promise you it’s something you just don’t want to come across and when you do it’s nightmares for the rest of your life. So whatever promises it makes to those who go to the dark side… I’m just glad it ain’t me.

Also I’m going to touch base on a synthetic telepathy. Because it happened to me last year. With the person I’ve been seeing personally a toddler 4 years now I’ve been saying this person. I was on top of him and all of a sudden I saw this vision of a perfectly clasp leather training collar for BDSM. It was just the color itself like it was in air, just floating around in there but it was perfectly rounded clasped. I knew this was not my vision I knew this was not something that I myself was seeing. I knew it wasn’t me.

I had brought this up to this person. And he answered well maybe one day you’ll get that when you find someone.  And I’m like no you don’t understand that wasn’t my vision that’s not what I’ve envisioned from the very beginning. What I specifically envisioned, NO ONE KNEW, I NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO ANYONE AT ALL.

But what I envisioned, what I had hoped for, what I had dreamed about with specifically me kneeling in slave position and him placing the leather training collar around my neck. I never told him this. It was not for me to tell him. If it’s for him to take it upon himself if he chose to. And if he chose to he would have done it the right way. Instead of sending me false visions of it.

And just so that everyone is aware. I don’t tell out everything. I know they lurk. I know they watch me closely. VERY CLOSELY. As I’ve been told before…”to learn.” To learn what I know, how much I know, how much I figured out, and exactly what to use against me. What’s funny is it’s THEM that’s been my best teachers.  So with that in mind I’m very careful about exactly how I word things, and how much I do tell out so that I can at least try to help others that are Children of God “above.” There is quite a number of things that I have to keep to myself to protect myself.

So far, this is what I’ve learned, that I can tell you to help with “discerning.’

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