Can’t See Till You Can See Part 3

Can’t See Till You Can See Part 3
21 Mar, 2019

“The Biggest Lie We Ever Told Was To Ourselves”

only by heart and soul may the eyes see
with purity of heart one will be led,
to stay in mind is to stay in dark
rendering the soul cold and useless
blinders two by two
veil placed so truth can’t be seen
turn attention on to thee,
thine truth is told when follow the heart
only by pure light will one see

i dont remember when i wrote this

9-27 i still gotta put the pics and stuff up that go with this one but i want all of this out of my drafts so here it is. yea i didnt realize i havent done with this one, i started on it, but of course i had to get stop and pullled off to somewhere else and never did get back to it oh well

I felt the need to have that placed here to continue…It is ONLY when “blame and fault” is placed upon the “rightful owner”, AND the “rightful owner” quite literally stands up and takes claim/admitting of wrongdoing, fault or blame, claiming the ownership of..” NOT BEFORE, is when the next step starts to happen, ACCEPTANCE OF ONESELF
How is this done, you ask?
“The brain is in a constant state of evolution. Changing, adapting, reprogramming,” Even though “the sponge effect” is fastest while learning as an infant into toddler, and on up, It continues acting as a sponge. This, debunks “can’t teach an old dog new tricks”
I don’t know…for you, it might be very much different than what I had expereinced. and what I have experienced since learning this and am experiencing on this very day. I can only tell you my experiences. With each time I have gone through this stage, seemed like there’s was one things that was in common….RELIVING IT! THEN LETTING GO! BURING IT FOREVER!
For example, many from Tumblr will remember me, quiet literally reliving what I went through with my youngest son. I relived every emotion, the trauma that I had experienced, not only did I go through the mental and emotional, BUT ALSO the physical. The tremors in my hands, the stuttering that is caused by the stress that my body went through, my speech impariement that I now have due to brain n’tadamage that takes place when PTSD is suffered, difficulty of doing the multi tasking that I normally have the abilities to do now, it all came back, with having to relive EVERYTHING i went through….My followers on Tumblr went through this and lived it WITH ME as i RE-lived it that night.
The amount of trauma that my body expereienced by my youngest wanting to kill me between the ages of 11 and 12, with him walking out of the door, just 2 months shy of his 13th birthday with only the clothes his back, literally like I had told him once before…Looking back, to somehow find my own personal closure, i think it was to save both of us, either way, I died, AND I mourned the death of child. I had to be put on heart medication, was given nitro. many a nights, scared to fall asleep, scared Id die in my sleep. because of my heart, I had suffered two mini heart attacks through this, and quite simply had to relearn pretty much everything, which is where doing what i do, is a major blessing for me…
The first time I had relived everything in my life, I was living in knoxville, right after leaving california, yea that was doozy there…cuz it was everything I’ve endured in my lifetime at that point….When I knew that I was done going through all of what I needed to go through , it was then time to put it behind me…trick is, in order to really do this, you cant just do it in your mind, you cant just go through mothions, INTENT, the word INTENT needs to be brought up here…
ALWAYS BE MINDFUL OF YOUR INTENT” …”WHAT YOU SEND OUT COMES BACK TO THEE” …”Within the Element of Air is the Intent carried”
So, With the correct intent, to bury my past, carrying a small hand shovel, I saught out the Rockys. Good To Note Here Never, Ever are you to bury anything of negative nature where you or others dwell (not in your backyard etc)…NEVER ….Give it back to the land, Ground it, Bury it, Call on St Michael to transform negative into positive energy. And this I did, With a friend, took a ride, found a place that seemed to fit, started digging the hole, upon breaking ground, the force from all the weight that was carried though out my years, came down, with a blinded strength, taking me by surprise. with every tear I’ve shed, all the pain, EVERYTHING i put into the rocky mountains, after some time, feeling drained and exhausted, knees hurting, legs numb, with one last struggle to find the strength to stand up, looking to the sky…
….Walking away, i turned to look once more, even though, no strength left in me, the weight I carried, that I claimed ownership to, even what was not mine to carry, was all gone…somehow i felt lighter…With that last glance looking behind me, thats where all the pain ive felt up to that time, was left.
Once both the brain and the body can get a grasp of this, One will naturially go into sync with each. other…The only reason why the brain just can’t get this concept is simply because we have lied to ourselves so much so, That it really believes it.
During this whole process, things will come especially during the identifying and recongnizing phase, shit will freak you out, things coming up, that at the time, the body, may have blacked it out, going into “safe mode”….with reliving it all, there is no more “safe mode”
So whats to be expected?…..lots of slaps in the face, shock, being over whelmed, fear, especially fear of the unknown, sense of loss, massive confusion. and many questions that will probably go unanswered.
Also, look for a new found thirst, being that quiet literally the blinders were ripped away, and the veil over your eyes, was also, literally ripped away…. a new clairty, being able to start putting some pieces that never made sense to put together, a start to fitting the pieces in.
It was at this point that I was started to somewhat understand the meaning behind
With feeling the excitement of a brand new awareness…its really easy to over load the brain….whatever you do…STOP!!! LET THE BRAIN BE ABLE TO PROCESS WHAT IS NEW TO IT….THIS IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER
“Once the brain is able to process…COMES ACCEPTANCE”
“When the brain finds ACCEPTANCE, the body follows suit!”
“Once the brain and the body is synced together, you’ll find things start falling where they belong..naturally”
Before we can continue with “FINDING ONESELF TO KNOW ONESELF”
Some very important basics are needed to get a better understanding, to simply, be able to grasp the things that have taken place both within you, as well your outward self. As you simply can not have “Full Clairty’ without a basic understanding of the what’s, how’s, and why’s of it all
Sooooo…Next up…..Here comes your own crash course …..

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