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Let’s Get This Untwisted

With everybody putting their own little spins and interpretations and getting things twisted. I do believe right now is the best time to untwist it all for everyone. So that we can all have a mutual understanding.  First of all seems like only ones that don’t want to screen are the same exact ones that …

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What You Should Know BEFORE You Manscape

Ok here’s the scenario…. You are about to FINALLY meet with the provider that you’ve wanting to see. You have gone through her screening and she’s approved you. Now you can feel the excitement building and the anticaption is a killer. You are wanting to make a great impression in the grooming dept, down below. …

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What A Dick Pic Means To Me

This one started on my Tumblr, then on the last website. Now, it’s on this one lmao…I thank God, for One Note Clipper lol…cuz I backed up ALLL of my writings RIGHT before i pulled the site down. So, note, you’ll be seeing the updates on these writings, like what I’m doing here. Last I …

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Is Your Game On Point?

I guess I need to give a check list, because it seems while everyone has been pointing their fingers at me, talking about my game, you been pointing trying to tell me something about myself, when your game aint completely on point! See, here it is, you need to make sure you have your shit …

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