Life as an Empath

As I learn and understand more about this part of myself, I share my journey and informationI learn along the way. 

When An Empath Finally Feels Their Own Emotions

Excuse me while I feel. It’s not often that I get to feel…MY OWN emotions that is. I had to be lonely so that I could feel, MY OWN emtions. I have to guard and shield myself from people, just so that I can have MY OWN emtions. To a Non-empath, you sure wouldn’t understand, …

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Understanding The Basics Of Energy

9-20-19 I am separating one blog and making it into 2 parts. This is part of series that I never got to finish, About Physic Vampires, So yes, between the physic vampires, empaths and spirituality, and finding your purpose, what i’ve shared with “getting to know oneself” this is part of everything, when you understand …

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Being An Empath *Revised*

Being An Empath An empath feels the feelings of all An empath is a strong soul in nature For an empath takes on the worries sicknesses the fears the hurt the pain of all others Young and old rich or poor We lend our strength so that you have the strength take carry yourselves one …

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