My Own Personal Struggles

Writing helps me out, so when I feel the need to i just write so i can get things out, and not hold them in whatever it may be

A Slave With No Purpose, Is A Lost Slave

ya know, ive been laying here all day in my bed, yea i’ve actually had the day to be naked in my bed, first time in forever i have to admit. but ya know, as quiet as i’ve been, tears just stream down my face. and i just i just dont understand, and i hate …

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i just need to write

alot of things are starting to hit me and i just need to get it out, i was cleaning the bathroom up, and for some reason i looked at my perfume bottle and umm it just hit me, ya know it was 10 years ago i dealt with that shit in cali with wizard and …

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Today…..I Let Go

I’ve lived this since 2009 when I was living in California. When I was with the Mongol. When I found myself playing a part of his movie, HIS LIE! His lie was not only soooo damaging to me, but the damage that it caused a child! THAT COLLATARL DAMAGEE, IT WAS PART OF WHY ASHTON …

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