The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

an extension of the two i wrote yesterday Have you had contact with your family?? do you know if they’re okay ??? do you know if they’re sick and they need help???? do you know if they’re dead or alive.??? What about your nieces??? maybe, your nephews??? your aunts and uncles??? your cousins???… do you …

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Coronavirus Facts and Resources

In any emergancy situation knowing and understanding the differences between REACTING and RESPONDING could mean seconds between life and death for someone. Or in this case, it very well could’ve meant the difference in creating and dealing with a pandemic or keeping a pandemic from happening. Between all the tornados and hurricanes I’ve gone through, …

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My Sexuality

I never think in terms of how things are gonna go, I don’t dicate shit. I’ve been a slave all my life. for me, it’s my sole purpose to live for my Master, that I do not have. I slaves only purpose in life is to please her Master. I guess that’s where i went …

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Time In A Bottle

Oh and since you want to take my porn to the levels that y’all have and hurt me like you have I’m going to tell you some secrets and I’m a bust that fantasy wide the fuck open, The last 3 times that I’ve been filmed, I haven’t watched them I haven’t edited them I …

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Alert: Marriott Trains Employees On “Signs” Of Sex Trafficking

I had posted this on my first website back in Jan this year. And while many of you are still not aware of Marriott Brand Hotels training their employees on the “signs” of sex trafficking. Clients need to be aware of this when asking a Provider to go to an outcall. Also many of you …

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PSA! ALERT! It Just Got Too Real

Ok I just woke up, last night i totally flipped the fuck out! I’m gonna tell each and everyone of you something if ya’ll dont wake up and realize this shit is no game your gonna fuck up!!! These games that you little boys play. I’m gonna ask ya’ll summin, and i want ya’ll to …

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Website Updates 9-22

Privacy Policy & Terms Agreement ok so heres what i’ve been working on: last night i was working on the privacy policy, yall are gonna crack up at me lol…but im just gonna let yall know that you might wanna go read it very well lol…especially the disclosure of information and the code of ethics …

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Free Slave Labor:Why Sex Workers Need Decrim

I swear to God you men do not know what it feels like to go hungry and homeless just because you have a bladder infection and you can’t work a job because of that bladder infection but wait a minute you can’t go to the doctor because you can’t work because you can’t pay for …

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