Hurry up!….And…..Wait

Ok this is more for those that have not been following me and don’t know the situation. I wanted to start writing this on Mon Jan 21st, but instead I’ve waited and thought about it before I did. As with my promise about not having a repeat of anything to do with last year, including …

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Experience The Oral Specialist

It Can Not Be Described It MUST Be Experienced! This Well Defined, little Bitty, Feisty Red Head, May Be Compact In Size, But Is Guaranteed to Amaze. .From The Time You Enter Till The Time You leave, you will find, I will blow your mind….and then some! With Talented mouth and skilled throat, having truly …

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Here’s Why Protocols Should Be Followed

I was just sent a link from a personal friend of mine that has been watching the news. Fox San Antnoio News aired a story about San Antonio Vice doing bust for prostitiution. The article stated that they had been on the Westside of the city wanting to send a strong message to the men …

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Website Updates 9-22

Privacy Policy & Terms Agreement ok so heres what i’ve been working on: last night i was working on the privacy policy, yall are gonna crack up at me lol…but im just gonna let yall know that you might wanna go read it very well lol…especially the disclosure of information and the code of ethics …

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In Repsonse To The Comment On The Vision Part 1 Page

Okay I don’t know how to go about explaining this?????  A lot of it has taken years to try to get to understand the little bit that I do now.  So to try to explain so that others can understand, that’s not.  Especially when you’re not able to, you’re not on this level. When you……one …

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