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Prelude To The Introduction Nov 15, 2019

No Claims Do I Make

The very first thing I feel that it’s important for you to know is that I make no claims on anything. The only claim that I make is that within the pages of this book is an accurate account of my life. That’s all. I claim no cults etc. Here’s the only other claims that I will make, I stay grounded within the light of God. If it wasn’t for the light along with me being focused. I would have fallen a long time ago and never been able to rise back up second time. Im just a VERY unique person from baton rouge, that knew she was different…all of her life.

I’m not the only one out there with these kind of stories. I just so happen to be apparently the one chosen to do such a thing as I’m doing right now. To say the least, yes I do admit im a nervous wreck to stand in front of everybody in the whole wide world and bear witness witness and give my testimony. Though i may be a little bitty person, but when I speak I speak to be heard and I speaking volumes (wow that just hit me oh my gosh wow.WHOA! I never seen that word in that perspective that I see now considering im writing the book now oh wow this is November 15th 8:46 p.m. by the way)

See I don’t know where things are going to go or how things are going to be or what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. I don’t have any clue

The future, I’ve only seen one flash one time in a vision 6 years ago of what’s to come and it’s very scary to me. The things I have gone through I have gone through for important reasons that even i didn’t know or understand until these last few years.

See you must understand I get visions. these visions that I see are just like flickers, pieces of a puzzle and im only left with a couple of clues and then as time goes on I start to pick up those clues within all the situations that happen, that’s when unable to start putting the pieces to the puzzle together and then that’s when it all makes sense to me finally. Needless to say, I got my work cut out for me. lol so you see I never really know exactly what’s going to happen. So what’s been seen in my writings thus for have been me trying to put things together, knowing I’m supposed to be doing some kind of writing and putting it together. Knowing I had to get it out there but not knowing exactly how to do it or how to go about it…..yet. As I’m dictating this, I’ve come to realize I was trying to do it prematurely, before the time. And now it’s just starting to all fall in place of how I’m supposed to put it, all kind of weird to me. Lol

My Journey Is Only For Me,…

This journey IS one with no destination in sight. I have chosen to share my journey and have you come along with me but please understand this journey I walk alone with only with my wolf who walks before me guiding me. And I’ve walked many a miles along a dirt road. I guess it’s my road to walk…

So, trying to figure out any rhyme or reason. You won’t, its just not possible. To live the life that I have lived… no one will ever be able to understand the actual events that have taken place in my life. You will never be able to to FEEL what I feel and have felt in my experiences. So therefore there will never be any one person to actually understand me and what I’ve gone through. Ever.

I know what I speak on is very controversial but my life is NOT up for debate. So very bluntly you have a choice, everyone has a choice. You can either be curious and you stick around to see what happens, with me. Or you can do just like what everybody that I have loved in my life has done and walk away….Just simply walk away. It’s what my parents have done it’s what my two boys have done. it’s what everyone I have ever loved in my life has done. ….just walk away from it.

You can’t ever understand someone else’s journey someone else’s purpose it’s only theirs to understand. Just like mine is and even I don’t even understand it completely even though it’s becoming a little bit more clear as I’m now starting to see the portrait starting to come together just like the other one did.

…Bringing You To Date…

So let’s bring you up to speed just a little bit. During my life, throughout my travels around the United States. I always seem to have landed on Cursed Land…Dead Land, right now the word desolate comes to mine. It started when I left my home state and went to Mississippi. I ended up in Long Beach and Gulfport. Right after Katrina happened. Alot of history land, from that natives to the Plantation Times and on. That might also has been cursed hi to witch covens that were at war in each other. I’ll explain further in detail later.

New Castle Pennsylvania, also very old land with ALOT Of history…I found myself there the same way. It thrived in it’s day, economy was mining. But when, the mining dried up, the economy dried up… I just shudder at the thought of that land. It’s literally nothing but a ceaspool of demons. It’s very cursed, in fact come to find out, that it was a Catholic priest that had cursed that land. So nothing but demons was left. Newcastle seems to have a gravity pull that you end up finding yourself into the depths of hell. I’m very literally speaking, being that the surrounding areas when you come into New Castle you’re in a valley so I’m very literally speaking that you got into the depths of nothing but a cesspool of demons in New Castle Pa. Just recently that I’ve heard others talk about Newcastle and it’s like gosh I wish I would have known that beforehand. It was during this time ive experienced what the demons can and will do to you. Again, this will be further explained later on.

I had asked my Mentor when I was in Pennsylvania, why is it that I end up being on cursed land. The answer that I was given was, “you can walk upon curse land, and not be of the cursed land.”

…Since Arriving In San Antonio….

So when I ended up in San Antonio, it was no surprise, when I come to realize the land’s secrets that it has, that I once again was on cursed land. It quickly was made obvious to me that the light that surrounds me was found to be of distaste and not welcomed right from the start. I can honestly say that I have never encountered the kinds of behaviors and attitudes towards me without even knowing me nor have i ever experienced of what I’ve gone through since I’ve been in San Antonio. I was shown another part of this beast all the way around, and uses sex as its main weapon that used to draw in…

Going to the Underground, to reach out..

When I first started doing sex work again here in San Antonio I saw myself doing it for 2 years. I saw myself helping others and using my empath gifts of healing and all to help others. I knew the reasons were to reach out to those areas that end being forgotten and end up never getting whatever it is that may be needed. And i revealed all this way early on. I knew that I was supposed to help others from the very bottom….the very underbelly of where nobody wanted to ever reach to help.

During the events that have taken place the last couple of years with Fosta and Sesta and the government and this war on sex workers. It became more and more obvious of what I was supposed to be doing but then again that quickly got lost being that it seemed like the more I tried to help people the more I try to use my gifts the more adversities i was facing. Looking back right now the more I tried to help the more I was pushed against the more I pushed back the more I was pushed down to try to stop what i was supposed to be doing. Every time.

Society’s “Wasteland”

You can see it as metaphorically it doesn’t matter however you want to see it. the fact of the matter is….what has been done …what I have done, without even realizing it….is I took the steps downstairs into hell into the underbelly of what everybody in this world seems to consider nothing but wasteland… I
come down here to reach and to touch a lot of people that are good in this so-called wasteland that nobody wants to ever mess with and the twist on that is is from the very depths of that wasteland…. Setting out to do my purpose, to help others, to speak up…And I am heard all the way up above from the very depths of the underground world… think about that one I have gathered the attention, and not even meaning to, of the whole world around me on Twitter my message is getting across and it’s being heard from the underbelly of the wasteland. of what society deems as wasteland let me rephrase that and make sure you understand exactly what I’m trying to portray and put out here. what society would see me being in the very depths, very bottom in hell, and very literally living hell on Earth and when that time came I threw my hands and my arm out and I grabbed you a grabbed your attention and you heard me when I spoke from the very depths of the hell that you think and consider sex workers to be in as a whole.

While the world has stood in their suburban communities pointing their fingers at others placing blame and spewing hatred upon a community, that only wants equality what we are all supposed to have and by doing so you have ignored your own problems. the shootings become worse in your suburban communities. So I’m going to ask who is the better person. Better yet no one I don’t claim to be better I just claimed to have some humility. And kindness I’ve led by example.instead of the hatred and a fake world that we all now live in. ?
This community holds a lot of lot of good people just because it’s not understood or not seen as damn damn these people to hell just because you feel they’re not worthy of you all of me all these people around me or equal just like your equal this community health very special bond just like Louisiana having to take care of our own when it floods and has the hurricanes this community does the same as well. They have stuck by me like I was took by them don’t forget about these people just because you don’t like what they do or what I do it’s not for you to judge. That’s Godd job. That’s way too big of a job for me I don’t want it

So please keep this in mind as you begin to read the menu page of it pages that have been written already
As of right now the way the pages will be placed I will do the about me first my history that I’ve already written. Then the writings of teachings local next and then I’ll start placing the timeline over this year together that’s going take a lityle time to piece it all together and edit everybody’s names out and stuff and now that I have better clarity about hindsight being 20-20 I can only explain so there’s a better understanding of how it all plays out. Both the original writings and screenshots said that I could be understood and seen that it was written back then is how I’m going to present everything to you cuz I have it all. I am accounting for all the dates and times,and accuracy of the things I do speak of about my life.

After this one thing I want you to keep in mind this is happening everywhere it’s happening so much so that the TV now has a TV show about it evil. Set the pages within this book this will be your guide of how to go about things how to recognize things and see things for what they really are hold these pages and hold them tight to you you’re going to need them.

May the light surround you all
Much love

PS I know I need to edit this I was doing this for my phone not my computer since I was reformatting my computer so it needs touching up quite a bit especially at the end

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