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Clash app for cease and desist

Friday, April 16, 2021

7:53 PM

I found a app called The clash app, this app can make fake certificates, fake IPS, can run as a fake server, can do tunnels as in VPN tunnels to fake out the tunnel through the VPN, essentially allowing upnp’s which is plug and Play devices as in Chromecast Amazon fire sticks Spotify Xbox PlayStation which can all be used as servers. Go through and wreck havoc to anyone’s devices by creating a botnet. And by exploiting all the permissions on your device your camera your microphone everything spy on you get into your device by Wi-Fi direct control direct share the whole nine yards all of your permissions go in and spy on you 24/7.

How do I know this it happened to me. I’ve been under 24/7 surveillance for years now apparently. For years now I’ve been finding secret videos made of me and secret audios made of me that I did not do and was not aware of. Videos for four and a half hours long I found 6 minutes into it you can hear my vibrator going off. you can tell on my screen it shows just my screen but you can tell I was not aware of these videos being made because I was not even it shows my screen not even being moved because I’m else we’re doing other things. you can hear me talking to maintenance when maintenance came in to fix my shower head. And by this everybody knew where I was at all times enabling people to break in my apartment or my motel rooms.

exploiting using my videos to buy them to get me out of the house knowing that I’m so broke that I’m going to go across the street to the store to buy some cigarettes and something to eat allowing other people to walk into my home that we’re working as maintenance to set me up.

There’s been a trend. Today is Thursday March 25th 2 days ago I could not even call out for help because nothing was secure I was being under 24/7 surveillance and the person that I called help to was on Facebook which they allowed me to go to be able to get on Facebook. .

This app puts an asterisk which is a wild card in the hidden menu programming in the internal root of all of your devices overriding everything that has been set to your preferences. Buy an overlay of r r o. Which is runtime resource overlays which is a package that changes the resource values of the target package at runtime. And it started with finding a suspicious zip folder in my documents under Android USB with some other letters and numbers. That I did not place in my devices

From November 14th to December 3rd my location was looked up 214 different times through an app called I only found this out because my Microsoft had been getting into my home Microsoft had and it shows my IP which this clash app can do, but while my login my original login which only show one IP somebody else that was logging into my account was showing the my IP 3, 4, 5, 6 different times. So I went and downloaded my data from Microsoft which is how I figured out there were all these locations that I were not I was not in and so many different times that I went and downloaded it and found and Microsoft gave me the device and ID numbers of all these lookups location lookups that I know I didn’t do that I know I had no idea about this app.

Which is how in September October and November I was being terrorized and while I was in the cab people going under many different aliases and  identifications that were confusing were being able to contact me right when I needed the right when I was the most desperate to further terrorize me making me more desperate.

By doing all this this is caused me to be homeless many different times outside at dunkin’ donuts all night long in the cold lost everything this is cost me to be hungry for six nights while everybody all these people watched me be hungry laughing at me.

On Tuesday there were 17 different security events people that were lifetime members before trying to log into my website to hack it.

I’m tired of living like this. They won’t stop. This is domestic terrorism this is trafficking this is slavery. This has to stop.

On this list are known rapist are known stalkers and hackers. The InTown suites on Culebra where I was and where I just left they were a list full of sex offenders that Truthfinder can pull up.

These people have taken my identity put it all on the dark web not only that but they put out my family’s names my mother my brother my dad my sister both of my sons. they have left me with the clothes on my back they have taken my birth certificate my social security card they have been in my life since I very beginning wrecking havoc in my life and this is not the last of the list I just got started last night after this night nightmare that I had.

But this is why I’m putting this list out unfinished because I never can get it finished because I had several of these lists saying the same thing because it never can get it finished because they’re always working havoc in my life so I’m putting it out now it needs to stop.

Since very beginning I’m not been able to live a decent life and normal life or any life at all and they continue to take my life away from me until I either kill myself or find myself dead by so many running into me with the car or something I never know who is who and I’m always afraid from my life and I’m tired of being afraid I shouldn’t have to be afraid in my life.

after the nightmare I had last night which is those kind of nightmares as all the time I cannot handle any more so I’m doing this now and I don’t give a f*** what anybody says or thinks anymore I can’t handle this anymore I’m done with it.

Since the day I arrived in Texas on January 29th 2017, two weeks later I found all of my stuff all of my belongings everything gone, forcing me into this life, with no money no belongings no birth certificate no social security card no nothing this forced me into finding some kind of way of of a life a way to pay bills a way to live a way to eat a way for shelter. Since that time did legalities had been played upon me to place fear in me fear from going into finding the right help I needed. And with not knowing what was going on until just this week after 4 years and 3 months a complete terrorism tormenting torture psychological abuse and still interfering me by death threats coming into my home and finding me finding at 3:00 in the morning my shower head upside down into a noose those subtle death threats, stealing my emails and making Groupon accounts and Amazon accounts in my name. The Groupon account being made into the name of Mary Magdalene mocking me, and on the Groupon account 643 items viewed with the last item being a gun yet again another subtle threat on my life.

On Tuesday when I was in a frenzy yet again packing running for my life yet again, on my computer all of a sudden by remote access I have my control panel come up on my desktop all of a sudden mobile access units come up all of the sudden on my desktop all of my certificates are in remote control access all of my all of them all of my certificates.  All of them with a loopback. it’s funny how my website server went down 2 weeks ago and when I deleted all of my blogs the other day that server automatically went back up. The certificate on my website is for an SNL certificate meaning it’s useless.

there have been people who have been going under Microsoft IP addresses who have tried with the VPN going into Germany who have tried hacking into that website. Whom recently I have tied into the machine ID and name who has constantly been in this as well.

All these people at one time or another have acted like they cared acted like they were my friends gave me money to help me all as a means to deflect as a ploy. Putting me on bad side of towns just the amount of things they have gone to also plan on very satanic notions further instilling fear in me.

The amount of damage that has been done is ungodly and not used as a pun. My name is been defamed flamed my reputation has been ruined I’ve been stripped of my identity myself worth myself value my self-confidence I had lost family and friends I’ve been stripped of my clothes off my back. I’ve been humiliated disgraced I’ve graveled and begged pleaded screamed out for help in public God knows how many times over the years.

The amount of damage psychologically I am now deal with not being able to speak properly and now have a stutter I cannot communicate or interact with public anymore, I have suffered from an huge amount of memory loss I have lost my hair onto occasions I have time lapses I cannot recall by putting me under so much stress I had gone on your psychosis. All to be made crazy delusional to either kill me have me kill myself or drive me into a mental institution.

After the things that I have suffered over 4 years and 3 months time I’m tired of running I’m tired of being in fear I’m tired of being stalked I’m tired of going under 24/7 surveillance.

I have been raped in my sleep, my door almost kicked in several times the amount of shear terrorism that I have gone through is something that is indescribable.

These people in this list and countless other people that is not in this list as of yet have repeatedly shown over time a pattern and a routine that they were involved in this in one way or the other. If somebody’s name has come up in this list that shouldn’t be there I’m sorry. There’s been so much confusion and so much damage and so much I don’t know who is who and so much fear.

These people are monsters they’re literally monsters. I’m tired of being in fear of monsters.

these people have exploited all every part of my life inside out they have used mind control hypnosis programming triggers in me, the power of mentalism and suggestion all as a means to deflect one thing up another up another. Extortion blackmail, the list continues to go on and on and on but I have gone through over 4 years and 3 months time.

I have been baited and preyed upon since day one. Using my good nature kindness my naive gullible trusting and ignorance to all of this as a way to surely destroy everything I have about me.

Taking my safety for the rest of my life away from me the feel of ever being safe again. Of being afraid of everybody for the rest of my life because I don’t know who is who. All as a means of what I don’t know

Not one person should go through this not one person deserves this this is terrorism in the United States from my own peers. Taking away all of my rights my right to safety my right to shelter my right to even have food and have enforced me into a prison in my own home over these last 4 years.

Forcing me into a prison for the rest of my life because I’m in fear for the rest of my life. I have done nothing wrong to be living my life in fear


Tired of being terrorized in Texas

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