Clients not respecting boundaries

So here I am in fishnet thigh high stockings garter belt a black lace nightie gown and Black heels

I am trying to clean the house and enjoy myself and my little outfit getting myself dressed and my home cleaned for a visitor.

This is part of my enjoyment this is part of my excitement getting ready for you.

And I’m actually surprising this person or my intention was to surprise him because I don’t just get dressed like this all the time this is part of my little spontaneous little things I do if I have time. so I got up this morning and I took the extra time that I knew I needed to do what I wanted to do.

At 5:19 this morning he sent by cash app the donation. I received it but it wasn’t my time yet to get up so I just didn’t say anything.

So at 8:30 right on time, when he is supposed to confirm,

He does confirm but by my phone he text me I jump out my fucking skin and I immediately start shaking my mouth starts stuttering.

I start sweating pouring sweat and I can hardly stand up I’ve got to sit down.

And you want to know why of course

Well first point…it’s none of your business… I shouldn’t have to answer to you… you should not even have to ask… you should respect my boundary… simple… That’s it it should not go any further!!!

when you give me your screening information and you say don’t call me or contact me or such and such after such and such time this is my hobby email please don’t use my railroad information to get in touch with me

You automatically expect me to respect that right? I do not ask you why you don’t feel like you should have to answer why you feel like I should simply respect what you have spoken correct????

So what would happen if I didn’t respect your boundaries and I just did whatever the fuck I wanted to do just because I wanted to do it just because I didn’t think what would you what would happen what would be the consequences of me not fucking respecting your boundaries for one my consequences for that on my side you motherfuckers would go all over the fucking place like a wildfire talking about me because why???

Because nine times out of 10 are probably costing you marriage right or something somewhere along the lines like that correct

yeah well I shouldn’t have to explain myself.

The phone is a trigger when I’m triggered I start to stutter I start to shiver and shake and I fucking start sweating like I’m just pouring sweat all of a sudden now I have to go take a shower I can’t calm down because the phone still ain’t stopped ringing or notifying me because he still is now emailing me and won’t let me calm down

so it’s a fucking chain reaction for me I it’s not enjoyable for me it sucks. And it’s gotten to the point where I’m hearing the word it’s it’s simple where that word simple is now a trigger because it’s not so damn simple like you seem to think so it’s more complicated when you complicate things

I try my kill to keep it simple stupid k.i.s.s. This is what you men have advised me to do. how the fuck is it simple when you got a complicate shit just because you don’t think or you don’t even care to fucking worry about it you kill my fucking mood in the process so guess what

I sent his money straight back to him and said not today I didn’t say not at all I just said not today it’s not going to be enjoyable for me today and I’m not going to be ready today not in the time that I’m supposed to be ready for

Moral of the story is

Respect boundaries there’s reasons why they’re there

Stop doing just whatever you please whenever you please you do not have that right and you should not ever push a boundary or cross a boundary like this

It’s supposed to be a mutual respect not one-sided it’s a two-way street folks if you don’t want phone calls at 3:00 in the morning please respect my boundaries and not use my phone number

None of you seem to be responsible when it comes to having a phone number so far I have not seen responsibility with a phone number yet so therefore you don’t get that privilege when it comes to me you don’t have to have my number you don’t have to use it when you find it either


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