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Please provide a proper introduction upon initially contacting me. This would include your name, where you found my information and stating your intent.  

If You Contact Me & All You Hear Is Crickets….

8-20 I’ve decided that I’ve been in front of this damn box that’s called a laptop too damn much freaking stressing over the website issues going on. So, I’m up in my kitchen cleaning cabinets and pulling my fridge out and shit, like I’ve BEEN WANTING TO DO!! LOL…with that said, HERE’S DEAL PICKLES….

When you decide you want to act like you are GROWN MEN and actually TAKE THE TIME OUT TO NOT BE FOOLS WITH YOUR GAMES, THEN I MAY JUST TAKE MY TIME OUT TO STOP WHAT IM DOING TO ANSWER YOU. But ya know, you realize that I have to pay for your freaking foolishness and lies when you fill out these forms, I have a certain limit every month….just like the screening program that ive been having to pay an extra month PAYING SIX MTHS WORTH THREE MONTHS IN A ROW!!! …..so show me you are worth me stopping the cleaning in my kitchen by showing me you take care in what your doing for me, just like I ALWAYS AM DOING FOR YA’LL!! PROVIDE A PROPER INTRODUCTION IN YOUR EMAILS…BETTER YET, JUST FILL OUT THE BOOKING FORM THAT I SPENT 3 DAYS MAKING…UMMM CORRECTLY I NEED TO ADD!!! ….OR YOU WILL JUST HEAR THOSE CRICKETS.…Deal?….well….it’s my Deal..so Deal!!! lmao oh yea, btw, the second screenshot…A 55 YR OLD CHYLD DID THAT!!! SMH ….YES I AM ALWAYS MORE THAN READY TO HAVE A VISITOR, IM ALWAYS HUNGRY 😈 Cant ever get fed enuff, 🤣🤣 im just not gonna be in front of this screen unless i had a screening to do.

Examples Of What’s NOT A Proper Introduction, And Will NOT Be Answered

In regards of providing several ways for you to contact me per your comfort level, I’m not knowing who is who and from where. This has led to confusion and misunderstandings. Also I have been getting alot of emails both from here and directly in my email that is considered to be “spam” that have been including links and phone numbers (in the subject line) of which I have no idea of where it came from so therefore would never click on or call. I have also been dealing with situations where my safety has been in queston (stalker issues) As well as, many of you are just putting a couple of words in the subject line (hey are you available? can i see you, etc) with NOTHING in the body of the email, or just saying “hey red” in the body of the email, and have even been told, when asked who they were and all, that they were not good in sending emails, which I found difficult to understand what was so hard in providing his name,....PLEASE NOTE: THESE EXAMPLES ARE IN NO WAY CONSIDERED A NICE PROPER INTRODUCTION OF YOURSELF. Therefore, will NOT be answered. 

Encrypted IM’s Offered

Both Wickr and Signal are encryted IM’s that I do offer as other forms of contact, as well as all my social media platform’s under MsRogueSA. I do ask that you choose one way to contact me. Some have felt the need to contact me through several different ways, when it all goes to one phone. I answer ALL correspondance, as soon as I can.  

Trying To Get My Number IS Boundary Crossing

For those out there that are continually pushing to get my number, all because it’s a “control” thing for a man, This is boundary Crossing!!! And you will be blacklisted as such!!!! I would think it would make perfect sense that If I don’t put my number in my ads, that I do not wish to have sick perverts and those that do not know how to give respect the options to call and text at all hours of the day and night!!! But of course, there’s some of you who do not have any sense about yourselves, which is why I’m feeling the need to make sure you get it point blank!!! I’m no longer willing to put my number out there for all the stupids that just can’t get it and don’t care about respecting anyone!!!

A Note About Having Stalkers:

When you’re in the public eye, ESPECIALLY in this business where there’s alot of jealous, haters and those that are so involved with the fantasy of things, you gonna have stalkers. Well, I’ve had my share of them ok. When you deal with people that like to stalk you all the time, you become suspcious about everyone you come in contact with. There’s been people thats contacted me on my work KIK as well as finding my phone number and calling/texting me that I didn’t give permission to contact me like this. With NO PROPER INTRODUCTION TO THEMSELVES. Also, if you have contacted me by email and have NOT received an answer back, you did NOT put time and effort into the email to properly introduce yourself to me. If you were in my situation, you would be just as concerned as I am. So please it is important that you properly introduce yourself when contacting me, however that contact is made.

If you would like to have your personal experience and have NOT been screened yet, please fill out the screening form on the screening page.  

If this is your first visit with me, please refer to the Screening Page

If I have NOT seen you within 6 months and/or I can not recall you, you will have go thru the screening process. And I’m sorry, you would NOT be grandfathered in


Hi Ms Rogue My name is (First Middle initial last name) My phone number is (real phone number) and I currently reside in (City & state) I am (age) This is my email. My hobby handle is (hobby handle) 

I saw you on (Name of site you found my ad on) and I must say I was immediately drawn to you. I felt an immediate connection. I want to have the honor to meet you and experience the world of Ms Rogue. Please let me know what I need to do to be able to meet you and have some real fun. I want to get lost in your world and let go of all my worries. 

Best Wishes 


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