It’s About Having Mutual Respect

I am inviting you into my home, not a motel. So I do understand the need for safety, security and privacy. I do give that respect as well as ensuring this for all of you. I simply ask for the same respect that I give to you in return. I’m more than willing to work with anyone as long as I’m giving the same respect.

Preferred Method of Contact

I would prefer first contact to be made through either on the contact form or through the screening form.

For buying content new email is

I will not accept any other forms of contact.

Contacting After Midnight

Business hours are from 7AM through Midnight Monday through Saturday and 9 AM through Midnight on Sunday, any contact after Midnight can wait till the next business dayduring Business Hours.

If It’s Been 6 Mths or Longer

I hope that you understand that I talk with and meet alot of people, if we haven’t kept in touch for a length of time, im not going to be able to recall you. And honestly, it’s quiet embarrassing for me that you remember and I don’t, not to mention that I’m normally trying to rack my brain trying to remember who you may be. Also, I’ve had a number of people trying to tell me that they have met with me, and actually haven’t. So if I haven’t seen you in 6 months or I can’t recall you, I’m gonna need you to fill out the screening form and send it in for me. Being that I do not keep this information. Also you would not be grandfathered in any rates from before and will be expected to pay the current rates that I have at the time.

Have A Unique Situation?

I am always more than happy to try my best to accommodate to your scheduling needs. Most times, I am very flexible. And even though, I don’t advertise it, I am up during the night working on things to do with this site. So I don’t have a problem seeing anyone that needs before or after my scheduling hours, Also, if the two hours prior notice may be a problem (for example, I have a Friend that visits thats an ER Surgeron and he never knows, once he talked with me about it. I was able to better work with him on his scheduling needs) So, please, make sure to contact me and talk with me about these kinds of things so that I can better help in your unique situations. This would include any truck drivers that may be wanting to visit, I’ve been OTR, I know how it goes, I understand things can chage, If you have load coming this way, contact me before and let me know, if the load changes, I understand it. There’s many of you that I can be working with on these things, but your not getting with me about it. So please just let me know.

The “Persona” or Impression That You are getting from reading…is simply having to be on guard and to protect myself from getting hurt anymore…it’s simple I don’t want to be hurt any longer

Please understand im a very down to earth person, I am VERY VERY UNDERSTANDING PERSON….but with the amount of bullshit i keep having to deal with, I have to stay guarded AT ALL TIMES. IT FUCKING SUCKS TO HAVE LIVE THIS WAY BECAUSE OF ASSHOLES! I also HATE WITH A PURPLE PASSION HAVING TO BE DOMINANT ALL THE TIME. it’s NOT my NATURAL WAY TO BE. But because of all the bad experiences I’ve had with this job, IM VERY JUMPY…IM VERY SKITTISH….IM VERY DEFENSIVE…FOR THE SIMPLE REASON ….I DONT WANT TO BE HURT ANYMORE…Once you show me your not out to hurt me AND THAT YOU ARE REAL….you’ll notice i’ll be more calm and relaxed with you, which allows me to be able to let go and have some fun. I can’t help me being scared of people when i get hurt all the time

I’m A Giving Person…As Long As It’s Not Taken Advantage Of…

Also ya know with so many taking advantage of my kindness i can’t just out right be open and just let ya’ll know ….like i am now…if you show me that you are not out to take advantage of me…im willing to give more….another words there’s plenty of times when i have time to just sit and bullshit with someone…say for example you are here for your 30 minute visit….IF IM ABLE TO…just visit for a little while longer…so you may pay for 30 mins but who knows you may get an hr/ an hr and half if i can…….BUT PEOPLE TEND TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EVERYTHING THAT I TRY TO DO FOR YA’LL… i have to put “the bitch guard” up….i don’t like being taken advantage of, and it happens quiet i have to protect myself as well … short ….if you give a little ….i do give a whole lot more!! THE WAY I AM NOW …IS A DIRECT REFLECTION ON HOW MUCH I’VE BEEN HURT ….I USED NOT BE SO DEFENSIVE ABOUT GETTING HURT WHEN I FIRST STARTED

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