To Simplify The Details…

To better help everyone to simplify everything, this is how I found that’s makes it easier for everyone..

For First Time Visitors Or Have Not Visited Within 6 mths

For Return Visitors (who have been screened and seen within the last 6 mths)

  • Use This contact form on this page,, was made to for those that I have already seen so that they didnt have to fill everything out again or to contact me

Other Date Details

  • I do incalls Only
  • I will confirm by email that i have recieved the form at that time Ill let you know when i can get it done,
  • Ill email you when im done, let you know your good to go, or that i can’t accept you. but i can NOT give details (please don’t ask, it’s protocol)
  • confirm with me by email (unless otherwise arranged) 2 hours before your appointed time, for both of us, that’s when ill give the directions and phone number
  • the phone number is for when your on your way, running into traffic and/or that your here (TEXT ONLY)
  • once your here, let me know when your pulling in, ill give you the room number then, and ill crack the door open for you, (that’s why i say when your here and meaning 5 mins away, because i dont leave the door open long)

I will discuss things with anyone if I can, there’s too many variables when it comes to screening, i will always do what i can for anyone ok, things are not always set in stone, but the above is what i found to be easier.

basically the proper intruduction was becasue of all the fools that love just putting “hey are you available” in the email or even worse, just a phone number in the subject line…honestly that’s what this whole fuss was about lol….

Best Way To Contact

I always love hearing from everyone and considering I’m ALWAYS on the here working, contacting me through the site will probably be the best way to contact me. I also always love getting insight from ya’ll. Your opinions, suggestions, what you would like to see on the site, services offered, etc. Please let me know your thoughts and ideas. Or leave a comment on one any one of the pages and blogs, if you would like. This is why I have the comments open for all pages, or you can leave a review now for anything on each page.

Contact Emails

You can also contact me by my email. Which I’ve just changed because I’m planning on buying the Microsoft business plan and didn’t wanna use the one I have. It’s all still Protonmail, and all goes to one email

New Contact Form

I started on the new contact form this morning, just to play around a little bit with it. I finally have Google Calendar working in the Booking Form. That way those that have been already screened can book more easily and it still go through to the calendar.

PROPERLY Introduce Yourselves

My Phone Number Is NOT Up For Grabs

If you don’t see it in my ad, then dont ask for it!

There seems to be this big olepower trip with men and having something that they can’t have. More specifically, my phone number. It would make sense to me that if you don’t see it in my ads, then just maybe, I wouldn’t want you to have it. But, I mean I have to specify this for some. Pressuring me for my phone number, I consider it to be boundary crossing.

Found My Phone Number and/or My Kik?

Simply said, IF I DID NOT GIVE IT TO YOU, DO NOT USE IT!!! My Boundaries should and WILL be respected. Besides the fact, this is nothing but time wasting and there is and just saying “hey ms rogue” smh….iS NOT gonna cut it!

Ecrypted IM’s

I recommend Signal and Wickr Instant Messengers. Both are ecrypted. I do keep both of them on my phone, as we all have our privacy in mind. You can find me under my name, MsRogueSA

Required Prior Notice For Returning Friends

I guarantee that you have the PERFECT Experience EVERYTIME. This can NOT possibly be done within just a few minutes notice. Also, please rememberr I AM a woman and have a little more to do with getting dressed for you, that does take a little more time to do these things. Normally, I can get everything done that I need to do within two hours. This includes ending other conversations I may be having, finishing up any work or getting to a point that I can save it. Cleaning up my place, and getting dressed. So please do keep this mind.

Please Contact Me So I Can Better Help W Your Unique Situation

I am always more than happy to try my best to accommodate to your scheduling needs. Most times, I am very flexible. And even though, I don’t advertise it, I am up during the night working on things to do with this site. So I don’t have a problem seeing anyone that needs before or after my scheduling hours, Also, if the two hours prior notice may be a problem (for example, I have a Friend that visits thats an ER Surgeron and he never knows, once he talked with me about it. I was able to better work with him on his scheduling needs) So, please, make sure to contact me and talk with me about these kinds of things so that I can better help in your unique situations. This would include any truck drivers that may be wanting to visit, I’ve been OTR, I know how it goes, I understand things can chage, If you have load coming this way, contact me before and let me know, if the load changes, I understand it. There’s many of you that I can be working with on these things, but your not getting with me about it. So please just let me know.

First Time Visitors

If this is going to be our first visit together, Please refer to the screening page.

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