Whether we visit just once or we form a lasting friendship that last through the years, there’s one thing you can count on, is giving you my absolute best during our time together. Being a perfectionist on top of being ADHD and OCD I never do anything “half-ass’d.” No matter what my endeavors are that I take on in my life, I give it my all or it’s nothing for me. You will always walk into a nice clean home, a relaxing environment with me excitedly waiting to greet you with a deep passionate kiss. If I can’t give you my best and peaceful clean home, needless to say, you wouldn’t be walking in.

“You will get no less than the best from me EVERY TIME”

Perfection cannot be rushed. With that in mind, I ask that you not arrive early for our visit or ask me to see you “right now.” My standards are high, and I will only give you the best. Remember you are coming to see The Specialist; I cannot give you The Specialist qualities that I guarantee you to have on short notice or you are being early. Please don’t expect me to lower my standards, so If you are wanting any less than the best, than I’m not a match for you.

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1600 pennsylvania ave nw, washington, dc 20500

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