Daily Log

April 21st 2021 12;11 a.m..

With the continued stress over the last month now especially last week in the state of fear that I’ve been constantly in since the 10th or before then and the forest isolation I am now showing obvious signs of disorientation. What started to be going to the store two doors to the building’s down I even checked to see if I had my card with me what I thought was my room key card ended up being Best buy card which is also blue normally I would have noticed this and went like I said but started off to be a quick trip to the store next door ended up being 38 minutes on the phone on hold with the motel management to try to get a key to get me into my room I’m just leaving me into a panic with thoughts of oh my god I’ve been away from my room for too long there’s it’s obvious somebody could have came in my room at any time the sleeves my room being very vulnerable which of course leads me into a message panic attack I did not then I see a car that is circling around continually looking like I think a Camaro and a newer Camaro I’ve been on the world so long I don’t even know cars anymore which is leading into another panic attack I see this car is circling both across the street where I’m located in over here where I’m at continually which leads me into like I said a massive panic attack behind that there were three days in a row and that car has stopped me with the last but the third day looking like a kidnapping situation this leads me into another state of freaking fear like you don’t know at the regional manager I had to call reservations the regional manager the reservations you can tell I’m shaking and I can’t really dictate this right now but I need to reservations which then led to them calling the regional manager which led me to be in the whole I just got off the phone with her oh she said maintenance it should be coming up soon to let me in the door they know who they’re letting him all I want to do is get back in my room and safety or someone safety I know I’m not even safe in my room but I’m dictating this as I’m going through it because it’s obvious the first isolation for so long and that speaking with anybody is causing me to the state of disorientation that I’m in and they’ll experiencing.

This situation has left me to feel very vulnerable very open I’m very out with no lights on are very little lighting this leads me feeling more trapped but out in the open being fun but vulnerable which I can now tell my daughter is showing more and more my body started it is been shaking for 40 minutes now and I’m feeling very I feel very scared and very vulnerable very open very difficulty of kidnapping me is can be very highly likely and by the time anybody sees to some cameras it would be way too late and then I can’t even think right now I can’t even think I’m trying to say this is leading more disorientation which is not a good situation and I know it. B

I had the notion of already having 911 dialed on my phone that’s how scared I am being left out here in the open and being disoriented as I know that I am right now on and very cold my body is weak but you know from all of the situations that I’ve been experiencing definitely giving I’m part of the breakdown process of not being able to fight like I normally would be able to the things that are going through the line right now that are racing is it in Nashville right now the things that I’m thinking about what angles only it’s been sitting at the front door at the office on top of my 12 pack mountain dew in the cold scared to death.

During this whole fiasco here it looks like the charge from SPN Shopatron on my cash app has finally been canceled thank God I’m guessing because I did make a report of this on cash app but when it did go through or somehow that I’m sure that this was reported fraudulent charge made on my card

It’s now 12:24 a.m. I started this excursion an hour ago I wasn’t supposed to be going out in my room this long it’s way too long for me

Just as a note on these are the kinds of things that go through my mind like people who’s hear me crying or freaking out or whatever that doesn’t know what I have actually going through like no one can know but me these are the kinds of things that grow from the mind that I understand constant care about I am actually dictating this in my stutters real bad as I am going for movies showing my emotions of State of mind my it’s just just everything that I’ve been experiencing and went home it can take on human body and what it has taken on me the things that nobody knows about them it’s not explainable because by the time I get to try to explain this it’s too too much drama at that point too be able to get it out of my mouth because I can barely get it out of my mouth to dictate this

I did my three frozen dinners tonight and I keep thinking of my head that thank God I didn’t buy ice cream but at this point my food is pretty much defrosting and well I haven’t ate all day long as of yet and I’m hungry but of course this leads me to not want to eat now because my stomach is are you yet again and knots

I go to check my balance and my cash app card account I had $3 and something in my account with this cancellation it the announce now is $9.99 which is upside down 666 wonderful

My phone is at no at 5% and I’m starting to really freak the fuck out I want to do is get inside and no maintenance is coming nobody so far I’m freaking out I’m to vulnerable with no phone

1:39 am i haven’t been in my room 10 minutes. Car alarm goes off 3 beeps

Total was on hold one hr 20 minutes with TWO senior management trying to get someone out to unlock my door . I got totally freaked out while out at the office. That suspicious car ended up parking across the street facing the direction of me. I didn’t like. That so I quickly came to my door. At 1% on my phone still on hold, I’m shaking uncontrollably, both legs jumping shaking bad, crying uncontrollably. Totally freaking 9ut at this point. I KNOW this is contributing more to the ALREADY breakdown process that’s going on with my body. I ALREADY This situation is making my body more tired and exhausted. I ALREADY know the factors that are involved and am aware…and TRYING to make sure that I stay aware. But the body can only handle so much. And with the fact of over 1 month time frame of constant torment, being terrorized, constant state of fear, sleep deprivation because if all the mess that others just constantly seem to feel to have liberties of fucking my life up, the forced isolation and alienation, my body’s defense is so low and weak. You can keep yourself aware the best you can only for so long.

April 20th 2021 Tuesday

10:28 Pm by all the sudden felt myself get tensed up and feel really irritated all of a sudden followed by extreme heat throughout my body real quick. Along with pain down my throughout my right side of my neck down through my right arm, through my wrist and my fingers. Showing signs of being attacked. This following earlier about 3 hours ago I crashed out instantly to having a migraine that was on the right side of my head my right side of my brain the whole right side from the back to the front but I can feel my head tingling on that side. This being the second night in a row that I am experiencing extreme migraines all the sudden. Yes of course is consistent with the EMF microwaving attacks that is explained.

After going through my computer all day yesterday on Monday and all day today just being 10:34 p.m. at night I’m saying this I have found a a strange icon in my documents folder come to realize it is a default RDP remote program that I was not aware of . And right next to it is a desktop “(new)” in file that was not there before. I have also found text files for settings that show redirection on different websites. I realized today that I underwent a series of DDOS attacks on my computer through my hotspot because I have not used public Wi-Fi at all. I’ve realized that all last week the constant keeping me busy kind of thing I kept me away from noticing these things being put on my computer though I have woke up to some strange things like two internet thanks ml files on my desktop one morning and can figure out how that ended up there just different things that show up on my computer that I obviously did not put there.

I I also realized that the tactics the fear mongering that are used the could have been kidnapping situation on this is a ploy to keep me in fear which is again breaking down my brain keeping me always stressed these are just poison tactics used to try to ensure that I don’t turn anyone in making me feel like the disc was cartel related which I’m sure probably is not but just a boy to as far as the suggestions go appoint to keep me from turning all this in.

I have also been trying to clean out my external hard drives being that they’re full which I have started going through my Google data that I have downloaded one of my Google accounts showed activity with a remote for an Android that actually coincides with the timeline of when my desktop all of a sudden would just when I was freaking out seeing my things on my desktop disappear and reappear February March of 2018. which obviously now has been sent to me that this is all been done by remote access to my computer without me ever realizing it.

I have also found several of my settings and my policies in the guts of the computer set to impersonation of me and several other different settings to that should not have been set or I had extra people or uid or whatever it’s called to document who it is starting with the “s” phone number so whatever showing several different of these numbers that should not have been in these policies showing that they had access to override a lot of my policies or files or what have you.

As well as in my events security events I noticed a lot of my credentials had been going through and the settings were done to over succeed my settings which when I found a document an article about the remote access I come that I found it coincides with the DDOS attacks then doing

At 11:15 a.m. this morning I received an email from Robert Hernandez whom I have suspected that has been somewhat a part of this since September the night that I found the objects under my bed therefore indicating they were supposedly indicating that black magic was being used on me as well as also indicating that either someone had came in without my knowledge or somebody who is visiting had placed those objects under my bed without my knowledge. When I had found those objects that night I had dropped my knees on and discussed in shocking all the other emotions I was feeling it just so happens that that exact time I did the same person contacts and wants to visit right away which of course I tell him I can’t spend extra time and then he proceeds to go I have to leave afterwards of course is what I’m thinking. Since this night he has consistently caused problems or invalidated me or you know done several other things that show signs of involvement.

Again this morning was no different after the last emails that he had sent I had not answered I don’t know why he would go to think that I would answer back again he sent an email both to my Protonmail account into my website account emails just saying that he sent in and meet up with the deposit. Obviously this was a point to try to get me to enable my cash app card. Which I never got any notifications of any money being deposited and I never got any notifications of any form being sent in so of course first of all it’s going to ignore him anyways but obviously after these two things were not I didn’t get notifications for these two items I therefore new this was a definite ploy to get me to enable my cash app card.

this morning I woke up yet again to one of my Gmail accounts this one this time around my little Moon playing account showing that I needed my birthday added in there to comply with the wall which obviously someone has been going into all of my accounts and taking my birthday out of my Gmail accounts therefore sabotaging and jeopardizing my accounts yet again. and of course this doesn’t matter how many times I change my email my passwords and this page conflicted detected in my OneNote as I am dictating these notes should not be conflicted this is showing that they are in my account and I have just changed my Microsoft home password this morning so they should not be in my accounts or should not have access at d all

For the last two days on my computer has been in airplane mode while I’ve been checking my computer so obviously I’m not getting back my computer back online until the remote desktop situation is resolved along with several other things that like I’ve mentioned before and that I know I can therefore get online without my privacy being invaded and without jeopardizing what I’m trying to do.

Before I forget a lot of these files that I have found had been dated April 4th which is 2 days prior to Tristan contacted me to bring a mountain dew and leave it into the laundry room at the motel that I’m at. I have also found some files dated March 30th that like I said should not have been in my computer at all I’m trying to keep memory of what I need when all I have found today and what I have experience thus far.

April 19th 2021 Monday morning

1:28am Car alarm for 2 seconds noise disturbance campaign

2:39 am all my files are FINALLY able to download. Like EVERYTHING that I had been trying to get accomplished earlier all day and all night long, IS FINALLY GOING THROUGH. I knew something/someone was slowing down my computer and sabotaging EVERYTHING I was TRYING TO DO ALL DAY! I Mean my computer is “dinging” it’s butt off right now with everything going through.

I had an extreme migraine..

I had a package from Amazon I did my first order for the year from Amazon and one of my packages had been delivered with a picture of the package that was on my doorstep in my account at Amazon when I open the door I did not find my package as I went to the office it is not there as well so I have had to contact Amazon and let them know that the package was stolen therefore they had thank God refunded these funds to my account but this again yet is intentional showing of continued sabotage of me trying to lift my life back up from yet again being homeless and hungry and everything that I have gone through consistently time and time again showing consistent sabotage of everything in my life..

April 18, 2021 Sunday

6:30 AM phone gets extremely hot again, EMF ALERT (108 degrees was the highest it got all day.)
12:52 PM car alarm
2:06 PM car alarm

I spent my whole day doing nothing go around circles everything is sabotaged so bad I can’t figure out anything I got 10 15 20 different copies of each and every file seriously that’s how bad things have been sabotage.

I now have gone through all of my stimulus money when it was supposed to go to an apartment specifically. And because I spent all week and all month doing with this shit and I’ve wasted yet more money on my stuff that I needed for me going behind trying to figure out what was going where and what was going this and who is going in all this stuff is so much a mess it’s so fucking much a mess.

Before March 12th this was going on but on the night that that dude named racer ready and the other 15 other laces he has ran into me ever since that night I had not slept I’ve stayed in one place on my bed and that is it I haven’t taken a bath until late at night I’ve been staying in here I’m shaking bed so bad my nerves are on edge I don’t get up to take a bath till 10 11:00 at night I don’t even eat I don’t get up to pee because there’s so much mess going around next.

All the certificates on my computer say remote access I keep getting unsecure connections my VPN is showing that someone has messed with my stuff it’s non-stop electronic harassment there is no moving anywhere to get away from this there is no not when I mean what the fuck ever but still this is a big state I deserve to live where the fuck I want to live in peace God damn it without fucking God damn electronic harassment. I’m so fucking frustrated right now but a headache it’s bigger than Texas at this point at this point it’s Grand canyon size headache with all this shit that I’ve gone through

Aoril 17, 2021 Saturday


To note: I noticed throughout all of this there’s three women’s names that are being used over and over again Jennifer Mary and Vicky.

Also to note: in February I noticed that when I wasn’t talking to trust him when I was upset with him all the sudden Tony contacted me on Valentine’s Day when we hadn’t talked in a while. And yet it happened again today Tristan couldn’t get in touch with me on Tuesday. By Friday night Saturday morning Tony was contacting me.

April 16, 2021 Friday
April 15, 2021 Thursday

Thursday was trying all day long to ATTEMPT to get in touch with attorneys and battered women’s shelter…I noticed BOTH of my charging cords for tablet and phone all of sudden more or less, sliced/unraveled whatever you want to call it, to the point I spent all day trying to charge something and never got to make my calls.

April 14, 2021 Wednesday

Went to go pay rent, walked out of the office car pulled up on the side of me, sounded “gay” asked me if I wanted a ride. That didn’t give me a good feeling being that I was in the parking lot from the office. And just walked out from The office.

At the same time there was a baby blueish mini van that was on the road, going towards Fredericksburg Rd, in other words where the sliding door was in my direction. When I kept walking, the mini van let the in the car out, then mini van pulled in turned around and followed the car…I was being boxed in.

Any woman KNOWS that’s a kidnapping situation. It scared the living fuck out of me.

April 13, 2021 Tuesday

April 12, 2021 Monday

Go to wash clothes around evening time, someone in a car passes me, hollars out at me “hey, you remember me.” Yes I briefly spoke to him In the office at home suite’s when I was stuck in the office homeless.

April 11 2021 Sunday

Same thing, didn’t move tried to accomplish something

April 10 2021 Saturday

I got woke up at 4:01 a.m. to bottles clanking in the garbage can outside but it is like it is right in my ear. I turned over and noticed my door was cracked open which freaked me off. But considering I had been in fear all day long yesterday the day before I was exhausted. because I shook the bed all day long and just trying to reach out in fear trying to figure out what I was going to do how this going to do it I’ve realized that I’ve been pushed off at every social platform and now I know I’m no longer have any resources or anything so I was freaking out all day.

I got put the ottoman in front of the door pushed it out all the way against it and then had two mountain dew boxes and I had them straight on there and normally that would have kept me up but I was so tired I passed out again.

When I woke up to go pay rent close to noon I noticed the Ottoman and the boxes were Temple dober a little bit in the ottoman was pushed out away from the door son that meant somebody tried a second time to come through.

9:10 pm somebody had knocked on the door and never moved never said a word they waited a couple of minutes and then they started messing with the door knob that’s when I hollered out excuse me and they stopped it started tapping on the window.

After I woke up and paid rent, I didn’t move away from that spot on the bed, STARING AT THE FUCKING DOOR, I DIDN’T EVEN BATHE. 3 rd night in one week, I didn’t get to stop to take a bathe, it’s been that much shit happening.

Someone ended up bringing me something to eat, I wouldn’t move away from watching the door.

April 9 2021 Friday

I go to the store really late, almost closing time. I noticed when I’m walking to the store so not he is walking alongside me but in the parking lot on the other side of the fence the same way I’m walking at the same time there’s this dude I’ve noticed I recognized his face before and he is on kick as well passing me up coming from like the direction from the store.

When I’m coming up to my parking lot from the store just to get cigarettes I went and go long I noticed someone lottering right by my door it was a lot of Mexicans that weekend here. So I walk in.

I was really tired and exhausted being that I had spent the whole day long trying to figure out what I was going to do I was in totally fear for my life I didn’t know who to call realize that there’s no resources I’ve been pushed on offer every platform not knowing what I was going to do knowing that just keeps escalating and I don’t know what to do about it

April 8, 2021 Thursday

April 7, 2021 Wednesday

At 6:03 PM A fraudulent Uber account was made using msrogue@msrogueof.net

April 6 2021 Tuesday

I’m last saw tristen on the 21st of March was a Sunday, I thought it to be weird that he cannot and told me that he was horny. So he wanted to come by sure he came by. That was the last time I saw him. That Tuesday on March 23rd is when I had to again run for my life. He disappears I don’t hear from him on the 23rd and I don’t hear from him oddly enough on March 30th. The second Tuesday.

Today the third Tuesday he almost sudden wants to pop in and says he’s delivering packages but don’t let me know what he’s talking about and he wants to bring me a mountain dew. I got really upset.

4-18-2021 Sunday

4-17-2021 Saturday

  • 6:30 AM Phone getting hot again!!!! EMF alert
  • 12: 52 PM car alarm
  • 2:06 Pm Car Alarm
  • 12:57 AM email from Tony (msrogue@msrogueofsa.net)
  • 12:12 PM phone call on Text Now 210-254-3578
  • 4:13 PM email from Trezzy (msrogue@msrogueofsa.net)
  • 5:25 PM phone call on Text Now 210-865-0481
  • 9:10 PM email on msrogue1182@gmail.com from Mary Zentgraflynorinefri@reddiffmail.com

Personally speaking I’ve dealt with nothing but two and a half weeks of nothing but people having liberties of my life and he cannot even bother to ask anything about if I wanted him to come over I got pretty upset with being put off and then ignored and again one more time today he just let the fuck out of me just like he did last year and I just had enough.

4-16-2021 Friday

  • 2:27 AM Fraudulent charge attempted from “Target” for $1.06 on Cash App

April 13, 2021 Tuesday

  • 4:12 Am Fraudulent Charge for $6.68 from Spn Shopatron on Cash App. Went through Can’t find which vendor. Has 30 vendors on that company. Had just used card, so was not disabled.
  • 10:31 AM Fraudulent Charge attempted for $126.24 from Packaging Price on Cash App. Card Disabled.
  • 10.56 AM Fraudulent attempted on Cash App for $63.70 From Woodrcraft Supply LLc. Says Declined. Card was Disabled.
  • Emailed Cash App about charge. Can’t Find the vendor to stop the charge.
  • Tristen Contacts
    • After exactly one week of NOT speaking to him at all after the conversation on the 6th that upset me GREATLY.
    • (4th Tuesday in a row now, …April 13th and the 6th Contacted
    • March 30th and March 23rd NO Contact. (March 23rd happened to be the day that I “ran for my life” again. Having to leave in Town Suites on Culebra Rd.)
  • Tristen text at 11:16 AM wants to know
    • “what location can I drop off ‘the mountain dew”
    • “like the laundry room” (same place I met him at the laundry room here cause there was a deal with trust and this stalking situation in SEPTEMBER of last year, last time I stayed here)
    • “or something similar”
  • Then at 1:19 PM “??” (which he never does this when i decide I’ve had enough of the shit and not speak to him)
  • Then at 11:24 PM text my Google Voice Number by just replying “ok”
    • after not responding to my text on this number on April 9th, March 30th and March 18th.

April 9, 2021 Friday

April 8, 2021 Thursday

  • 6:03 PM A Fraudulent Uber account is made using msrogue@msrogueofsa.net

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