Debunking The Myth: “Are You A Cop?”

This past Oct, for some reason there had been a HUGE influx of a few differnt things, with each week during the month I started to see a pattern. The first week seemed like I was getting nothing but people from Adultlook asking me the question “Are you a cop?” or being told that they were not law inforcement. The second week of last Oct, seemed like everyone that contacted me from Skip The Games kept solicating me. Which on both of these subjects, I would make my point clear…alot of people had heard me tell them “keep that money, apparently your gonna need that money, when you have to make bail” Which of course, they had taken offense to…I was actually, trying to save some asses along the way….The third week of last Oct seemed like from both sites Adultlook and Skip The Games the first thing that was said to me was “Pics”….Omg I have to ask…does anyone else see the rudeness in this??? Not even a hello first…

Ok so I had started the research on doing this blog during the fourth week, cuz I wasn’t able to get the full urgency out there of the importance of why NOT to say anything about money or anything about sex, realizing that not many fully understood what FOSTA/SESTA meant, along with why this question being asked, is nothing but a myth…and because of this myth behind this question and the false security that it seems to bring to all of us.( That even I had asked this when I first started advertising on BackPage. Not knowing any better, with not knowing anything about the importance behind the screening or even have heard of doing screenings till months later which btw, I really don’t know how I ended up being so lucky with experiencing nothing more than just being ripped off and being taken advantage of, definitely being blessed with not being harmed as well having met some wonderful clients that I still see from that phase or part of my working life…even though it seems like a lifetime ago and at times, is honestly a blur to me. So much was happening during that time for me.)…Though, other things have always seemed to become more important and taking priority over these blogs, that I was never able to get around to them..As important as it is to get this information out there, I don’t want to see anyone get in trouble for any of the things that I mentioned above so in this blog I’m going to debunk the myth behind the question “Are You A Cop?”

As I started researching, it brought me to the questions “How can you tell if a john/escort is a cop?” and about entrapement…the first place Google brought me to was Fact Check:

Claim: Prostitutes can safely challenge johns with the question “Are you a cop?” because law enforcement officers must answer truthfully.

Status: False

Orgins: Police don’t have to reveal their status, even when asked flat out. There’s nothing in the law to prohibit law enforcement officers from lying in the course of performing their duties. Were this not so, there’d be no sting operations that involve telling wanted criminals they’d just won trips to Bermudas to get them to come on in, or undercover operations where cops pretend to be suppliers to drug buyers. Police couldn’t do their jobs were they restricted to telling the truth all of the time, and a moment’s thought about it should lay this belief to rest.

It has long been accepted hooker lore that a working girl could render herself arrestproof by asking a prospective john if he were a policeman before anyone’s clothes came off. This belief in protection rested on the notion that even if the client did turn out to be a cop, his not being truthful about it would get the arrest thrown on the grounds of entrapment.

Entrapment, alas, has to do with leading someone into engaging in an illegal activity he or she wouldn’t otherwise have been involved in Barbara “so much for the neighborhood’s cherry trees” Mikkelson

hooker getting together with a john is the ordinary course of business — the act of prostitution is not brought on by the john’s talking the prostitute into doing something she otherwise would never have thought to do.

Even so, this bit of hooker lore is widely believed, and reliance upon it gets a number of girls arrested who might otherwise have passed on thetrick. In 1986 prostitute Dolores French and her lawyer husband Michael Hauptman wrote a legal pamphlet they planned to distribute nationwide to call girls through COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), the national hookers’ association, and AIDS test programs being conducted in several cities. Among other things, it warned that undercover police waving money have to go a long way to be accused of entrapping prostitutes. “Many people believe if you ask an officer if he is a cop, and the officer denies it, that is entrapment. This is a myth,” the pamphlet said Barbara “so much for the neighborhood’s cherry trees” Mikkelson.

Sightings: In an episode of the television crime drama Law & Order (“By Hooker, By Crook,” original air date 13 November 1990) detective Max Greevey busts a cautious hooker who’s surprised to find out he can answer her question with a lie

As for how the police view the question of telling the truth when confronted: “It’s something fun to do other than driving around in cars all day,” Officer Stratman said, shortly before taking up position in front of the motel. “A lot of them ask if you’re a cop. I just say, ‘No.’ I can tell a lie.”


Last Update was June 7, 2007

Since “entrapment” was used in snopes findings I wanted to touch on the definition of Entrapement and what is looked at to determine whether or not it would be considered entrapment. But first Sting Operations need to be brought up, what it really means, examples of Sting Operations.

What is a sting operation? It’s a  deceptive operation designed to catch a person committing a crime. A typical sting will have an undercover LE, detective, or co-operative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect’s actions to gather evidence of the suspect’s wrongdoing. Mass media journalists occasionally resort to sting operations to record video and broadcast to expose criminal activity

Examples of Sting Operations: 1)Bait car (also called a honey trap) to catch a car thief  2)Setting up a vulnerable honeypot computer to lore or gain information about hackers. 3)Arranging for someone under the legal drinking and smoking age to ask an adult to buy alcohol and/or tobacco products for them. 4)Passing off explosives (real or fake) to a would-be terror bomber5)Posing As: (a)Someone is seeking illegal drugs, contraband or child pornography, or to catch a supplier/dealer (or as a supplier/dealer  trying to catch a buyer)  (b)A child in a chat room to potentially catch child molesters (c)A potential client soliciting prostitution, or a prostitute to catch a client (d)A hit-man or one soliciting murder-for-hire (e)Being a spectator/watching a dog fighting ring 6)Placing, into vehicles or on premises illegal items such as ammunition, drugs, or drug paraphernalia                                                                         


What is Entrapment? It is the act as agent provocateurs or encourage someone to commit a crime that they otherwise wouldn’t because the criminal in question could justify his act as entrapment.

A typical entrapment scenario arises when LE usees coercion and other overbearing tactics to induce someone to commit a crime. Which may result in behavior such as the use of threats, harassment, fraud, or even flattery to induce defendants to commit crimes.

What determines entrapment? There’s two test that can help with determining whether or not the sting was actual entrapment. These are called subjective and objective tests.         

Subjective test asks whether the offender had a predisposition to commit the act, that is, it focuses on the offender’s psychological state,” to test whether the offender would have still committed a similar crime, regardless of the sting operation.

Objective test  asks whether the LE’s encouragement exceeded reasonable levels, thus it focuses on the LE’s actions in constructing enticements—whether it went ‘too far.’” In this test, investigators will determine whether LE crossed a line or not.


Ok so, I have now debunked the myth behind the question “Are You A Cop?” I have also gave a broken down version of what a Sting Operation means, with examples of the types of stings that LE can do. Along with what “Entrapment” really is and what determines whether a sting operation is entrapment or not.

In my next blog, I will be breaking down the Texas Prostitution Laws with the definitions, along with the penal codes to each one. As well as the difference between prostitution and escorting. At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be adding FOSTA and SESTA, yet… what I’m trying to do here, is give a complete break down of everything done is separate parts. The first thing’s first, I needed you to see the False Sense of Security that we have all had with this one question. Especially now that we are in what is called the “Post FOSTA/SESTA Times” when sex trafficking is now being used as tool for just about any and everything LE can possibly think of, and now carries harshing fines.

To Note: All of the sources used are dated before these bills were passed. Any outdated information within these sources were not included. There’s very little information that you will find having to do with these new laws and what it all really means. I was gonna add in this one safety tips to avoid these situations. But felt that by breaking down the laws, you would then see exactly the reasons us as providers always say….NO MENTION OF SERVICES AND MONEY…and SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN…until you see in black and white everything….It still won’t be fully understood.

Much love


1/15/19 5:55AM

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