Detailed Accounts From Feburary 2020 through May 2020

With each event itself individually is bad enough but collectively as a whole the damage done psychologically and the messages behind them is immeasurable for example all the events that took place in 2020

Let’s starting with just Valentine’s Day of 2020 which was exactly a year from the date of when I started experiencing high volumes of radiation Burns unknowingly that day that morning started off with Tony I was trying to break it off with at the time shows up at my door without contacting me at 7:30 in the morning, one more time and validating my boundaries or my personal space therefore enforcing the fact that I should not have any personal space or boundaries therefore enforcing the fact of my likes dislikes once or don’t want do not matter…. brings me a dozen roses and chocolates and stuff that I’ve never been given by a man before. Which leads me to opening myself up to him one more time. Therefore allowing him on to a Twitter to follow me both his anonymous profile as well as his real profile.

Then somebody else came over and brought me an iPad tablet camera that was 360° which on the surface looks wonderful and looks nice and everything else but under the surface that’s a 360° camera that can be used as a means to spy on!!!

(This one person later on in the year of 2020 under the pretenses of helping me with the internet bombing of everything tells me that he’s a teacher and that he has used this particular whatever in his classroom to stop students from getting on the Internet when they’re taking their test I did not know what it was or what he was talking about he comes over to bring me food and then in this device which come to find out later is called a jammer and is illegal to have which of it’s not aware of. It wasn’t until a couple months ago this year that I had read that Jammers are also a means of using for directing high EMF levels at someone therefore using microwaving a microwaving technique for radiation Burns. But I’ll be done under the pretenses of “helping me”… Helping me to help them burn myself and to cause more brain damage is what that was really about.)

By just being around this person I noticed my energy was just being drained completely unaware at the time that microwaving using EMS and directing that energy to towards a person can cause you to be drained all of a sudden drains your energy.

Which then had led me to believing psychic vampires which of course that leads me into a week of not being able to get out of bed and when I was able to get out of bed I got took a shower and found a black mark and then Mark of a zero like in a hole like it was would have been an eyeliner pencil black eyeliner pencil which I don’t even use to put a mark in my bathtub too cause an illusion of the floor shifting or whatever.

Of which later when I did walk to the store I felt like the ground had been shifting from underneath my feet and I also remember hearing or voices almost like I was supposedly going crazy that led me into the rest of the week staying in bed nauseated and sick I did not and was not aware of this these symptoms being enough symptoms high energy radiation levels.

 (Also on Valentine’s Day I found my door there was a gash in my door which led this person Wesley that had supposedly helped me the year before with all this spiritual stuff when I was going through radiation on bandera and not realizing what it was and finding all of my ultra items moved and broken and stuff.. Scotland Wesley to telling me to use sage and nail polish to stick the sage onto the gash itself onto the door. To keep “Wickedness out”

Of from that point on every time Tristan came over which was riterally once a week therefore controlling my sex life, every time walking out of the door asking what happened there and what was on that what was on the door… Of which I just said sage and just really never went into it.

Tristan also started asking about my Bluetooth speaker every time he would come over which in turn led to an an Amazon account being made into my lady death 118@yahoo account that purchases were made on some credit card I don’t even know whose it was on a credit card indicating Bluetooth listening up to 250 think of feet  think it was through about April and may)

(Also on Valentine’s Day I noticed two black smudge marks in my toilet that was made that lighter Wesley had told me that indicated cursing my vaginal area as a means to not have any work or have any sexual satisfaction and pleasure)

It either on this day Valentine’s Day or right after that Tony comes over and I’m crying with my head in his lap that I expressed to him that what I’m going through is tactics and message used through Hitler as well as in war for these days. It was at this point that he tells me that they’re only trying to get me to go into a mental institution. And also tells me that maybe I need an exorcism.

Which of course this leads me to finding out and finding articles about frenchtown road being a 200-year-old legend of

Which of course at that time I tell and why don’t an article about hey I was raised on this road oh my God then that leaves Tristan to work on me about it saying well maybe you need to go get help and what about you know and you haven’t what about this exorcism that you’ve been talking about therefore kind of enforcing it without enforcing.. which at the time I then wrote the letter and contacted the archbishop through a cupcake services in which of course I’m when I cannot find the email to try to contact the archbishop to be able to set up something to talk to him about setting up an exorcism it was Tristan who finds the information and then send it to me in a screenshot. Which of course I didn’t send proof to Tristan hey I did send the archbishop this email of asking of help and some kind of way of course of which I never got an answer from.

It it was at this point around March that quarantine and covid-19 started, as well as this real life stalker coming and taking my garbage for me behind me now he’s always coming up behind me which now enforced a trigger in me of someone coming up behind me. Started off by coming up behind me and taking my you know asking if I needed help taking my garbage out which took me off guard and I said yeah I guess whatever but you know and he did it then laudering at my door and then lot of rain and being around while I was walking to the laundry to do my laundry at night and then a week later when I go into my laundry again and knocking on my door and just standing at my door frame like in a way to where he can see in and I’m like going with who are you and what do you want and no I’m not letting you in courteen just started.

And of course at the time I’m just not aware of  being under 24/7 surveillance by my computer/phones. . All of my devices.  With it seem like this person happened to be right behind me every time I was out the door I one time looked out of the window and he just so happens to be crossing on the sidewalk when I look out the window just to make sure which freaked me out

Of which another occasion this unknown stalker is in the laundry room when I go in there talk to me you know like general conversation which is when I found my panties being stolen and a shirt being put in replace of my panties being stolen. Of which at this time I volume write a blog about it expressing concern about this.

Also at the same time that seemed to be like a go ahead signal I don’t know for sure but I started somebody that I used to talk to or not regular basis two years prior I had her appointment a long time all of a sudden started contacting me in my Facebook as well as all my cake asking me to sell him my used dildos that I don’t use which I felt very that was just like weird.

Again I thought same time a friend of mine that would come over and we would just visit you know and talk for hours and however long whatever, He’s turning asking me if I would allow him to take my fucking machine out of my home and let his girl that he just messing with the time try it out even offered to pay me for it and I’m like no that’s personal and now with I want to use it that just gave me strange vibes and he even brought the girl over at one point which I offered and put it out to use in front of you know with me but I wouldn’t let it out my home which case he tried to ask me one more time to allow him to use it outside of my home and I’m like no just weird it’s that’s too personal.

This is like through out March and April.

At this time of this was going on in March Tony being on my Twitter under both of those profiles, one time in particular he started invalidating me one more time self-help was a word that was being used as an invalidation that I need help the whole nine yards of which case when I was speaking to him on Twitter I thought they hit something like hit me in the head and knocked me for a loop made me dizzy and I didn’t know what it was I still don’t know how that happened. And within the next couple of days we’re talking and he starts I bring up the fact about my door and the gash in it and I’m like you know I don’t mind you coming over but I mind this negativity in these whatever is surrounding I don’t know who you whatever and of which case you know he admits that these are strange things going on but then when I directly ask him about it he sends you know completely ignoring me not acknowledging this and send me a picture of this bridge saying this is my view right now. (To note it will be in later on in September that I experienced being hit in the head again being made dizzy and it hurting me, I just want to stop and make a reference here about it)

Also at this time I started pulling away from Twitter and all of my profiles of social media I had split it off from Tony and not speaking with him totally isolating myself trying to figure things out by process of elimination the only person at that time was trusted who I noticed some discrepancies in his stories that he’s the few stories that he talked about or I mentioned to me I was trying to put a folder of pictures for him together and I had asked him how he spelled his name Tristan in the order of his name the first Middle and last name. Of what she told me a different spelling than what he told me before and he told me before that Tristan was not his government name government given name excuse me, that led to a lot of confusion with him with everything else going on at the same time with me which that led to doubt about his being truthful and his intent with me and why he was still continuing to be with me or contact me. At that time he was causing confusion between telegram his name in spelling it in different ways he was trying to get me to doubt and question my gut feelings he had at one point he had asked about my exit he also had said that I am allowing this to happen. Just little things that he said to me would indicate involvement or it just stuck with me like I asked him why is he still sticking around and he said to learn that stuck with me. So I started trying to investigate and research him which of course that leads into what I think I found a 43 state scheme from what I’ve been directed and directed at that given time. I am he had done he had put up a picture two different pictures on Kik at that time and I grabbed them and screenshots in a used dose two different pictures to do facial recognition of which case it came back people that could have been questionably looking like him but never for sure. I used a little bit of information that he did I threw out conversations over the years of talking That’s what a information that I used but little bit I had because like it is strange because like I’ve been asking what his favorite color was and he said none what’s your favorite football team anyone that wins you know things like that it was always a neutral answer never giving me anything definite of just who he was as a person since we were so personal I wanted to get to know him but never really could he wouldn’t allow me to.

During the time of April and main when it was raining really you know like it is now storms he would text me it was just weird but in general conversation in the morning he would say things like we need rain don’t we or looks like it’s going to rain and at first I didn’t know and that begins to form a trigger like when it would be raining he would tell me it’s you know just text me out of the blue and just say it’s raining outside and I’m like why are you telling me this yeah I know you know like I said at that point I didn’t realize that this was a cause of forming a trigger by repetition and which in which case I later asked about in December of 2020 and of course he comes back and says well I regret you know asking you about it it’s just you know

This whole time anybody and everybody has been able to use things but then when I go back in question them about I was just kind of like helping you or whatever you know I’ll get back to that in a minute but..

Now I would like to remind you that at this time I’m isolated and only speaking with him. Oh I want to also mention that throughout using a spoko in different verification apps I would go through different various spellings different ways of his name so forth so on because I never could get right answers from him. I have found in the death records in birth records on one side that look like it was really weird how it was presented how I saw it, there was a baby that was born by his name at the same time that a baby had died or something like that it was just like honest like look like it was me and coronation maybe I mean that’s the way it was presented to me or my thought process anyways it was just weird. But I found somebody on what’s his name that had 43 convictions of terroristic threats murder in New Jersey which I have of course at one time brought this up to him. Which I was hoping about you know I mean I’m really an open person but and I would have at that point in time it didn’t matter what he did or didn’t do I was smitten for him totally.

I believe it was in may when I decided to give him my total submission in BDSM, and thought about this for a quite a while actually but since he had always One in my commission I was going to go ahead and give it to him. On the night that I did I had mentioned to him before going to the store later that late at night on this at closing time across the street I had said time that I wanted to give him something anything to thank him and appreciation of his patience and everything that I had always seemed to be surrounding the outside noises what I call it. At which time you know not I had said yes I know that can be evil and he made the smoke and text that I could almost I could feel like you know literally feel it he said yeah evil and I said well I’ll tell you in a second because I wanted to go to the store and tell him without any interruptions of which case he said yeah I’d like to bury you and drown you previously I had spoken and asked asked me of if I ever had any BDSM scenes with water play and I had said no and that’s how he came out and answered that night. When I got back to this from the store he never answered he never acknowledged never said a word I spilled my guts out and gave him my full submission which was so overwhelming for me because it was giving him all of me. He not once never acknowledged it not once not during the next day not that morning not ever did he acknowledge this. I find myself crying now that I’m talking about this trying to chronically in order to save these incidences. It’s just too much for me to bear and talk about. But not acknowledging and totally annoying this for me so important event that I have done for him giving my whole self up to him he invalidated this important event to me this is something that he has led me to believe that he had wanted therefore I did it and when I did it it was like if it’s a road out canceled out there was nothing no acknowledgments whatsoever

During this time still researching spending money as should not happen spending spending money I didn’t have to spend not getting any everything always being sabotaged or maybe being so discredited to where others always lose and money and things were costing me more money and never bringing in enough money to even and out. I come across articles with about demon oppression. I also began to notice when searching my name my show name and noticed words like Satan involved Lucifer and and look like can be read into curses or spells which of course freaks me out.  This leads me to going to Wesley home like I said previously the year before and help me through the spiritual side of all of this and I look back at this conversation now and I see the game and it freaks me out. He played on the story I told about the shadow at my window when I was 10 years old and he was making correlation to that and demon and Tony mixing together and it being therefore in a pointing that direction to him to Tony. He was a he was amazed at how my advertisements and stuff in Google were hijacked and placed words placed in there to suggest in Spanish like all living now you know another words to drive me crazy in when I brought up the picture of Tristan that I had to him he said no he’s not doesn’t seem to be involved in this but something in his eyes he ain’t good news there’s just something in his eyes so I went with that okay and I’ve been suspicious while he was already giving me signs of suspicion anyways but that stayed with me.

Of which case between finding the demon oppression and the hijacked of Google stuff I brought this up to Mike which of course I would have been met his supposed story was so similar as mine.

I cannot recall exactly if this if it was during this conversation without going online and going into my Google photos for the timeline, I believe it was this conversation though he had written out whatever he was saying he had written out like echo the word echo like it was sending off an echo but it was him actually typing it okay.  messing with my mind. He had also made a statements that would suggest he was going under getting tired with being you know and it being hypnotized being tired by use of suggestion okay. How much time I could not see through all the smoke and all the cloud and all the confusion and I couldn’t figure out what was what and everybody was keeping me confused I would have never known it at that point not like I see it and know it now.

Also this is about the time that my Yahoo Lady death 118@yahoo had I had gotten notifications of Amazon and Amazon account being made and the electronics being ordered in my name but yet using a different card that I had no idea about that was in Washington I think and been getting the notification that the card had been declined.

Note it’s 12:35 a.m. May 5th I’m going to be taking a break from this but I will be finishing this I am going to go ahead and send this along with all the other documents that I’ve been putting together to the attorney at battered women’s shelter and the shelter itself before sending all of this to by email to see Cindy just being that every time I try to do something and call out for help or whatever I haven’t anything to do with this everything gets sabotaged

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