I offer you Quality Service with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I Provide you with the BEST of my Services, as well as my “self” I have high standards about what I give to you, and I won’t ever give you no less than my best…It’s just the kind of person that I am. I’m giving you 150% of myself, I’m REAL, and I want REAL. All I ask from you is just to be respectable and kind. As kinky as I am, and as understandable as I am…Any and Everyone can come talk to me about anything as long as you don’t lie to me and you approach me with respect.

I have a very quiet and peaceful home. I don’t have any drama at all. You never have to worry about that with me. But in turn, I also ask you to keep your drama to yourselves please. Of course, I have to make sure that it’s understood, that I’m not a dumping ground for anyone to leave their drama with me either. I’m providing a place of refuge, to get away from it all of that. I can’t provide that when it’s brought to my home.

Please Understand That I Have Zero Tolerance With Stupidity. I don’t deal with it very well. I’m looking to have wonderful visits with well mannered gentlemen only.

Also, I say what I mean and mean exactly what I say. For example, If I ask you how long it will take for you to get here…Please do not answer me with giving me a location.

Not quite sure what happened, but seems like right after Fosta last year, people just went barsark, and started acting like animals and just forgot how to act and be right. If you can’t be “right” then please I’d rather you pass me on by. then to lie to me, or play stupid games. Cuz I don’t play those kinds of games very well at all. I’d much rather play games that are more fun than to play drama games

I Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To

  • Anyone that acts like an animal
  • Anyone that acts like children (My children are GROWN AND GONE!)
  • Anyone that’s acts like lazy asses
  • Anyone that lies (Anyone can talk to me about ANYTHING, JUST DON’T LIE TO ME!)
  • Anyone that feels entitled to steal from others (I’ve had my whole life and ALL of my belongings stolen, I’m done with thieves)

Rogue’s Rules

Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns.

1) Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower prior to us meeting ~ you’re always welcome to shower at my place, I may even join you!

2) Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don’t be early for appointments. I do my best to accommodate your time to be able schedule. Please understand that once your time is set for you, I may not be able to change it for an earlier time.

3) Please be respectable at all times during communication and refrain from any explicit talk or sending pictures of your body parts. Doing so will only get you blocked and blacklisted 

4) In regards to safety I do not offer Car Dates, Quick Visits, BBFS or SS. Also to make sure I give you the perfect experience with me I do need time to prepare, because of this, I do not take any visitors that are wanting to be seen “right now”

5) Know that I provide you with the most recent pictures through here, my social media accounts and on my profile ads. Please understand that  I will not send pictures or any content out individually and not ask for them.

6) After you have been screened and we have set up a visit for you, I ask for a confirmation email two hours before your visit to confirm, at that point, my address will be provided for you. Not confirming your visit with me will be considered a No-Call/No-Show and will be blacklisted.

7) I provide many different ways for you to be able to use for communication for discretion as well as for providing the necessary information for your screening. I ask that you not call/text my phone if you find my phone number without my permission to do so. Also please don’t go from one app to the other trying to contact me. I will answer as promptly as I can. 

Revised Part

I really had thought that alot of things would be a mutual unspoken respect, but have come to realize this just isn’t the case. So, I have added below the things that I have encountered and I guess that need to be spelled out directly. 

8) Yes I do offer Shower Anemnities along with Men’s Shower Supplies. I will ask that you respect and refrain from using my bath and shower supplies.(IE: my razors and body puff, body wash and Deo) But hey, even though I haven’t needed them in yrs now, I do keep and am willing to share maxi pads and some of my make up if you so desire (for those that just don’t understand and need all this directly spelled out to them)

9) I have raised my children, They are grown and gone. I do not have any desires to raise any “grown children”, so therefore, I will not be holding anyone’s hands, reading for anyone, or babying anyone. (“ya can only lead a horse to the trough but cant make them drink from it” in other words) When contacting me, please come to me as a respectful GROWN man….. Now, I am ALWAYS WILLING to help someone out, this is way differnt than “babying” someone and is NOT to be misconstrued between the two. 

10) “Treat Others’ As You Want To Be Treated” is a GOLDEN RULE TO LIVE BY. If you come at me and approach me any kind of sideways or disrespectfully, expect no less or no more from me. I do not hold my tongue and will let you know in a heartbeat. So don’t be acting all surprised when I treat you just the same as you’ve treated me. With the flip side of that coin being…Those that treat me respectfully and as a normal person, you will be treated with that same respect. And believe me when I say, treating me correctly will only assure that you will be treated like a King when you visit with me. 

11) GHOSTING: First of all, it’s just simply rude as hell.  I live my life around everyone elses’ schedules. I completely stop my life to answer your emails and text. When someone ghost on me, know that it’s not only me that’s waiting for you to answer to see how I need to go about things, but also, there’s others that is waiting for you to make your decisions…If you get busy, please simply say, need to go. If your decide your not interested, please just simply say, im no longer interested…or whatever the case may be. That way I know which direction that I need to go from there and I’m not endlessly waiting on literally nothing to be waiitng for…along with others that are waiting. That is not fair for anyone and I simply just can’t tell the difference of who is actually ghosting and who is not anymore…for someone to call my phone, possibly several times in a row, to make sure that I stop what I’m doing to answer you, then for that person not to even acknowledge me when I do answer… the most fucked off thing to me, and just sends me thru the roof! ….to me this is like a child….gotta have attention whether it’s positive or negative attention…

14)You are paying for my time and companionship, which begins when you actually walk in my door. It does NOT begin with contacting me... especially through endless emails and text. I need to also make sure that I add in here that “time and companionship” does NOT mean that you are paying for me to be your “landfill” to be dropping off and leaving your drama, your bullshit, your games, and/or any negativity in my home nor on me. I do NOT cause drama and mess, therefore,I do NOT welcome any drama or mess, as my home is kept very peaceful and serene. I do NOT wish to be used as anyone’s “dumping ground” 

15)Please remember to keep Professionalism about yourselves and NOT ask me anything about my personal life that I do NOT offer out to the public, such as: If I have a husband or boyfriend….just because you want to make sure you don’t have a jealous husband or boyfriend coming after you…If you expect me to answer any other way besides a stupid way, you would be wrong in your expectations. Because I WILL tell you about it….QUICKLY… I do NOT ask you personal questions or get into anyone’s personal lives, I DO EXPECT THE SAME from you…..As I in turn, do not want anyone’s jealous wives or girlfriends coming after me either. So with this being said, when someone is contacting me, I expect you to have your shit together and cover all necessary tracks and to have taken all the necessary precautions that you may need to have taken on your end of things. As for me, i have all of my end very well taken care of , and I do NOT need nor do I want anyone else’s input on how I should have my end taken care of. I would think you would have more than enough to deal with on your side of things. 

16) Remember that I AM A RESPONISBLE, MATURE, GROWN WOMAN, I am NOT a child, I do NOT play child’s games as I do NOT have time for games and mess. I have ZERO TOLERENCE FOR BULLSHIT, so….please do NOT try to hand me no bullshit, because i will NOT tolerate this kind of no-non sense behaviour. I AM ALL REAL, YOU WILL GET NO LESS BUT REAL FROM ME, I EXPECT YOU TO BE REAL WITH ME AND WILL ACCEPT NO LESS!!!!

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