Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you screen?

Screening is very important in our line of work. First and foremost it’s not only for my safety but for yours as well. If you are not asked to be screened then I would be leary of that. Cops don’t need to screen, they’ll get your information when they do their bust. It also gives me a feel of who you are. Which allows me to be able to have a more personal interaction with you during our visits.

Why do you ask for so much personal information?

First im inviting you into my place of dwelling, my home. Not a separate incall. Please ask yourself if you would invite not just one complete stranger to spend time with, but many complete strangers to spend time with into your home. I come in contact with a diverse population, which is one of the many reasons why I love doing this but its also a downfall, cuz the bad comes with the good.

Secondly, for those that hobby regularly that are predators or have been blacklisted for reasons of scamming, ripping off or harming my fellow providers, etc. love to change their hobby names, phone numbers and emails, so that they continue to harm. You can’t change your real world information.

Thirdly. there had been a man that worked for Border Patrol in Laredo was arrested, a serial killer targeting sex workers. Killing 4 women. One woman gave a good reference on him to another woman, both ended up dead. Predators take this as a game. ITS NOT. Its our lives.

What are you looking for when you do the screenings?

If you are a sex offender, habitual assault offender, murder or LE or have been blacklisted. If there’s a blacklisting, I look into the reasons why, I weigh out the circumstances and situations and I try my best to be fair and unbiased about everyone and make my own decisions from everything.

Personally though, I’m looking for your honesty. There’s not a thing in this world that you can’t talk to me about. As long as your honest and approach me respectfully. I can handle and deal with the truth and try to be able to better help your situation better than anyone lieing to me. That will tell me about your character. Honesty is big time important to me. I don’t lie, matter of fact, I’ve been told that I’m brutally honest. Now I will tell you, it’s a Nunya, more specifically, nunya fuckin business lol

Do I pay for the screening?

Well, directly pay for the screening? no. But indirectly, yes you now do. And here’s what I mean…

One of the screening programs that I use and pay for, goes by points. For each screening that I do, it cost me in points. If I run out of points per month, I have to pay another month in order for me to be able to screen anyone else on that program. This is program is specifically for this job.

Last year, there were 3 months IN A ROW, that I had to pay 2 months worth in a months time. Meaning, I paid for 6 months in 3 months time. Because I had done so many screenings that were nothing but time wasters and fantasy screenings/bookings.

Because of this, I raised my rates by $20. But still the time wasters and fantasy bookings were still VERY excessive last year. And still costing me MORE out of my pocket. Which is why I have implemented the deposits at the beginning of this year. In order to weed out the excessive time wasting.

So indirectly, yes it’s costing you.

Will my information be used to blackmail me with or bring any harm to me?

First off, because I’m a website owner, I have to be compliance with all the strict GDPR/Data Compliance laws and policies. These laws are there to protect everyone’s privacy while also giving you the right to your data. It is BY LAW that you know why your data is needed, the specific reasons, how your data is used, for how long your data is kept and the security measures that are taken in order to ensure your data is kept secure and safe. These laws have just gotten more strict with the new year. When you request any website for your data, there are specific security measures that are taken in order to ensure that you are in fact that person that the data is going to. In other words, ONLY YOU CAN GET YOUR DATA FROM ANY AND ALL WEBSITES. NO ONE ELSE, NOT YOUR GF, WIVES, BROTHERS, SISTERS, MOMS, DADS, RELIGIOUS FIGURES, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE BUT YOU CAN GET YOUR DATA, BY LAW.

Secondly, we are talking about my reputation, my character, my integrity, my honor, my brand, LITERALLY MY EVERYTHING here, there is NO WAY I would take and ruin my EVERYTHING that I have spent years with many many sleepless nights working on building all just to tear it down in a matter of seconds over, what? $25 to a couple of hundred dollars???? See, I don’t even understand ppl like that, because I see it this way, why would I steal from you and be paid only once by you, when I get could paid possibly many times by you. It’s called having good ethics, and common sense. lol

Besides all that, I am in no way wanting to bring harm or drama into anyone’s lives. I’m not wanting drama in my life because I do live peacefully and do not surround myself with such negativity. And if you only knew everything that I TRY to balance with all that I do behind the scenes lol…You would then know that I literally do not have time for such messy games and drama. It’s also not in my character to do this kind of stuff. Alot of you already know that I don’t do very well playing these kinds of games, and when I’m forced to play these kinds of games, I play them in a way that cuts all that messy drama out.

I only have safety in mind not only for me but for everyone that I see or have seen. I have given my word of honor to keep everyone that I see and have seen safe and secure as i possibly can so that you can go home to your real world safe, sound and secure without any worries. I am here to ease and relax your worries and stress, I am not here to cause anymore strife than what we already deal with in our lives. 

I also want to have fun myself ? but want to know and feel secure having that having fun with you is going to be just that, a fun time that we will both think on later and go WOW!:)

Why do you have so many rules?

There are several reasons why I have so many rules. FIRST OF ALL….SECURITY. Due to the fact that many of you can only think with ONE head at a time, somebody needs to be the responisble person in this matter when ya’ll start doing and saying things that shouldn’t be done or said when you get excited and the little head is thinking for you. i mean fer real lol…

Secondly, it’s been made VERY OBVIOUS to me that alot of you will go to any extremes just to get what I am known for. And with all the stalkers and the shananigans that you TRY to pull, that shit is going to end up killing me one day. Hence, the half ass joke that’s really serious in actuality….Death By Blowjob.

In 2019 alone, the amount of abuse and bullshit that I had dealt with. Customers not knowing boundaries and me being an empath, I had to make the boundaries for everyone.

I am also privy to information of things that may be going on, that I can not discuss with any of you. but if I go to tightening my ship up, you best believe there’s a damn good reason behind it. Don’t question it, cuz if you stop and waste time to question me with all these whys,you just consider yourselves busted!!! Not only do I have the means and resources to get this certain information but I also think and look at angles in everything that’s around me, situatutions that could happen, and think and prepare for as many what ifs’ that could possibly take place. These things that I think about and all the angles that I look at are things that you wouldn’t know to think about or to look at, being that you are not on the inside of this business like i am. So all in all, it’s either because of the shananigans that customers like to TRY to pull or security and I feel that both reasons are damn good enough for me! Should be for you as well. Cause I’ve learnt, (yes i said like that on purpose lol) NOT TO ALLOW OR GIVE ANY LEEWAY, cause if i give you an inch, you will TRY to TAKE 10 miles!!!

And just like you come to see an escort so you don’t have to put up with the bullshit. Well, I’m NOT any of your wives or girlfriends, I don’t have to put up with anyone’s bullshit, I shouldn’t have to and I ain’t gonna. Simple

Is there an alternate screening?

No absolutely not! There is no meeting for coffee, which doesn’t even make sense to me! Between the Death By BlowJob issue and LE coming and FINDING my PERSONAL Fetlife Profile and having a conversation with me, TRYING to lure me into having a conversation on sex trafficking with buying and selling slaves ….There ARE NO SPECIAL TREATMENTS when it comes to screening!

Ya’ll really need to look at like this….ANY AND ALL THE SHANANIGANS THAT YOU ARE PULLING AND TRYING TO PULL AND DO….SO IS LE! Simple, THAT IS FACT!!! They are paying deposits, they are sending ubers, they are on these review boards they are DOING EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING….AND THEN SOME…sooo

I don’t care who are you are, who you claim to be, at this point on for the rest of my life, whether it be for personal pleasure or professional pleasure,you can be claiming that you are God, you are going to prove to me, in black and white, my own screening, that you are God. Point Blank, there is absolutely NO ROOM FOR ANY FUCK UPS OR SLIP UP OR FOR ANY LEEWAY IN THIS MATTER AT ALL. not gonna give it!

While I’m answering this question, for anyone who wants to offer work opportunities, be prepared to show me your work creditials and to also go through the screening process. I’ve gotten burned before. And It won’t happen again.

Simply said, you don’t have to do my screening if you don’t want to, but DO NOT WASTE MY TIME NOR YOUR TIME WITH GAMES AND BULLSHHIT. PASS ME BY. It’s not complicated like all of you make it…and you don’t feel a thang going thru the screening. Ya’ll act like hypocondriacs when it comes to the screening….can’t feel a damn thang…oh but lawd have mercy…everything fucking hurts on ya lmao…shyyyyt lmao….

Do you keep my information?

The specifics are in my privacy policies. Which you can find here and here

How long does it take for the screening to be done?

It generally takes about 30 to 45 mins. Though it can vary. Now, if someone is trying to give me false information to try to slide through, it will take longer than it does on average to try find something that isn’t there to be found or to find out thr the truth of what you told me. 

I have found that generally those that don’t have anything to hide are willing and more forthcoming about anything that is felt that I may need to know or be aware of. This allows me to quickly and efficiently get the process done so that we can have our fun time sooner rather than later. Along with either one of times being wasted.

I ask to be given a period of 24 hrs to complete your screening cuz at any given point something always comes up that is of importance to handle right then and there or it starts to get busy. I don’t want to give you my word of a time it will be completed and bot be able to make good on my word. So this allows to have time to do in a timely manner

Why is it so important to include my middle initial with my name?

Ok so here I’m going to break all this down for you…The three most important information that I need to do the most accurate screening that I can possibly do is Your name, email and phone number. There is ALWAYS a list a mile long or more of people listed under one name. In order for me to be able to quickly pin point the correct person that should be you that I am looking at, I ask for a few other details. Which is your middle initial, your age and the city you reside in. Having this information allows me to be able to quickly pick the correct put of literally a good many of the time about a 100 people listed or more. 

Now here’s a few things that I would like to add here….If you only knew how many times I am told that you do not have a middle initial, you would think that having a  middle name is non existent. Out of ALL the screenings that I have done. There has been ONLY ONE person that did not have a middle name. 

There have been names that were given to me under false pretenses that  unknowingly had a DOD (Date of Death) to the name. 
When an email does not bring up any kind of information that generally goes with that email, it is usually not your primary email. And be an email that is a hobby email or one that is for an alias or just does not exist.

Also seems like LE is trying to give me information that come with background checks that has been purposely made. You can not actually fabricate these things as it all varies but yet can be obvious to pin point.
Oh I also to pick up names that are annograms 

And most of the time, ya’ll are NOT givng me your real life primary email, your giving me an email that was just made for a dummy email. I know exactly what yall are doing. Don’t think I don’t cause if that is the case, you have ONLY fooled yourselves. MOST of you that give dummy email accounts i pull up your REAL emails and just don’t say a word, and let ya’ll continue to think you got that. lmao…like kids i swear lmao

With telling you these details,I’m trying to do a few things,…cut out the lies and time wasted, to let you see what is commonly told, and to let you know just how important it is for you to be honest with me. Cuz if I cant pull something up on you….generally that will tell me you would be LE or not being honest and have something to hide.

I know that a screening is not 100% accurate, but it will allow me a generalized feel for you and your character to allow me with comfort and ease to open my home and myself up to you.

Why don’t you go on outcalls?

First, i don’t own transportation. 
 “I can get you an uber then”….

Still, no i won’t do outcalls
“Why not”

Ok…so ima give you something to think on

Its not even about getting busted anymore, its literally about staying alive and safe now….
Between the serial killer targeting sex workers recently taking the girls to remote places and killing them 
Someone using chloraform to rape girls….
Im just gonna leave that for you to answer that question on your own…
If you still think i should outcalls after that, in my eyes…your one of the ones thats doing this sick shit…..is my point made…

Do you offer PayPal or any other payment options?

Venmo @MsRogueSA
Cash App @cash.me/$MsRogueSA
Google Pay (Please Contact me if using Google Pay)
Amazon Gift Card @msroguesa@protonmail.ch
Green Dot Money Pak (Please Contact me if using Money Pak)
Visa Vanilla EGift Card are anonymous.  They come in either $25, $50 or $100.  You’ll need my email: msrogueofsa@pm.me ( To Make It Easier Click Here For The Visa ECards)
***Google Play and Google Pay are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!! ONLY GET USE GOOGLE PAY PLEASE. You can ONLY use Google Play For Apps***

***Cash App and Venmo are NOT Adult Friendly Payment Processors.***

Venmo IS PayPal, who is widely known NOT to be adult friendly at all!!! It is imperative to keep this in mind when giving your reasons for your payments and use discretion please.

I’m going to ask that you refrain from using any words of any sexual nature nor terms like “clips,” “memberships,” “content” or anything to do with this. Please keep it generic, “groceries babysitting, a smiley face emojoi. By using these kinds of terms, not only are you putting me at risk of my accounts being shut down without notice and losing all money in that account at the time of closure. Which therefore causing everyone to lose the payment options. You risk BOTH of us (not going into detail here)

Do you travel?

Sure….It’s called “FLY ME TO YOU”,, but as predictable as ya’ll are, all I have to say is one word, “deposit” and EVERY TIME, that will get you running for the hills lmao…..I pay over $1000 a month just on this website alone!!! For your safety, security and privacy….I am responisble for about $3000 a month. I can not just pick up and go, just because you want me to and not know if anyone is gonna show up or not. When all of you decide to get together and pay deposits for my travels and i know for a fact, that I will not risking losing it all here where I live and is my incall for you, then i would love to travel to Austin, Houston, Dallas….around Texas!

I can not do anymore long haul traveling like I used to. The disabilities that I have with my back, I can no longer do hard traveling any more, I’m sorry.

How did you come up with the name “The Oral Specialist?”

I have to say, if you are asking this question, well…..it’s definitely very obvious that you haven’t found out for yourself just yet. 🙂 Actually, it was a visitor that came up with this one. lol He will be forever remembered as he was the one that told me that I was speicifically The Oral Specialist. Just so happenes that at that point and time, I was trying to figure my brand out. And I was actually having difficulties with branding myself. So when it was all said and done with our visit, and he had made THAT comment. I was like….”HEYYYY yea that sounds perfect” lol So just like the titles to the majority of my ads, it didn’t come from me! It all comes directly from ya’ll.

How did you become so talented with your skills?

First of all, I fucking LOVE giving head and I always have!!! Since I was in my early teens. Hell, back before cameras were everywhere, I would give head in the middle school library. On library day inbetween the book casings. lol The longest that I’ve gone giving head…I was told it was 4 hours..in the backseat of a car. ….All I know is I didn’t know about the train that we sat forever for. I had been busy lmao!! I’ve only gone 4 hours one time though.

Besides actually enjoying it, I’ve been a slave within the BDSM lifestyle for 30 years now. I listened and I obeyed! I take directions very well. 😛 Also I’ve listened to men all my life, I was raised in construction, so I know. lol I’m very aware of what men like and how they like it!

About the “no gagging?” Well that’s because I didn’t like the gagging, so I taught myself how not to.

On the deep throating, ummm when I learned, “DONT BREATH” that’s when i got that lmao

What exactly does a Oral Specialist entail?

Just as it’s stated, Oral. So anything that you are looking for that’s oral, I’m The Specialist to go to. This includes DFk, LFK, BBBJ, CBJ, CIM, Bottomless BJ, COF, i DEFINITELY greedy when it comes to swallowing, DT and no gag! And YESSSS, to answer your question, Can I DT a 9 inch cock and not gag? YESSSSS i can! Oh and BTW, i LOVE A DAMN GOOD SKULL FUCKING OK!!! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU PUT HAND ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD! 

As far as the bottomless BJ is concerned, I tend to get lost in the moment and to excited, sometimes you may have to slow me down some, and well, just about most of the time, you have to pull my mouth off of your dick lmao…i won’t stop normally, just keep right on going… until I get pulled off lol

But here’s the answer that you are really looking for? What sets me apart from everyone else that can do those things mentioned above??? Honey, it’s literally in the experience itself!!!!! It REALLY is quite literally an experience that most of the clients that I ask to try to describe, at first the reaction I get is it’s undescribeable. Here’s some of the descriptions that I have gotten when asked how to describe the feeling for me:
“Euphoric” “Mind Blowing” “Heaven” “Paralyzing” “You ARE a specialist!” “You brought to the Edge and on purpose!!”

The best one that I have heard though was when I was talking to a friend about one of my recent reviews, my friend said, “He missed getting his soul sucked right out of him!”

That’s just to mention a few..But yes it is true when I say that i can bring you right to the edge, right when you are teeter tottering on the point of NO return….depending on what mood may strike me, I can either let you THINK that you will fall off that edge and not be caught, OR, I’ll just pull you right back in…

Now Remember, when it comes to me, there’s NOTHING about me that deals with anything on surface levels ok…soooo the very things that I decribe in my services page is exactly what to expect…I go waaay deeper than all that surface bs in the first paragraph. I’m going after your primal, what you have no choice but to keep caged up and locked away, I want your soul, I want to pull and tug on it, play with it and tease it, and suck right the fuck out of you!!! And see, I literally, will do this and not stop until you can not take anymore,….. i make you go just a lil bit farther!!!! *evil smiles* lol

As I’ve stated on Twitter:
“And I have to laugh thinking about it cuz i honestly never have seen as many bug eyes in my life as ive seen when w each client that comes through here and i do that to. I can’t even type of laughing so hard because every person gets these eyes they like ohhhh fuuuuck wide Ass open bug eyes. Thing about it is I do that when I want to do that to you. I will take you in dangly you on that edge until I decide I want you to cum. And I know how to do that very well lol or i may just let u think falling off that edge and not be caught, do tends to be Whatever mood I decide I want to be in honestly lmfao  Yall need to know i get purest of satisfactions when I see each and every clients eyes like this after y’all cum I’ve done my job and I’ve done it well, so when y’all like this in the purest of states of euphoria and heaven, just lay there and enjoy it. This is my pleasure!”

What will you wear when I visit with you?

When I first started out when I was 25, I had adapted a “rule of thumb” to keep to a nice but casual attire for our first meet. Though, I’m always in heels and my tops are always seductive, of course showing off my natural cleavage for you. This was adapted as a safety precaution on the first meet. Because you just never know. After our first visit together, I have a different assortment of sexy lingerie that I can wear for you. My signature sexy dress wear is corsets. I do have several different corsets that accent my big boobs and small waistline that is sure to delight you upon walking in and recieveing a deep passionate kiss for your “hello”.

What’s the best way to contact you?


and for lifetime members that may have an issue to bring up to me or after business hours


I don’t answer Twitter DM’s any longer, being that 9 times out of 10, it aint nuttin but bullshit and game. You really want to get in touch and contact me, I am NOT required to be going all over God’s creation looking for YOU when you contacted me in the first place. I am on this site working at all times or sleeping, you can easily find me.

When is your Availiabity times?

My business hours are as follows;

Mon thru thurs 7 am to Midnight
Fri and Sat 7 am to 2 am
Sun 9 Am to Midnight

Where are you located?

I am located in Northwest San Antonio, Texas. In the Medical Center. The cross streets to give you some idea is Fredricksburg Rd and Medical Center Dr

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