Fade To Black

Fade To Black

Nov, 23,2019

Once so vibrant so full of life

as i rose above and looked up down

What i saw i did not recognize

A body tired beaten and broken curled in a ball

Lifeless soul and all

Body just there no movement none at all

Dried tears on the cheeks i saw..

As the darkness surrounded and then became

A strange sweetness i then began to taste

Took a moment to realize it was blood being visualized

As the words was singing in my head

Fade to black

Succumbing to the darkness surrounding me

With no fight no nothing left at all

Seeing that lifeless body from above

The small movement of fingers did i notice

Then fell back down again

The world was done no reason could be thought

Just the continued singing prayer

Fade to black did i hear

With one blink of the eye

A mistake i made.

In a blink of the eye i turned to see

The blood sweetly tasted

Was draining from the slit made

With the singing prayer filling me in my head

Fading to black was dead

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