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This blog and Living In Glass Houses was written right afterr Fosta and Sesta, when everyone from Eccie and everywhere else, which btw, to me, just by that fucking name Eccie, feel entitlement and are in reality are the very ones that are choloroforming bitches and raping and all kinds of shit, from entitlement! needless to say, i have my own story about Eccie, another time though, and hold a bad taste in my mouth about Eccie, which is why, i won’t be back on there!(though, ive met a good many ppl from there also) but anyways, so everyone was running amock thinking they could “throw the market” the men were screaming …(as i roll my eyes lol) men fucking acting like worse than fools, so this is where this comes from

False Entitlement 

Well you have shit in this playground so much so I’m over it all…. I’m done… You know the saying you don’t play any on playground, that you go somewhere else to play, what what happens when you shit so much in that playground it is too full cuz no one’s picking up the shit and that’s all you’re walking in…. is piles of shit. that’s just how I’m seeing things as its visualized. And see just like my 11 year old son at the time just thought the world revolves around him fucking only self-centered bastard that he is. just thought he was entitled to everything of mine took every goddamn thing from me including. .my life… Often wonder how close he came to killing me… and this situation I’m in kind of reminds me of that I was in 4 years ago with my son. 

My son felt like he deserved everything for NOTHING. Everything was considered his. And when the stars the moon and the sun above was not revolving around that child all hell would come loose, and you felt the wrath of that child specially me… He felt entitled to everything wanted everything thought he deserved everything for what not a goddamn thing in the world. We talk about Millennium kids and it’s really a shame that the adults was raised in my age are acting JUST LIKE Millennial kids we talk about. how my son felt he was so fucking entitled over me he wanted to kill me. 

At the end of things before he left at 12 1/2 months before he turned 13… I’d stay at six and seven nights straight cleaning and picking up  nasty-ass trashed fucking 2 bedroom townhouse apartment, cuz this boy wouldn’t do shit nothing threw everything on the floor and me fucking picking up after him I was so sick of it It would put me in the bed for a week you know that boy could not do a goddamn thing nothing no when I felt better and I’ve been getting out of the bed finally you know what I can get up to and crawl downstairs to find… three garbage bags with garbage all over the floor by the garbage can cuz he can’t pull out the garbage bag. Be at he can’t stand to see me hurt like that, to where I’d be temporarily paralyzed, but he did nothing to prevent it either 

You asked why am I bringing up my child and this word “entitlement” cuz that’s how I see things now and y’all ALL know that I’m all about being what???….REAL .. so brutally real that a lot of you can’t stand me for that reason because why???…. You can’t look yourself in the mirror you can’t stand the truth because the truth fucks your Illusions up… Well I’m not here to sugar coat shit cuz I don’t…. And you want to know who you’ve told the biggest lie to??? And I know that I answered be saying no LOL… But here’s an answer…. You told yourselves biggest lie trying to fool your own selves. 

Back to my son and while I bring him up into this, cuz that’s how I’ve always seen the majority, all of y’all. Y’all act like children when your significant others and you away from your wives, y’all lose all fucking care in the world for another human being, y’all get a case of a stupidity that just won’t quit, just like children and the one I had to deal with yeah y’all try your best to get everything you feel what you ask???… ENTITLED TO TAKE!!! Oh fuck yes I went there, I sure did! You feel entitled to take our time you feel entitled to fuck with no condom on and the spread disease you feel entitled to lie just so you can get what you want you feel entitled to take the food out of our mouths, entitled to take the roofs over our heads, you feel entitled to rape to steal, entitled to own us feel like you got the right to pimp us out, you feel entitled to take the food out of our kids mouths by that shitting in your playgrounds. Heres the big one, you also feel entitled to take a person’s life because of what we do. And that makes you feel so tall big masculine. So entitled you take your own fun you like to have outside of your commitments in the real world, that you go into your play world fuck it up royally. And this ain’t the Robin Hood story, yeah I don’t steal from the rich to give to the poor should I look around me and still get shit stolen from… No matter how hard I’ve worked for it..how ive EARNED my way. .. does that steal take for their own selfish desires, and when you still the greatest gift of all someone’s time and energy, yall are among the worst…. thieves… Thieves of time…. My son to this day hates that four letter word…E A R N.. he wants told me he would never touch a lawn mower…lol talk about feeling entitlement about himself. 

See, says not many of you understand adult terms because I’ve been saying it all for about a year now, I guess I have to break it down in children’s terms the show reality in its rawest form, cuz if I did anything different I would not be staying true to myself. I would that would be wavering truth never wavers though, the truth never changes, amongst all the lies chaos confusion that lies cause the truth stands right in the midst of it Standing Tall looking at all this chaos of its face… And I guess there’s a visualize shit, with my morbid humor flipping off the lies, choas, and confusion. LMAO I’ll send them right in the middle of the storm watching it go down lmao yeah that’s me alright all me lol i wouldn’t be me if i didn’t ???????????? 

Damn it just fucking hit me no wonder, my fucking son is like he is look at who he has to look up to is y’all as the human race, damn that’s not positive at all it literally just hit me fucking wow after 4 years, 

Why is it all coming out like this well, I hope you all feel good about yourselves, knowing that you have felt it’s so entitled ever sex workers that now I’ll pay rent for today, and well I guess I’ll start packing, cuz the way things are going, I wont be here next week. I’ve been in this place close to the year. its perfect too, just what I was looking for in the beginning then actually. I’m not one tequila and start packing the day that I’ve got to pay rent next week knowing how much I’ve got in this little room cuz I got a whole lot of shit lol. You see I thought you were going to break me, of my morals and values about myself….. Well that’s where you were wrong. I think more highly of myself then y’all do of your own selves. I have boundaries and I have limits and I have respect…… And lastly but oh Lord not least of all….I HAVE HONOR!!!!!! THAT’S WHAT I LIVE BY THAT’S THE CODE I LIVE BY! WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A CODE THAT YOU LIVE BY YOU RUN AMUCK. And when I walk out of this room next week because I don’t have rent because I’m paying all these programs to keep everyone safe and secure it’s not just for me you know it’s not just my livelihood that y’all are taken when y’all don’t want to Screen it’s your own livelihood you’re taking from yourselves…SMDH .. no I’m sorry I expect some people I expect people to care about all this when they can’t even care about themselves I apologize for this maybe my expectations are a little bit too high because the way I live, and no by no means am I perfect the damn it everyday I face the day trying my damndest to do right. And take everything that I take the smile on my face. So when all this it’s not reality it’s my truth but I’m not the one who went out to harm myself, and calls myself this issue I now have to look dead square up in the eyes and face, MY BRUTALLY REAL WORLD…MY BRUTAL REALITY… AND YOU WONDER WHY I’M SO BRUTALLY REAL….SMH… BECAUSE MY LIFE HAS BEEN BRUTALLY REAL…. TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WANT TO BE TRADED AND THEN NOT LIKE SURPRISED WHEN I TREAT YOU THE SAME WAY YOU TREAT ME…. I KEEP SAYING YOUR BEHAVIORS AFFECT MANY LIVES NOT JUST THE ONE YOU’RE AFTER TO EFFECT AND MALL DOLLAR STILL STANDING YOUR GROUND SCREENINGS AND NOT WANTING TO SEE ME CUZ MY SCREENINGS ARE SO TOUGH BECAUSE Y’ALL CAUSE THEM TO BE JUST LIKE THAT. I’M STILL GOING TO STAND MY GROUND AND WONT SEE YOU IF YOU DON’T SCREEN WITH ME. AS I’M PACKING UP MY HOME THAT Y’ALL FEEL ENTITLED TO COME INTO WITHOUT ME KNOWING WHO IS WALKING IN MY HOME. BUT YOU KNOW I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING ON MY CONSCIENCE IT’LL BE CLEAR, I’VE GIVEN MY WORD TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU STILL HAVE KEEP YOU SAFE THAT I WOULD KEEP YOU FROM HARM, THAT I PLACE SECURITY AROUND THIS SITUATION, AND THIS I HAVE DONE …. FOR I HAVE KEPT MY WORD CUZ MY WORD IS HONOR. AND I WILL CONTINUE TO STAND TALL WALK FORWARD WITH MY HEAD HELD HIGH GRACEFULLY… Cuz I won’t do wrong and cold call anybody I won’t ask for that help because you ain’t giving me any so far done nothing but take. So y’all took till there was no taking left to just like my son did.. 

Ps.. just so you all know this wasn’t directed at anybody this was all spoken as a whole in general.

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