I’m just gonna put this up for the time being until I can make the FAQ’s form but at least I’ll have this up for you to help out some.

This is going to take me a little time to be able to complete this page in full. As I will be including questions and answers that has been presented to me over the past two years that I have worked in San Antonio. It is my responsibility to give you the most accurate information in detail so that you can make your choices that best fits you for your needs and wants. If you have any other questions concerns or otherwise always feel free to contact me. I will do the upmost best that I can to be able to help you with you situation. 

Why do you screen?

Screening is very important in our line of work. First and foremost it’s not only for my safety but for yours as well. If you are not asked to be screened then I would be leary of that. Cops don’t need to screen, they’ll get your information when they do their bust. It also gives me a feel of who you are. Which allows me to be able to have a more personal interaction with you during our visits.

Why do you ask for so much personal information?

First im inviting you into my place of dwelling, my home. Not a separate incall. Please ask yourself if you would invite not just one complete stranger to spend time with, but many complete strangers to spend time with into your home. I come in contact with a diverse population, which is one of the many reasons why i love doing this but its also a downfall, cuz the bad comes with the good.

Secondly, for those that hobby regularly that are predators or have been blacklisted for reasons of scamming, ripping off or harming my fellow providers, etc. love to change their hobby names, phone numbers and emails, so that they continue to harm. You can’t change your real world information.

Thirdly. Recently a man that worked for Border Patrol in Laredo was arrested, a serial killer targeting sex workers. Killing so far, 4 women. One woman gave a good reference on him to another woman, both ended up dead. Predatos take this as a game. ITS NOT. Its our lives.

What are you looking for when you do the screenings?

If you are a sex offender, habitual assault offender, murder or LE or have been blacklisted. If there’s a blacklisting, I look into the reasons why, I weigh out the circumstances and situations and I try my best to be fair and unbiased about everyone and make my own decisions from everything.

Personally though, I’m looking for your honesty. There’s not a thing in this world that you can’t talk to me about. As long as your honest and approach me respectfully. I can handle and deal with the truth and try to be able to better help your situation than anyone lieing to me. That will tell me about your character. Honesty is big time important to me. I don’t lie, but I will tell you, it’s a Nunya.

Do I pay for the screening?

No, there’s no charge for the screening. I pay for the programs that I use for the screenings. 

Will my information be used to blackmail me with or bring any harm to me?

No, absolutely not. I am in no way wanting to bring harm or drama into anyone’s lives. I’m not wanting drama in my life because I do live peacefully and do not surround myself with such negativity. Besides that, if you only knew everything that I TRY to balance with all that I do behind the scenes lol…You would then know that I literally do not have time for such messy games and drama. It’s also not in my character to this kind of stuff to tarnished my brand that I have worked really hard to have, my honor and integrity, nor my good standing within the community. 

I only have safety in mind not only for me but for everyone that I see or have seen. I have given my word of honor to keep everyone that I see safe and secure, so that you can go home to your real world safe, sound and secure without any worries. I am here to ease and relax your worries and stress, I am not here to cause anymore strife than what we already deal with in our lives. 

I also want to have fun myself 🙂 but want to know and feel secure having that having fun with you is going to be just that, a fun time that we will both think on later and go WOW!:)

Do you keep my information?

No, again, absolutely not. I cover all basis to make sure that EVERYTHING is confidential, discrete and not going to come and bite anyone including me in the ass. I look at ALL angles and take this responsibility with the upmost seriousness. I am responsible for way too many lives to be careless or slip up in any type of way

I am so secure and so serious about this responsibility that I personally take on, that I even screen anyone in my personal life as well, securing everyone in my circle even more so. I do not allow for there to be ANY weak links at all. This includes keeping any information or any kind of trails.

How long does it take for the screening to be done?

It generally takes about 30 to 45 mins. Though it can vary. Now, if someone is trying to give me false information to try to slide through, it will take longer than it does on average to try find something that isn’t there to be found or to find out thr the truth of what you told me. 

I have found that generally those that don’t have anything to hide are willing and more forthcoming about anything that is felt that I may need to know or be aware of. This allows me to quickly and efficiently get the process done so that we can have our fun time sooner rather than later. Along with either one of times being wasted.

I ask to be given a period of 24 hrs to complete your screening cuz at any given point something always comes up that is of importance to handle right then and there or it starts to get busy. I don’t want to give you my word of a time it will be completed and bot be able to make good on my word. So this allows to have time to do in a timely manner

Why is it so important to include my middle initial with my name?

Ok so here I’m going to break all this down for you…The three most important information that I need to do the most accurate screening that I can possibly do is Your name, email and phone number. There is ALWAYS a list a mile long or more of people listed under one name. In order for me to be able to quickly pin point the correct person that should be you that I am looking at, I ask for a few other details. Which is your middle initial, your age and the city you reside in. Having this information allows me to be able to quickly pick the correct put of literally a good many of the time about a 100 people listed or more. 

Now here’s a few things that I would like to add here….If you only knew how many times I am told that you do not have a middle initial, you would think that having a  middle name is non existent. Out of ALL the screenings that I have done. There has been ONLY ONE person that did not have a middle name. 

There have been names that were given to me under false pretenses that  unknowingly had a DOD (Date of Death) to the name. 

When an email does not bring up any kind of information that generally goes with that email, it is usually not your primary email. And be an email that is a hobby email or one that is for an alias or just does not exist.

Also seems like LE is trying to give me information that come with background checks that has been purposely made. You can not actually fabricate these things as it all varies but yet can be obvious to pin point.

Oh I also to pick up names that are annograms 

With telling you these details,I’m trying to do a few things,…cut out the lies and time wasted, to let you see what is commonly told, and to let you know just how important it is for you to be honest with me. Cuz if I cant pull something up on you….generally that will tell me you would be LE or not being honest and have something to hide.

I know that a screening is not 100% accurate, but it will allow me a generalized feel for you and your character to allow me with comfort and ease to open my home and myself up to you.

You say that you are verified through Eccie but I can’t find you?

Since FOSTA eveything has been turned upside down. Since Eccie came back up the site is telling me I have to be age verified. Even though a mass email was sent to my old email stating that providers that lost verification due to them being up would NOT have to go through the verification process again. To no avail, I have not received one reply back from them out of all the emails i have sent. 

If you are an Eccie member, then you know the hobbiest that have been long standing in tbis community without any names mentioned you would definitely know fhose hobbyist to go to ask about me. As my oral skills are well known.As of right now, I have provided the links to my reviews from before showing my Eccie number and who wrote them.

I am open to be revieiwed as of recently, cuz i did have a no review policy

I am a Verified Provider on OurHome2, I have recently decided that I am not going to be going back to Eccie. This decision is purely from a personal perference that I do not wish to discuss.

Why don’t you go on outcalls?

First, i don’t own transportation. 

 “I can get you an uber then”….

Still, no i won’t do outcalls

“Why not”

Ok…so ima give you something to think on

Its not even about getting busted anymore, its literally about staying alive and safe now….

Between the serial killer targeting sex workers recently taking the girls to remote places and killing them 


Someone using chloform to rape girls….

Im just gonna leave that for you to answer that question on your own…

If you still think i should outcalls after that, in my eyes…your one of the ones thats doing this sick shit…..is my point made…

The reason why I have chosen Teal/Turquiose as the color for the site

The more that you are able to get to know me, the better you can understand how I actually tick. The very first and important thing to know about me is that EVERYTHING that I do has a spiritual meaning and purpose. Nothing is to be seen just on the surface. There’s ALWAYS a deeper meaning to what I’m doing, down to the colors that I pick out for whatever I use it for. Each color has a Spiritual Correspondence and the color Teal just seemed to fit perfectly. 

So here’s the meanings to the Color Teal/Turquose:

Turquoise means open communication and clarity of thought.

The color turquoise helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life.

In color psychology, turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. In the process it can appear to be on an emotional roller coaster, up and down, until it balances itself.

A combination of blue and a small amount of yellow, it fits in on the color scale between green and blue. It radiates the peace, calm and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow.

This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. You only have to focus on the color turquoise, whether on a wall or clothing and you feel instant calm and gentle invigoration, ready to face the world again!

It is a great color to have around you, particularly in an emergency, as it helps with clear thinking and decision-making. It assists in the development of organizational and management skills. It influences rather than preaching and demanding.

This is a good color to aid concentration and clarity of thought for public speakers as it calms the nervous system, gives control over speech and expression, and builds confidence. Print your speech notes on turquoise and every time you glance down you will feel the effects of the color.

It heightens levels of creativity and sensitivity; it is good at multi-tasking, becoming bored if forced to focus on one thing only. Sometimes thinking can become scattered if surrounded by too much of this balancing color.

Turquoise encourages inner healing through its ability to enhance empathy and caring. It heightens our intuitive ability and opens the door to spiritual growth. It is the color of the evolved soul.

The color turquoise can also be self-centered, tuning in to its own needs above all others. At the same time, it can help us to build our self-esteem and to love ourselves, which in turn supports our ability to love others unconditionally. At its most extreme it can be boastful and narcissistic.

Although it is self-sufficient, it fears being alone and can become aloof and unapproachable when this occurs, making the situation worse.

Turquoise has strong powers of observation and perception and can be quite discriminating. It has the ability to identify the way forward, the way to success, balancing the pros and cons, the right and wrong, of any situation. It is a good color to use when you are stuck in a rut and don’t know which way to move.

This is a color that can sometimes be impractical and idealistic and remote from emotional reactions, appearing excessively cool, calm and collected.

Too much of this color in your life may give you an overactive mind and create emotional imbalance, making you either over-emotional or non-emotional.

Too little turquoise in your life may cause you to withhold your emotions, resulting in secrecy and confusion about your direction in life.

From a negative perspective, the meaning of the color turquoise relates to being either over-emotional or non-emotional, lacking communication skills, being unreliable and deceptive.

Positive keywords include communication, clarity of thought, balance and harmony, idealism, calmness, creativity, compassion, healing and self-sufficiency.

Negative keywords include boastfulness, secrecy, unreliability and reticence, fence-sitting, aloofness, deception and off-handedness.

The Color Turquoise Represents

Communication: This color represents open communication from and between the heart and the spoken word. It relates to the electronic age and the world of computers, and communication on a large scale.

Emotional Control: Being the mid color between the extremes of red and violet, turquoise is the color of balance, for the emotions, thoughts and speech.

Self-Sufficiency: It has the ability to tune into its own needs and find the way to success.

Effects of the Color Turquoise

Clarity of Thought: It enhances the ability to focus and concentrate, assisting with clear thinking and decision-making, and the development of good organizational skills.

Calming: It is calming yet invigorating, restoring depleted energies.

A negative effect of turquoise is that it can cause people to be too aloof and to hide their emotional reactions.

Variations of the Color Turquoise

Aqua: Closer to green than blue, aqua is refreshing and uplifting. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual.

Aquamarine: Enhancing creativity and inspiration, the color aquamarine calms and balances the mind and the emotions.

Teal: A more sophisticated version of turquoise, teal signifies trustworthiness and reliability. It promotes spiritual advancement and commitment.


Do you offer PayPal or any other payment options?

I now offer three other forms of payment other than cash. Google Pay, and Amazon Gift Card. I don’t not offer PayPal due to the fact that they are NOT sexworker friendly as well as the fact that it is well known that clients love to make charge backs. So I do not allow for any room of anything like this happening. Also, I have to be careful with my situation on taking different payment options that will show anything. I don’t’ have a checking account etc. I’m cautious about it all. 

Here’s the new payment options for donations and content

Cash App@cash.me/$MsRogueSA

Google Pay@ msroguesa@gmail.com

Amazon Gift Card@ msroguesa@protonmail.ch

This Gmail email is to ONLY to be used to make payments

Do you travel?

No, not at this present time I’m not in the position to travel. I do have plans for sometime in the near future to travel some around Texas, but with my back, I can’t handle hard traveling like I have done in the past. Also, no one wants to secure their visits with me and pre book. Which only tells me that no one is actually serious enough. Deposits HAVE TO BE MADE in order for me to be able to go anywhere. Sorry guys, but can’t do it without help from your end on this one.

What exactly does a Oral Specialist entail?

Just as it’s stated, Oral. So anything that you are looking for that’s oral, I’m The Specialist to go to. This includes DFk, LFK, BBBJ, CBJ, CIM, Bottomless BJ, COF, i DEFINITELY greedy when it comes to swallowing, DT and no gag! And YESSSS, to answer your question, Can I DT a 9 inch cock and not gag? YESSSSS i can! Oh and BTW, i LOVE A DAMN GOOD SKULL FUCKING OK!!! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU PUT HAND ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD! 

As far as the bottomless BJ is concerned, I tend to get lost in the moment and to excited, sometimes you may have to slow me down some, and well, just about most of the time, you have to pull my mouth off of your dick lmao…i won’t stop normally, just keep right on going… until I get pulled off lol

But here’s the answer that you are really looking for? What sets me apart from everyone else that can do those things mentioned above??? Honey, it’s literally in the experience itself!!!!! It REALLY is quite literally an experience that most of the clients that I ask to try to describe, at first the reaction I get is it’s undescribeable. Here’s some of the descriptions that I have gotten when asked how to describe the feeling for me:

“Euphoric” “Mind Blowing” “Heaven” “Paralyzing” “You ARE a specialist!” “You brought to the Edge and on purpose!!”

The best one that I have heard though was when I was talking to a friend about one of my recent reviews, my friend said, “He missed getting his soul sucked right out of him!”

That’s just to mention a few..But yes it is true when I say that i can bring you right to the edge, right when you are teeter tottering on the point of NO return….depending on what mood may strike me, I can either let you THINK that you will fall off that edge and not be caught, OR, I’ll just pull you right back in…

Now Remember, when it comes to me, there’s NOTHING about me that deals with anything on surface levels ok…soooo the very things that I decribe in my services page is exactly what to expect…I go waaay deeper than all that surface bs in the first paragraph. I’m going after your primal, what you have no choice but to keep caged up and locked away, I want your soul, I want to pull and tug on it, play with it and tease it, and suck right the fuck out of you!!! And see, I literally, will do this and not stop until you can not take anymore,….. i make you go just a lil bit farther!!!! *evil smiles* lol

As I’ve stated on Twitter:

“And I have to laugh thinking about it cuz i honestly never have seen as many bug eyes in my life as ive seen when w each client that comes through here and i do that to. I can’t even type of laughing so hard because every person gets these eyes they like ohhhh fuuuuck wide Ass open bug eyes. Thing about it is I do that when I want to do that to you. I will take you in dangly you on that edge until I decide I want you to cum. And I know how to do that very well lol or i may just let u think falling off that edge and not be caught, do tends to be Whatever mood I decide I want to be in honestly lmfao  Yall need to know i get purest of satisfactions when I see each and every clients eyes like this after y’all cum I’ve done my job and I’ve done it well, so when y’all like this in the purest of states of euphoria and heaven, just lay there and enjoy it. This is my pleasure!”

What will you wear when I visit with you?

When I first started out when I was 25, I had adapted a “rule of thumb” to keep to a nice but casual attire for our first meet. Though, I’m always in heels and my tops are always seductive, of course showing off my natural cleavage for you. This was adapted as a safety precaution on the first meet. Because you just never know. After our first visit together, I have a different assortment of sexy lingerie that I can wear for you. My signature sexy dress wear is corsets. I do have several different corsets that accent my big boobs and small waistline that is sure to delight you upon walking in and recieveing a deep passionate kiss for your “hello”.

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