Father’s Day Special: A Gift

I had already planned on doing this when the other website went down. So that got in the way of when I wanted to do this. So, for Father’s Day I wanted to do something different. So more than just taking a percentage or an amount off. I wanted to be able to give back to ya’ll as a gift of appreciation. Something that was special that I could say Thank You with.

The Gift of Time

The Two Greatest Gifts IS time and energy….to give of yourself. Well, I already give everyone that I see 150% plus of myself at ALL times. With both gifts in mind, Time is what I wanted to give as a Father’s Day Gift and to celebrate the new site.

Now (6-11) Through Father’s Day


This is ONLY for Hour Visits and screening and all else, DOES APPLY

I also thought that this would be a good way to let everyone know that the site is launched and that the necessary pages are up. It’s at the bare mim right now, so please I ask for your patience with everything as I get the rest of all up and going.

Happy Father’s Day From The Oral Specialist!

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