Fetlife Journal Entry: A Different Perspective On Dick Pics

JOURNAL ENTRY from fetlife

here’s a different perspective on dick pics

I understand a man’s side when it comes to their dicks it is something to be proud of Yes I agree. I get this wholeheartedly. But coming from my perspective and my side of things. I’d like to give you my thoughts on that you can take it or leave it I don’t care either way. It doesn’t bother me needless to say. But when in your lifetime you’ve seen so many, that you don’t even know the count when in your lifetime you’ve been with so many you can not even count. Those pictures become blurry they all become one, whether a different color a different size different with different it doesn’t matter they all are dicks. In my time I used to like being sent dick pics when I asked for them. Because here’s something you may not have ever thought of I cannot identify you by that dick pic. When you introduce yourself by that dick pic I don’t know who you are but just a dick. There’s nothing that identifies you to that dick pic to make you special and make me want to stop and talk. Now since my job has been in porn, I realize why it’s taking to be an insult for a man to introduce himself that way especially being in porn. In my eyes if that’s the highest you think of yourself I’ll pass you by and not answer. I’d like to see a face so that I can know who that dick pic is associated to. Let me see your eyes and a smile first. It would be nice to be given a choice to be asked if I want to see your dick. Because my choice isn’t always taken from me I never get to enjoy to ask I’d like to see your dick. That’s what I enjoyment is is being able to ask for it first. This it’s just a different side a different perspective maybe you can understand maybe not. Just thought I’d give my three cents in since I see so many profile pictures being nothing but dicks you can be proud of your dick and you should just don’t be a dick showing your dick. With love always a natural born slut

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