Fetlife Journal Entry: Thank You For The Uplift Today


thank you for the uplift today

Cuz I was at a suicidal point this morning because I cannot get anyone to understand that when you are drowned in nothing but negativity you will feel nothing but negativity there’s nothing uplifting and positive on my end day in day out it’s all negative drowning in doubt it hurts you see to be me in a scene of men who cannot get that when you hurt others you will not get what you want how can a man expect to be given anything special when they treat a woman like shit all the time. So this morning before I cried myself to sleep at 4:00 5:00 maybe I was at a very low point in my time trying to get men to fucking understand just because my job is what it is please respect me as the person because I’m not The product, you see. I am the middleman I am the human I am a person and when you be the little someone so much and take and treat a person like what has been done to me. and then I turn around and I see the same people that have done this on this website I just shake my head because I know what you’ve done on the other side. And you playing BDSM how dare you cuz you don’t even know your place when it comes to my side. Understand the customer is not always right because I can tell you when you treat someone like what has been done to me is definitely not right on any side on any platform and don’t expect me to give to you any damn thing you’re not special like you think.

So you see this has been very uplifting to me because I never get any positive influence so I want to say thanks it’s very appreciated

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