Fetlife Journal Entry: The Answer To Men’s Wonder & Curiousity


here’s the answer to men’s wondering and curiosity

I have heard this time and time again this question why women Begin to hate men More specifically why do providers begin to hate men. I’m going to let you know this answer and give you a different side.

I’ve also heard the comment several times providers see men at their worst. Providers see men during their most times in need and their lowest points.

But here’s some things you have not even thought of thinking that you were doing good and then I’ll act reality You’re not when a provider or a woman in general knows not who you are and all you are to her is a fake name a fake profile a fake email and a dick pic sorry I had to add that one lol

It’s nothing but a sea of nameless faceless people that you do not know. And with me being hurt so much so often I have to ask. Why do you think you have to hurt others during your lowest points Is that what makes you feel better knowing that somebody else is hurting just as much as you are???

Because we know it’s okay that you’re not in your best of times but it’s not okay that you go out and attack others in those times because for example I’m not in my best of times. And it doesn’t matter whether I cry it out screaming out or anything else just to tell you please stop hurting me I want it to stop. And yet it’s still seen as a defense mechanism and I begin to be terrifying to you.

Like I said here’s another thought in another perspective why should you be so terrified of me when I am terrified of you.
Have I done you any wrong have I disrespected your boundaries have I came to your house and knocked on your door being a stranger have I kicked your door in or at least try to like has been done to me.
If not which I know I haven’t why are you terrified of me

When you continually have your boundaries disrespected push ed and not even thought of when you are never regarded ghosted and just ignored it becomes tiresome and whereas a person out just to scream out please stop hurting me and please start thinking. After so much time you begin to start hating. it’s a process that takes place that you don’t even know that happens

You began to be angry frustrated hurt it all comes down to the point of hurt. just because you’re at your lowest points does not mean to come out and attack others just because of what they do while this site has all the porn in the world it’s still not free by the way

The other day the last time I came on here I seen I comment on a picture and I swear I about fell off my bed freaking out how could anybody call someone a whore nicely. And I have thought to myself geez I wish it was that nice to me what’s the difference between the two.

Because this is a job and this is a game to you??? It’s pretend and fantasy land here where on other sites it’s not???
I had one introduce himself recently from here and he got all kinds of gudos from me but that was the only brownie point he got when I just simply had wanted to show him out of being proud The website I made.
Actually this is the fifth one I made from ground up when I’ve self taught everything I know impressive I feel proud I am. and just because I show you and tell you about my website it’s not just about my job like most see but what you don’t understand is simply about me

my website is where you will find everything about me to know it is my journal it is my thoughts it’s my struggles it’s my obstacles that I’ve won and the crossover it is my accomplishments it’s my hearts and pains it’s me you will find in that website

You see t’s not about the money for me it’s about the respect. When this person made the comment of I bet you you would visit me for $50 he was wrong you see. Because you begin to learn about value when you’re on this side of the game. You value your time you value yourself you begin to see the game that’s played on the opposite end. And you will hold out until doomsday until you are understood that you should be valued in the end. So not all money is good money you see and when you judge me you judge me by society those ways you will get me wrong every time so don’t ever judge a book by its cover and think you are judging right and it would be nice to be called a whore every now and then and a nicely toned voice fantasy like.
with this I bid my farewell because I have business to tend to I had the bank to call and a website to undo and redo because I am up for a change in my website so I want to throw it down and pull it back up again lol just because I can.

After paying over $200 just for two domains and transferring the domains and everything to a new host. It’s my website you see I can do what the fuck I want to with it power and control this is the way I love it it’s my website I can do what the fuck I want with it. Lol

Y’all have a good day enjoy yourselves and please remember you know kindness goes a long fucking ways you never know just what uplifting brightness you would send to a person out of just being kind one day.

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