I was messing around with Microsoft Sway,and here’s what I came out with. I think it’s pretty cool. I enjoyed making it. So I guess I’m putting here, just cuz lol

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by jOvOn on MsRogueSA
Apologizes are in order

First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for ghosting you a couple months back. Life has been catching up to me and I’ve been kinda in a depressed state of mind. I didn’t want to come see you if I’m in that type of mindset, when being with you is suppose to be extremely enjoyable. I hope there’s no hard feelings, I do miss our conversations and may I say you’re still absolutely stunning!

ok first im not sure exactly who this is quiet yet, but thats ok. secondly, i can get that totally.thirdly. im gonna make sure this is known. I do not think that any one person can really understand what being totally alone really means when i say that. because most still have your families, kids, friends, dogs cats whatever. for me, i have clients. thats it. ok. thats all. thats the ONLY HUMAN CONTACT THAT I HAVE. so its very very important to me. and because of that you are treated with extra love and care from me. and when my hopes are up..and then they get let down time and time again, for me, it really really hurts pretty deep. ok. that would be the best time to come in because i would sit and take the extra time just to sit and chat and just have some company ok. its really a shame that ppl play on me because im real about myself and on my kindness. because then all everyone gets to see is this bitch side that is totally rreally NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE REAL ME. but i tend to have to keep my gurad up at all times to not get taken advantage of or hurt and it really sux. i hate having to be dominant at all times and just on guard when im a true submissive. but ya would never know it by the way things are. no one evers lets me ..just simply be me. but anyways this job is really isolating and yall have always been so very important to me so next time think about that ok
with love always

by Iz3k on MsRogueSA

Very excited to meet you - hopefully, lol Going to complete the screening process soon! Love your website 


omg do you realize i was really shocked to see a review for this page considering i took everything off of it in the process experimenting right now with different things for the site, one thing i wanted to do was a live chat...BUUUUT....the way people are with not respecting boundaries, im not sure if i wanna pay $16 a month for headaches lmao....but i am wanting to do a complete change up, so i appreciate your compliment on the site considering the way it me anyways, (cant help the ocd) lmao...that does mean alot to me! <3

let me know that its you when you fill out the form ok. make sure to do that, so that im aware, and if you need me to go over anything let me know. hopefully ill hear from ya soon. loves & licks Rogue

by Jesus on MsRogueSA

Hey u are beautiful I wish I lived near by i would be a regular I would love to experience something like this I’ve always been interested and like this life style sucks it not in Los Angeles.

Thank you so much sweetheart! It's kinda funny , cuz I'm feeling about the opposite as what you're feeling lol....I soooo NEED a vacation about now, and I could sure go for going back to LA and visit with a girlfriend of mine thtat I used to live with in Monrovia. She's living in the Valley now....but yea it'd be nice to go out that way. Cause I tell ya what all work and no play for this chick, ....let's just say i do NEED a vacation lmao I do appreciate your compliments look for the new pics I'll be putting them up soon

by Jconnor on MsRogueSA
Literally perfect

You’re insanely attractive! It kills me that I don’t live anywhere near you.

Thank you so much!

by Jjwalker on MsRogueSA


well Thank you dahlin!!! But i'm gonna let ya know, Ya haven't seen anything yet!!! hehehe And to top it off, meeting me in person....well that's a total treat for ya!!

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