I was messing around with Microsoft Sway,and here’s what I came out with. I think it’s pretty cool. I enjoyed making it. So I guess I’m putting here, just cuz lol

Bedtime Fun

The first night having my lights back up, freshly showered and ready for bed. Laying down all nice and comfy, I started feeling the groove with the lights. And had some fun with the camera before my sweet wicked dreams had welcomed me

Here’s Something I Think Ya’ll Would Get A Kick Out Of

The first two pics on the left, those were the last 2 pics I had taken at my last place. And yes, that IS me sitting in the sink. YES, I am THAT small! lol So here’s the deal with me sitting in the sink lol…well, at my last place, I wasnt able to sit in the sink to put on my make up. I am too short to reach the mirrors normally and to damn blind to see far, cuz im near sighted, Sooo…I’m climb up into the sink like i ALWAYS have to put on my make up lmao…and yay!! i can do this here at my new apt, and I was all kinds of excited to be able to sink in the sink again and see to be able to put my make up on HAHAHAHA I love it! lmao So, ya’ll outta get a kick out of those lmao

Just me

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by Jesus on MsRogueSA

Hey u are beautiful I wish I lived near by i would be a regular I would love to experience something like this I’ve always been interested and like this life style sucks it not in Los Angeles.

Thank you so much sweetheart! It's kinda funny , cuz I'm feeling about the opposite as what you're feeling lol....I soooo NEED a vacation about now, and I could sure go for going back to LA and visit with a girlfriend of mine thtat I used to live with in Monrovia. She's living in the Valley now....but yea it'd be nice to go out that way. Cause I tell ya what all work and no play for this chick, ....let's just say i do NEED a vacation lmao I do appreciate your compliments look for the new pics I'll be putting them up soon

by Jconnor on MsRogueSA
Literally perfect

You’re insanely attractive! It kills me that I don’t live anywhere near you.

Thank you so much!

by Jjwalker on MsRogueSA


well Thank you dahlin!!! But i'm gonna let ya know, Ya haven't seen anything yet!!! hehehe And to top it off, meeting me in person....well that's a total treat for ya!!

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