Gang Stalking in Sex Work: My Experiences

Gang Stalking in Sex Work: My Experiences

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‘Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by a group to instill mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. A victim of gangstalking can have their reputation, credibility, careers, relationships and entire life put into ruins.

Techniques such as mind games, perception manipulation, organized stalking, covert harassment, constant surveillance and possibly electronic harassment are used to push a victim to mental instability.’ – Gangstalking Subreddit

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For any reader to be able to grasp the things that I have been saying over the years as well as what I’m going over now you must first understand the techniques of Gangstalking as well as the reasonings behind the techniques that are used.

Most important to understand is with each situation details that I go over there’s two things you have to look at one it’s as a whole collectively it’s very important to be able to understand because as a whole over the years these different techniques are used and they make a big difference they are a breakdown over time which of course is the full intent of the stalking. And then secondly looking at each situation individually see the actual technique that was used and how it’s used in that time frame.

Thirdly,  another thing that’s important to understand once you are at an heightened state of panic desperation, and have fear and still didn’t you the breakdown of trust occurs and you begin to look over your shoulder at all times you begin to distrust everyone around you even those you have known all of your life because you don’t know where things are coming from you have no idea who is who you’ve been made to question yourself your peers around you so you get to a point where you don’t even question those that you have known all of your life. And the reasonings for doing so is one isolation, two to question your own self, three on his Bridges credit and the fourth reason is to be driving crazy to be seen as mentally instable.

The fourth most important thing to remember is the situations that I bring up in this wedding whether you were actually meaning to be involved or not or you just happened to stumble in during a time that all this was occurring understanding that it’s not to be personal don’t take things personal this situation surrounding everything brought me to these conclusions but that I came up with during that time frame and so nothing I say is meant for any personal attacks but whether or not anybody had anything to purposely to do with it it did make a difference being that it was all apart as a whole looking at the big picture collectively it did affect me in one way or the other so these four things you have to keep in mind throughout everything to be able to understand and to be able to see things as they really are instead of taking it as a personal attack on you or anybody else whoever may be reading this.

I also I want to add in here the importance of understanding the amount of brainwashing that happens. How the triggers are formed how easily each trigger can be formed without even utilizing it along with subliminal messages that without realizing it can put you under hypnotic state again without you ever realizing it and just how easy these things can happen to you.

Also to pick up on the way things are written or typed out to you as well as like correlations between numbers emails thing things that you would never be able to pick up on but it is a form of brainwashing and mind control.

These different techniques for done in a way to where you would never know it never be able to pick up on it until later on and then at that point you’re discredited and no one’s listening to you at that point so it doesn’t even matter if you figure in out or not because at that point you know no one’s listening at all.

Also, they’re usually would be a person in their life that builds a good rapport with them. someone that the intended victim can easily be able to communicate with as well as confide everything into seems to be the middleman or the information person as I’ve dubbed it. For lack of better words. Because I germ you become so isolated that’s the only there’s only one person involved into your life and of course whether that person is really involved or not as isolated as You are that person then becomes a suspect when you begin to figure things out.

They consider this to be the Awakening. Slowly they allowed you to realize what is happening to you. If you don’t kill yourself at that point things begin to start happening all over again take for example the cigarettes behind my computer and the lighter behind my computer almost exactly a year later.

Now you begin to be there puppet and you know what at this point if you go too far on one thing they’ll use toilet control and diarrhea food they’ll start to puppeteer and guide you if you’ve said too much mention too much done too much done too little you were then considered their puppet so you are at the mercy of these stalkers. To say the least it’s a very hard pill to swallow actually.

I would like to bring up recently take for example when I got picked up and brought to the Northeast and he did not want anything about it and then I didn’t hear from him again doing these kinds of things, offering help to make you feel like you know well thank you when in all reality there’s an alternative that you are not realizing. Or the person of rapport or there’s a couple other people that are meant to and influence in a positive way for example stand up to your attackers or you know take control back or whatever it may be and then when you do so, you are more or less punished again.

Other techniques to use with people involved around you they will one person that may be your friend or seem to be your friend maybe experiencing the same thing exactly just about little different little off but almost to the point of going wow you know this is so weird that just me and somebody else is actually going to this this is to bring on a sense of comfort anyways with that person because somebody else is going through it but you know is a familiarity someone you can talk to.

Another situation that happened to me is another guy friend brought in a female to talk with that spiritually had gone through some situations that to throw them off and you know they interject different people into your life to throw you off to comfort you to bring a sense of to establish that sense of trust. And of course, then either they either leave and you never hear from them again or they step to the side and are not really realized that they’re part of it because they’re out of the picture for a while.

Everything is deflected off of each other to where you never really pinpoint who is doing what when and where. It’s also very synchronized. For example in my case scenarios, I started noticing that like an hour an hour and a half before I had to get up get dressed for someone to come visit the phone and start blowing up all of a sudden that would trip me out. I remember this one time in particular, it is on the weekend Saturday night I’ve been riding all day long quiet as Mel’s everything was peaceful I blocked everybody out matter of fact I remember of Alex Anaconda trying to get in touch with me just to chat and I’m blocked everyone out and just has some quiet time ended up getting a call for like 11:00 or so that evening. So, I got up about 10:00 to start getting dressed and all of a sudden, the phone started ringing and then the person ended up messing up. It was just all comfortable chaos at that point trying to get dressed it never ceased to until you know I’m trying to get dressed and then of course the visit doesn’t pan out then I’m upset. It’s ends up being a snowballed domino effect that just rolls all into one and then at that point you’re a nervous wreck. And your left there trying to calm down that ends up taking you hours and hours to calm down by that time it starts all over again so it’s a constant roller coaster that ends up happening.

The Beginning: Moving to San Antonio, Tx

To put on the pieces together we have to start from the very beginning. The person I came down here with from Pennsylvania was actually from here and she was going through a divorce from a bandido. Now I met her from tagged and have been talking for 10 years ever since and I had called her my daughter.

Upon moving here, the end of January 2017, we go to one of her girlfriends in spring Branch. She’s got two girlfriends that are supposedly in the cartel or that’s what she tells me anyways. Two weeks afterwards she’s living tomorrow and leaves me at her girlfriend’s. So, I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do because apparently the plan had changed without me knowing it really.

Her girlfriend starts trying to talk to me about doing it armed robbery. And I’m kind of freaking out about this right. I leave for a while I come back all my stuff is gone stolen just disappeared. With everything that had been gone it was a total disaster mess everything was out in the yard and in just spread out everywhere trying to figure out what happened how it happened and why it happened and what I had left which was hardly nothing in the mix of everything I get accused I’m stealing a gun. And then I get extorted for money to replace the gun that I was accused of stealing that apparently I don’t know what happened to it but I guess it got whatever and the mix of things I don’t know.

Come to find out she had told me that her dad signed for the gun come to find out later her dad cannot get a gun, he’s a felon. So, after paying her $700 out of the $900 that I was supposed to pay her out of being extorted he tells me do not pay her the last $200. The weekend that I went to the coast was with her father. He happens to tell her I am going to be spending the weekend with him he’s going to pick me up she comes back over about 2:00 3:00 in the morning banging on his door threatening to kill me.

I’m getting ahead of myself I’m sorry…. Some in the process of everything just being stolen I need this guy from adult Friend finder would go for a bike ride. Everything’s cool, I’m taking it in stride so to speak.

The girlfriend that I’m staying at I’m just dropped off at that’s when she starts talking to me about the armed robbery and then she starts talking to me about working and she’s never straight with anything starts going off about seeing truck drivers or some shit right never a straight story. I get a weird feeling in my gut. None of the stories are straight nothing’s being answered I’m just not feeling right it scares the shit out of me. So I spend all night long while the girl I’m staying with is asleep, getting on adult Friend finder to the people the only people that I know the only people I’ve been talking to trying to get some help all everybody wants to do is talk about jerking off on the phone no one wants to take me seriously something’s going on and I know I’m in danger at this point.

In the very beginning you don’t realize it it’s very subtle. So, you don’t see the signs right in the beginning. In my case I had just got on Mocospace and was giving out my Kik to be able to work. I did not know anything was very innocent green I guess you’d say. I did not know what bombing was I know it affected me and that’s why it’s stuck with me from the very beginning it was so much so I couldn’t go to the bathroom in peace I couldn’t take a bath in peace I went from taking a bath to taking a shower and even answering the phone while I was in the shower there was no peace none whatsoever so when I started screaming you know just stop everybody would wonder but to know what was going on I kept trying to explain but I didn’t know how because I didn’t know what this was so that’s the very beginning as much as I can reflect and go back on.

I finally got in touch with the guy that I had gone on a motorcycle ride with. He said if you can get a ride to me, I’ll help you. I ended up thank God I did I had a little bit of bags I had left three or four bags went outside and put my bags in a bush underneath everything to hide everything because the girl was gone for a while and I was hoping to leave before she got back. So, the ride came I grabbed my bags really quick and I took off. About 10 minutes away from that place I felt like I could breathe again. It’s like something came and just lifted off my chest and I’m choking cuz it was really weird to explain it but I didn’t realize I had been like smothered and then I looked at my clock on the phone and it was 10 minutes out and it just lifted up all of a sudden and I could you know I took was able to take simple deep breaths and I looked at the person that came and got me and I was like wow I can breathe.

My Introduction to MocoSpace

The guy that I went on the bike ride with he’s married he put me up in a room for about a week and he said give it to me to do I called shelters I had no idea where I was didn’t know anybody I had talked to him about working let him know that I had done it back when I was 23 24 but it’s a whole lot different back then and it sure wasn’t anything like I’ve been doing. It is to say the least definitely totally different opposite of what I started doing.

He introduced me to Moco space. I had never heard of it. Well I didn’t know what was going on I was just kind of going on really his words I had no choice but to trust and believe in him.

He tells me to get on Moco space and just check it out scope it out look what’s going on watch it then follow through okay that’s what I did. 5 days into being on Moco space, I get this I am on there saying I know that Facebook face. I freak out I’m like who the fuck is this??? I hear back “hi mom” to say the least I flipped my shit right. I’m like what the fuck are you doing on here? So, ends up the profile it’s been 2 years old under a 47-year-old man. And somehow online there’s pictures he claims he has, or this person rather claims that they have and he’s going they’re going to blackmail me with them. I had only visited with one person at the time.

Seem like whoever it was whether it was really my son or whatever they couldn’t make up their mind what they wanted to blackmail me with so went from and I really and went from one disgusting thing to being with a truck driver in their truck being videotaped and paying them $1,000 me getting paid and then them getting paid me paying them the $1,000. So, other words incriminating myself and then being a pimp whoever it was. All this time I actually thought it was my son now that I’m telling the story things may be a little bit different than my son.

So needless to say,  5 days into being on Moco space I was being harassed blackmailed my stomach had been in knots was tripping the fuck out trying to talk to people having the phone bomb my kick bomb and I didn’t know anything from Adam at this point about anything I was so green had no clue

So, it is very important for you to understand the reasonings behind these actions

  1. To instill fear
  2. Sense of loss of control
  3. Invalidation my boundaries
  4. Invalidation of my worth
  5. Invalidation as a person
  6. Invalidation anything, I say is not worth being heard
  7. Being told on crazy and psycho all the time is to break also break down that psyche
  1. All the different valuations of names emails and misinterpretations between male and female that is also to cause confusion of course so that the one being stocked is not aware of exactly who it is doing these things which causes a more sense of loss of control, and also instills panic triggers desperation
  2. These techniques are also used to desensitize and to dehumanize the intended victim over the course of years no matter how strong you are eventually this breaks down every part of you mentally emotionally physically.
  3. You become high on alert. Stay on alert at all times you have an increased sensitivity to noises to light to basically any and everything. Also a sense of paranoia even though you know something is going on you can’t never sleep put your finger on it you know something is going on you cannot prove you cannot put your finger on you know you’re having all these problems that you should not be having.
  4. You’re always in a state of panic always having your stomach in knots always in fear. to the point where you’re jumping out of your skin literally at every little noise imaginable and not imaginable. You have so much fear and still than you that you’re not sleeping on your body passing out forces you to go to sleep on your feet or for example fall asleep in a bowl ice cream find your face stuck up in the last little ice cream you had.
  5. Your body your physical abilities are put under so much pressure and demand to be exhausted to keep you exhausted keep you going in circles for no reason at all which also breaks down the psyche and desensitizes you. Put under so much pressure and stress and constant state of panic and turmoil concert constant to where you put under psychosis your body gets is put under so much pressure that you start losing memory there’s so much confusion that surrounds you so the confusion causes all kinds of questioning as well as part of the memory loss part as well.
  1. If you go back and read all my blogs the slave labor working for free these things they’re now that I’m aware of it it’s obvious what was going on the time that I experienced telling her so to speak when I was up for 7 days and 6 nights straight and almost during the time that I was experiencing burning at the skin I was being put under so much pressure is Florence getting those videos done and then all that work only to turn around and people to tell me oh I don’t want that or people to say oh I don’t use online payments because of this and this Dallas putting so much pressure onto my body onto my mentality of emotionally that was to essentially break me the fuck down.
  2. Who has no idea about any of the techniques used or what’s going on there’s no way to describe it so hard because everything you know it’s weird it shouldn’t be happening don’t realize at first it’s all being synchronized. You just know there’s a lot of chaos that surround you and there has never been before especially not to the degrees that this takes place.
  3. In the meantime the people you’re questioning things like you’re looking around and you trying to figure out who the fuck is doing this to you what’s going on and then of course you start to get panicky extra heightened and you’re starting to accuse people because it looks just like them that did perfectly like whoever it may be or whatever it is and that is to discredit you as well as make you lose your family members your friends and your job to bring you down to nothing. . During at which point I’ve lost my friend of 22 years I lost my dad mysteriously was found first on the floor by the fridge for what he had in his age they don’t know why he died.
  4. In the meantime you’re humiliated publicly shamed mage grovel big plead everywhere just for your Right just to be able to eat and have a roof over your head and when I say it’s a battle and it’s I’ve done nothing but fight daily everyday just for a midget of food or I have gone hungry for 4 and 5 days I mean just that this also breaks down your psyche desensitizes you dehumanizes you invalidates you, you are not worth anything you are not worth having your rights that is the direct reason of why I’ve gone through what I’ve been going through. Take for example remember when I stated that I had my top dentures Dublin and then I was told I wasn’t worth any of my dinner date that I had offered until I got my teeth fixed but then yet all the resources were taken away from me giving me too high of goals that could not be reached getting my hopes up continually is a sense of abandonment isolation. Being left alone but then continually harassed so never really being left alone but no one to be there in your fear to help you to consult you you’re having to deal with the fear all alone which brings about a sense of I still can’t even talk about it let’s just say that.

For intended victim

First things first, if you are actually are a targeted victim of Gangstalking. you have to come to grips with your whole environment is controlled. Everything and I’m going to state that again I mean EVERYTHING.

Everything from the TV shows that you watch, when you eat, the things that you do eat, your water is controlled when you bathe is control who you meet where you meet them and how you meet them is also controlled. Nothing is as it seems, nothing. This is the very first thing one that is actually being targeted has to come to grips with and understand the amount of control in your life is literally every area every angle a bathroom control when you go pee when you go take a shit when you wash your clothes everything literally everything is controlled.

For example, at Budget suites I noticed all of a sudden, every time I took a shower, I would take cold showers. So, I started taking showers during “off” hours.  in other words where others were in bed, I’ve been taking a shower at 2:00 in the morning whatever and it was various hours. Understanding that when doing so the very first or even second time you may have hot water but after that you may end up having cold water and it doesn’t matter when what time you take a shower you still have cold showers.

On top of that in particular, they use these techniques as a way to punish you or to let you know that you’ve talked too much you’ve done too much and they’ll pull the rains on you one way or the other whatever the situation may be. For example when I come to realize that I was actually being gang stalked and I had said something on Twitter about all this cuz I was having decent showers at that point I get in the shower and I got a cold shower and I’m thinking to myself oh I guess I must have said too much I will kind of in my thoughts.

Not only is your physical environment controlled but your thoughts are controlled how do you come to conclusions to understand the depth of what really is going on, is actually very inconceivable. These techniques used at the same techniques that Hitler used and the same techniques that is used in war throughout time and in today’s methods. Especially in today’s technology understanding that these methods have been proven to control literally every part of you inside outside body mind everything.

This actually is very hard for any one person to conceive much less the person that’s actually going through this. When the targeted victim actually comes into realization of just how much their life is controlled, for me I instantly dropped my knees and threw up right off once I realized it.

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