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One more time, MANY THANKS TO Professor Eric T Karlstrom!

In March a couple of months ago I was really fearful for my life, and I was desperate. I don’t know, I can’t remember the actual comment I made on this person’s website, but on May 25th I got a reply back and this was his reply. I would like to thank him personally for taking the time out to reply as well as hearing me because it seems like no one wants to hear the dirty ugly Truth, so I want to say thank you. Because I’ve been screaming out for three years …three and a half years… And everybody just wants to turn their heads turn their ears off and close their eyes and ignore the ugly Truth that we have domestic terrorism and that my own peers are doing this my neighbors the community to me giving me the slowest horrific tortured experimented death ever everybody just wants to ignore the nasty truth, so I really want to thank you for hearing my screams and validating what I’ve been screaming, thank you.

I just saw this going to my Reddit to grab something that I have posted to put it on here, and I saw this real quick. My personal experience is because I’m in prison I have been Amazon USPS and DoorDash. Who I got hot the other night at 4:00 in the morning when I ordered McDonald’s and they did was on the phone with me and set, and I watched him put it on the wrong door, and I’m standing outside in my night clothes in my robe it’s raining outside I’m barefoot, and I sat and watched him put the fucking bag on the ground at the other side of me . Like all the way down the hall like you know yeah I call McDonald’s I had chewed them a new asshole lol this kind of shit happens all the time.

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