Ensuring Your Safety

Before I can get into details of this guarantee that I’m now offering. I need to give you a better understanding behind my reasonings for the way I do everything. Being that there’s alot that you, the general public is not aware of. I have given my word to each and every one of you that I do everything that I possibly can to ensure your safety during your visit as well as there after. The steps that I now take in my life to ensure this is profoundly thought out and kept in the forethought at ALL TIMES. Being that I’m an analyzer, I look at angles and situations that normally wouldn’t even be considered.

For example, anyone that I may meet up with personally, they get the same screening also. Being that anyone I may meet with personally could be lieing about who they are (just like what happens with work), they would know what I do, we have a fallen out and guess what????….trouble is made….ok…This is an angle that I look at. That’s ALWAYS on my mind. I am ALWAYS on guard, on the look out. I am careful about putting myself into situations that could possibly spell our drama and trouble…If I have any alcohol…it’s very little, if any at all…The way I do things goes all the way down to the way I have trained myself to think….My thought processes…”If it doesn’t add up, yes it could be just someone lieing, but then again….IT COULD BE LE.” ….this kind of thinking, to you, yes may be on the extreme side. But to me…I am KEEPING TO THE WORD THAT I’VE GIVEN TO YOU…TO ENSURE YOUR SAFETY.

Keeping It Legal

When you go from having “fun” with things to doing them “professionally” EVERYTHING changes! You can no longer just turn on your camera on your phone and start video chatting with someone and then pay you a little bit for it…NOOOPE!!!! It’s not so simple and easy as that when you do things professionally. From Camming to Sexting, to selling content, it ALL becomes a whole different ballgame. There are so many legalities that you are not aware of that’s apart of the adult industry. Between the laws for the adult industry and the laws that’s apart of “The Business Formation” like the laws about this website, to the different kinds of copyrights….who owns the copyrights to your pictures if someone else takes them, to producing the videos, getting forms signed of consent and age verification…you would NOT beleieve what is legally all involved on this side of it!

The reasons why I go about things the way I do, the reasons why it is of the UPMOST IMPORTANCE that there’s NEVER any money or services mentioned , to the way things are worded in this website , for example, the top of my Services Page, which is basically a disclaimer….LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT I DO , OR SAY, EVERYTHING IS TO KEEP IT ALL AS LEGAL AS I CAN POSSIBLY MAKE IT TO BE!!!! This ensures your safety, cuz there should not be any problems as long as things go accordingly. This is why it’s important for you, to do your part in this, to make sure you have read the website, and follow things accordingly as I have asked. I have specified everything to make sure it all goes smoothly.


I won’t say or do anything before I have researched it. I will not put my word on anything unless I know for a fact what it is that I’m putting my word on. Literally all of it, everything that I’m doing, I’m researching and studying. As well as learning and teaching myself, all on my own. Having the know the differences in “disclosures” and “disclaimers” down to knowing the different kinds of “Guarantee’s” there is. I have researched to make sure that I am doing everything properly. All of this kind of researching, not to mention teaching myself everything, more or less…you can call it “me going through my own college “Rogues College” lol… all of this is what eats up most of my time. This is the reasons why it takes me longer than most to get things out to you. All this is VERY time consuming and tedious to do. but well worth it, in the end.

The Seal Of Guarantee

If you are thinking that I just went and slapped a pretty seal that I liked the best onto my website just because it “looks good”…NO, that is NOT what I have done here, ok. Upon researching this, I learned there are different types of “guarantee’s.” And then I had to figure out which one best applies to “this” business (as there is none the really applies) to what I was wanting to guarantee. In the end I came out with two different guarantee’s that I can apply in this unique situation as this. let me farther explain:

Specific or “Simple” Guarantee

Specific Guarantee-Also known as a Simple Guarantee is a type that is used when dealing with a single transaction, and therefore a single debt.

Money Back Guarantee

A guarantee normally takes form of a written promise between a company and its customers and pledges to provide things like:

An expected level of quailty

Certain content

Specific benefits

Customer satisfaction

Products or services that perform as expected

Guarantees also detail what should happen in the event that the buyer is not happy with their purchase

What Do I Guarantee?

  • Professional Quailty Service: You are guaranteed to receive Professional, Quailty No Rush Service, for the amount of time that is compensated for. This also means there will be no drama involved. The quailty of my services will not diminish over time.
  • Quailty Products (Content) and/or Any Other Misc Services:
    • Content: Any pictures and/or videos purchased will be edited only to ensure a richness in color and quailty to them, while keeping to the natural beauty that has been captured. Also, any and all content will ALWAYS be of me.
    • Misc Services: I have plans to offer other services, for example phone calls and sexting. With this in mind, any other services and/or products will be included to be presented in a Professional Manner as well.
  • Cleanliness: There are two different parts thats included:
    • Environment: My incall is my homes, so you will alwsays walk into a home environment that is well kept in a nice and tidy fashion. Being that I’m OCD, you won’t ever have to worry about what kind of environment that you will be walking into.
    • Hygiene: I will always be nicely groomed, freshly showererd and dressed nice.
  • Non-Disclosure of Information: This is part of the GDPR and Privacy Policy and how your data is processed. This is by law what I have to abide by. Aside from how your data is processed, you have full anonymity and FULL non-disclosure of anything that is discussed and/or any information that is given to me. The time that we spend together either in person or during communication, no matter how we communicate, and is kept confidential.
  • The Oral Specialist Brand: For those that don’t know, it was a client that had came up with my brand. So, with that being said, our time spent together will far surpass any expectations that one may have. With the skills that I possess you will undoubtably will leave from here way more than satisified…..Now for the hard part lol…to be able to put this in words….This is based off of “average normal situations” ONLY.


Therefore does NOT apply to situations that could affect performance of the male antamony, (IE: any medications that is consumed whether legal, (like blood pressure, diabetes, or heart medications, for example) or illegal, alcohol, Real World stress, nervousness, ED, etc.) Anything on your end that would/could affect performance there’s no way I can guarantee. I have my end of things covered. Let’s put it this way, If it’s anything on my end, I’ll be more than happy to have the visit on me!!!

As I start adding the other services that I plan on adding, at that point, I will cover the guarantee on those services.

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