Two pairs of hands

One pair made from the other

At one time they had been entwined, so close and tight

More like best friends instead of Mother and child

As years passed, as those tiny babies hands started to grow

Something happened, what exactly I guess I’ll never know

As the wedge grew, farther and farther apart

At the end, seemed like we were worlds apart

These two pairs of hands

Both were filled with hurt

An undeniable hot knife stabbed in both hearts

Mine filled with so much fear and pain

What more filled his, I guess I’ll never really know

On this day, 4 years ago it was

The last day that these two pairs of hands had know each others touch

The last day, a mother would ever feel her babys hands

As the years have passed, memories now todays haunts

Haunts that I live each and every day

Never really understanding how or why

Losing my best friend, my heart, my lil one

Today, 4 years later, One pair of hands

Have grown into a strong man’s, still growning

Steady and still, confident and looking into his future ahead

Today, 4 years later, the other pair of hands

Still shaking, still lost, missing her lil man’s hands

Today, On the day that’s set aside for Mother’s all around,

A Day To Celebrate, With their children small to grown

For me, it’s just another day filled with hurt and pain

Oh extra special it is, Cuz today, it hurts even more so.

The pain is felt in the gut, even as many tears I’ve cried

At one time, I thought there were no more tears to shed

But today, a haunting reminder of the last time I held those lil man’s hands

The tears Flow that can fill the oceans and seas

No closure in sight, regretful I am.

A mother that will stay lost without her best friend, her lil man!

You can see the smiles are forced, trying to hide our pain.

Trying to make the best of saying our good byes…

And no I won’t get a phone call from him, this I know.

So my day, Mother’s Day, it’s just another day

Just another day filled with hurt and pain

A day that’s filled with even more so than every other day.

Hating when this day comes around with each year it passes

For It’s definitely not happy for me!


Dated 5-12-19 10:49 AM

please i ask that respect that im a parent, im a mother filled with hurt. please respect that im human. and please dont tell me happy mothes day, please respect my wishes and understand. its just best, just to act as if it’s just another day and just not acknowledge it to me ok…i dont want to hear im sorry’s or nothing i just dont want to hear anything about it ok please i just want to leave it be and ignore what today is

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