Here’s Why Protocols Should Be Followed

I was just sent a link from a personal friend of mine that has been watching the news. Fox San Antnoio News aired a story about San Antonio Vice doing bust for prostitiution. The article stated that they had been on the Westside of the city wanting to send a strong message to the men who are looking to buy sex. ,And that even though, overall prostitution arrests were down compared to last year. But that the demand was still high. They also stated that they are cracking down online, private business and on the streets and constantly developing new ways to do a crackdown.

During this undercover operation, the men didn’t hold back about exactly what they wanted and how much they were willing to pay.

“He said how much do you want I said $40 for a f*** $20 for a bl*****,” the undercover officer said. “He agreed to an amount for a f***.”

The two main strict protocols that Service Providers are very adamant about is screeening no matter what and never ever discussing money and anything sexual during at any time is not only for the safety of themselves. But for the safety of everyone overall.

Once a sex act is offered for a fee the crime has been committed.

And is the very reason why Service Providers will refuse to go any farther in converstation with anyone that brings these two subjects up at all. As well as the reason why for advertising a special “20 Minutes for $80.” There was no sex act advisited for any amount of money!!!

With the article stating that the demand was still high farther proves that the customer base not adapting to new laws and still are putting not only themselves at great risk to being involved in these sting operations but also putting everyone else they come into contact with at high risk as well. It’s not only the Customer Base, recently I’ve noticed that Service Providers were still blatantly advertising services and money also. My suggestions for the Service Providers would be to not engage in this kind of advertsing and for the customer base to not answer any advertisments of this kind of nature. Just for the sake of safety in mind.

The mind set that I have adapted a long time ago with the thought process of “If you don’t screen and if it doesn’t add up, you must be LE” has yet again proven to be the right thought process to have. With Vice being here to stay in San Antonio, those that have not “adapted and overcame” will sooner or later get stung in a sting operation.


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