In Retrospect: Through A Whore’s Eyes

Monday, December 14, 2020
2:39 PM
For any woman who is going through tough times,

With being in covid-19 times now

Having the thoughts of “I’ll do it for a little while”


You learn quick a man’s transformation. Its instantaneous, the change in eyes…not even known to them.

In the World, The Stigma Once A Whore sticks…
Programs like Swop fight for a whores rights but here’s what I have learned

To be a whore, you can’t call to any Christian Spiritually, I personally had been mocked as Mary Magdalene…Jesus’ whore wife, being crowned like Jesus as King of Nazareth. The crowned of the best and legendary. Just like Jesus I was made an example out of in front of God and all.

Looking back the significance of the events I’ve gone through. The mocking, the ridicule after years of trying to fight it. I can tell you, the hard headedness of the hard of the headedness I have been…you can fight that fight like I have…


The transformation in a man, its unknown change. The primal in the male species. Their eyes change, the pupils get smaller as their eyes narrow down.

For a woman we instantly learn to value and worth in our bodies. Your whole life changes, even afterwards.

The man transforms from respect of a woman to instant hatred.

In a man’s eye, paying with money…he then owns you. He becomes rough and fucks you so hard that leaves you doubled over in pain. The feelings of disgrace and the humiliation behind the acts taken place.

A woman learns quick to value her body and to keep her worth. Its turns into being the most sacred of everything with all being stripped away. The only thing your left is grasping tight and fighting for your self-worth. And you’ll fight to the death to keep your self-worth.

Thinking you’re going to get out, think again. By the instant change in male species, they’ll keep in the hell, stealing from you, not paying you, keeping you down …just to call you a whore… keeping you a whore to call you a whore.

Having an exit strategy. If you can…but that to…it seems nonexistent.

Whatever that is gained while in this life, cause you out, you end up letting a go just to get out. .

If you find you come to being a whore with only the clothes on your back, you’ll leave with less!

The support from friends and/or family who supported you throughout…you’ll find that they to without ever realizing the change that happen within you inside ..nor do they realize nor can comprehend the transformation that happened upon hearing you become a whore

You may walk into this world as a proud slut will leave as a disgrace worthless whore

Believe me when I say you can fight the hardest fight to grasp everything you find yourself losing. You WILL be stripped of everything …. DESENSITIZED AND DEHUMANIZED.

The changes, you don’t realize what’s going on, why it’s happening, why such vile mannerisms you face.

Your pride, your grace you had before, respect, your memories of life before becoming a whore…no longer exist, your stripped of all identity of ever having any life before, before being a whore.

All every aspect of mind body and soul…emotions, memories you try to hold on to, slip away suddenly feeling as if you have an early set of dementia

Your whole self is stripped and taken away from you and your life.

And even the last thing you to hold to of your is your own self-worth and value…and choosing the lesser of a the viles..

That too is stripped from you…stuck wearing that scarlet letter of “W” the rest of your life.

So for any woman who thinks like i did, just a few mths to get on my feet…three almost four years at that whipping pole later…out of the regrets in my life…this message i have for a women

If you want any and all that is sacred to you and choice this world I warn you. I wish I had to God I had known what I know now.

This world the most respectable of men you may know…once the foot is entered into this world…they change they don’t even know the change that took place, and you can’t ever explain, it will never be understood or grasped.

Out of all my hardest my life’s too late for me. I now wear the scarlet letter. With the only choice left is forcing myself to pretend to be a proud whore for the rest of my life.

I was the innocent of innocence coming into this i was i had an experienced whore to write these words i write now to make sure you aware of you are making before you make it.

Written by …i don’t know ..i don’t have an identity…i don’t want to claim my whore name anymore…and my identity has been stolen so much…so i don’t even know how to sign this as

Ps. maybe I’m just the example made out of it And it might not be so bad for you
But know this…..

I wasn’t the first and i won’t be the last


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