instructions given by message and vision in shower

Instructions given by message and vision in shower

Sunday April 12th 2020 11:45 a.m. I got out of the shower this was given to me as I was in the shower

Perfect instructions said to me everything is to be left in a folder and put in a safe somewhere and then someone I’ve trust which is not going to be the easiest thing it seems like it’s going to be like the scrolls that’s what I kind of see it’s going to be I don’t know I’ve got to try to put everything together in a folder apparently and I’ll leave it on and so that somebody can put it in a book format like the Bible cuz this apparently is what I’ve been seeing is an extension of the Bible this is actually the survival guide book of what I’ve been talking about for months now things are hitting me so quick I can’t type it out there’s no way I’m trying to get dressed and I’m doing speech to text there is no way I can do all this and try to make sense of it all myself You got to understand half of this I can’t figure out myself either until it finally is at that point remember you will never know anything it will never come to you unless it’s freaking time for you to have it okay it’s imperative you know that while I’m walking around trying to find my everything that I need to find haha in the future this is going to be the craziest motherfucking book from the realest motherfucking bitch you’ll ever know you’ll never come to know I’m speaking in that term it’s really wild for me okay so important

Okay this is so strange because in the future you don’t need to know that you’re getting these messages in this this book to the skyline as an extension of what is going on it’s history it’s oh my God I can’t believe I’m talking in this term right now You were getting this shit from the craziest motherfucking bitch ever lol and the most realist bitch you’ll ever come to know in the future when you read about all this this is so strange for me You guys understand this is crazy.

Okay so would hit me while I was I guess I think I was first in my teeth oh water is the most can be very here’s the thing about the element of water okay here’s a trick to it water is the lightest yet the heaviest and weight water is the most purest thing you can clean with or the most dirtiest okay with that in mind I need you to realize Jesus walked on water right okay so anything that Jesus did Lucifer is going to mimic need to realize this mimic deception confusion chaos You’re going to have to stop in the middle of chaos stop in the middle and I swear I’m like forcing that stop in the middle of the chaos it is nothing but an illusion well not an illusion excuse me wrong word it’s something to get your focus off of what’s really happening like right now for example coronavirus coronavirus is not the issue it is an issue yes it’s a very big issue but it’s not the issue okay it is not I promise you

Trump is not it it’s not it and I call it I don’t call it anything else but it okay it’s an it to me Trump is not it Trump is the dirty boy he does a dirty work Trump is the one that’s making the past he’s paving the way look at what’s going on right now he’s paving the way for the grand whatever you want to call it fucking okay this grand for fucking entrance or whatever okay it’s been kept secret for years it’s been this whole time it’s been under lock and key of whoever it is we will know him he is known I don’t know how I know any of this by the way it’s just coming to me as I’m talking and running around trying to put clothes on and makeup and everything else in a literally running around like my head cut off like usual ha-ha this grand entrance that he is about to make it won’t be long it will be before or by and I said this the other night it would be by Halloween song because Halloween is the time where the veils of the two different worlds of the world’s that at its dentist though at this moment there’s no veil left but the significance of this day is yes still dealing with the bells being at its dentist okay that is when the switchover is going to happen I don’t know I don’t know what to call it I don’t I have no idea

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