Is There Such A Thing?

I’m curious

Is there such a thing as a client that knows how to be a gentleman knows how to treat a woman right???

Because if so?

Come see me I’m ready to jump your bones!!!!

I believe I have just dropped the last of my abusive clients I would love to be with those clients that know how to have a good time and also know how to respect and keep that respect and don’t cross boundaries and think you own me that’s who I’m looking for I’m ready for a good time with the gentleman.

I’ve had enough of the abuse I want to know what it feels like to be treated right

So let’s start over please

Hi, I am MsRogue in San Antonio, nice to meet everyone.

I’ve just got out and away from abusive relationships and on the road to recovery. But you should know I do have some trauma that I’m trying to work through.

I would like to meet some gentlemen who knows how to treat a woman respectfully and not cross her boundaries. If you are out there I would love to meet up with you I would love to know what that feels like again.

I also need to announce that I am no longer accepting any clients that show any abusive tendencies

That includes but not limited to
crossing boundaries
Expecting right now
Any lying, deception, or manipulation
They cannot be honest

You get the idea though I hope anyways.

I have finally been able to break away from The never ending revolving door of abuse, I do not feel like being in that trap again EVER

Thank you, MsRogue

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