…It Ran It’s Course

As I’m trying to work

My heart Breaks

My heart hurts

As I type I begin to lose myself within

Then all of a sudden The tears Held all day

They began to Stream

they began to flow

I needed to think, needed to sort

And as you know, as i quickly went to my refuge

With the water coming down, over my face I let go and finally cried

Then all of a sudden I noticed it felt strange to me

I knew that I was actually all by my self, you see

I knew that i was actually all a lone this time, your presense wasnt near.

Now that I know, i can get and understand

this sickness, this disease

We all tend to hurt the ones we love the most.

I see when you were scared and in your own fear,

you began to lose control,

with trying to gain your own stephold

from fear ….you created fear,

trying to stand strong & steady

Now do you see, I get you more than you realize,

more than you get your own self.

The weekend that I gave you, your out,

I knew the turmoil you felt inside

As an Empath, I felt the tug o war you had inside.

You wanted so much to confide, Still you held back

Here’s what you couldnt really see and understand,

even today as you deflected and still held strong

to this facade you put on

there was no one else

but me and you, no one else existed within our time

it was ours and ours alone, when i made love with you.

today on top of you, looking in your eyes and kissing you

Opening up to you, Knowing your body well

as we share in the same passion perversal sex twisted with love.

it was YOU, the REAL YOU that I wanted to make love to!

the skin acting as a barrier just as the clothes taken off

Nothing else mattered, I had told you i didnt care what it was

Taking the baby oil before drying off I realized and understood

trying to find a safe place, a safe zone to call home

with no judgements and no worries is what I have been trying to offer you.

Just to finally have some comfort a little peace

wanted to take some of the weight of your shoulders and heart

I guess in a way, i tried to free what I felt that was binding you

even though I know you are the only one that can make that choice and step

Not sure if you are aware its not easy to find another that just “fits”

that have the twisted freak minds like we share

With The thunder I hear, the last trigger you

wanted it to be of you.

when you hear that same rumble of thunder

gripping you deep within in its beat like a drum

this is what I’ll tell you,

if you ever should feel like you want to be free

from what binds and get your real freak on

you know what to do,

let me know who’s body im making love to

The course it ran, thats understood…

as I place the cards on the table for you to see!

6-26-2020 12:50 am

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