It’s All In Y/your Approach

7-12-19 I’m wanting to do something constructive but something that’s “mindless” right now. Being that my whole body is shaking and vibrating from ingesting too many people today. I want to do something that I enjoy also. This is it…So with that in mind, on my fetlife profile, I have done 3 writings. I believe that I’m going to put them up tonight. This one came from of course, the way I was being approached on there. And it has ALWAYS urked me the way people are just so inconsiderate about their approaches. Besides, I figured it could do some good on this site. I also believe I’m gonna post the comments being that it all goes together.

It’s All In The Way You Approach Me

Dated: April 3, 2019

It’s ALWAYS been about how someone chooses to approach me. Every since i was a little kid, its been that way with me. In my 20s, as i learned the Old Guard Ways of protocol of how a submissive/slave is supposed to greet any Dominant/Master or how to ask questions……as i learned the PROPER way to speak with any Dominant and/or Master, it became even more so important on how someone had choosen to approach me.

the differences of these different approaches are very important to notice…as i was just told that i had been judgemental just like others on this site. Now, i would like to get this understood…quickly…..I have been a member of fetlife for many years now, this profile is actually my newest one, that ive had for years…when i was going through my last release, i had deleted my profile, the one with my slave number from The Slave Registery and all on it…I never have filled out this profile like that one was because i wasnt as serious with this profile through my release and since then….

Long ago, i learned about the judgements on this site and like any other site, as i also had a profile on CollarSpace….The TRUE MEANING OF BDSM AND THE DYNAMIC OF BDSM for the most part, has long been lost…ok….just the judgements alone, this is a lifestyle that should NOT have any judgements whatsoever….

as i have learned through the Baton Rouge community and being an active member of the club back then…

“What may be your kink, may not be my kink. So, none is judged”

Besides, i am not a person that judges anything.

In comparison

“Let’s meet up, I want to fuck you”


“hi, my name is………..(and continuing on with a respectable nice introduction)

In this community, where RESPECT, COMMUNICATION AND HONESTY are THE THREE MAIN ASPECTS OF THIS LIFESTYLE…and yes, for me, it’s a “lifestyle”….the importance of how are worded within this community tells someone about you, right off the bat…..

the first example, this person shows no respect, no regard, shows lack of communication skills and is only here looking for a hook up…..
if thats the case….my time shall compensated for then!!!!!!!!!!!

the second example, for someone that the TAKES THE TIME OUT, TO SHOW INTEREST, i dont care if theres misspellings etc, thats not whats important, it shows me the WILLINGNESS to communicate, the level of respect, shows he cared enough to have put “a thought process” down to wrote he choose to write to me, and it shows that he sees me as more than just a hook up….

The First Example, well…..if i do answer you, it will be just as rude and then some of a reply that i take in these kinds of introductions….besides they are not creative at all!!!!

Over the years, the way someone approaches has increasingly becomes more important, its EVERYTHING TO ME….ESPECIALLY now that im in my late 40s and im a sex worker on top of the BDSM reasons…IT IS MAJOR TO ME ON A PERSON CHOOSES HIS OR HER WORDS AND BEHAVIOURS OF HOW ONE APPROACHES ME!!!!!!!!

RESPECT AND KINDNESS ALWAYS GOES A LONG WAY WITH ME! I had learned this through this lifestyle and community!!!!!

Also, being that i am sex worker, if you send me a friends request and i dont know who you are, with no email or anything im not gonna accept you….i deal with stalkers and shit cuz of my job….
THIS IS MY PERSONAL PROFILE, I REFUSE to have to deal with people who choose to contact a provider, but yet not respect one in conversation, and then TO GET THE SAME TREATMENT ON MY PERSONAL PROFILE….to stand out away from the crowd of assholes, dont have the behaviour of an asshole

Comment Posted

You write honestly! I am amazed at the people on this site who are critical and abusive. If I don’t like what you are doing, I should look for someone else’s site.

My Replies

yes i write VERY VERY HONESTLY. I’ve been told im “brutally real”, besides i figure it like this, it’s never been sugar coated to me….if ya can’t handle the truth…then quit pointing the freaking fingers..thats just how i see things…. theres two different kind of answers anyone will get from me….the TRUTH…or …”its nunya fuckin business” lol and actually my job….the men that are apart of my job….have abused me very badly…..wait a minute…that leads me to this….

..and uh ummmm…..seems like the other day there was a “sudden surge” of activity on my profile….i come on here, and i’m seeing names, that i know from work, and i have VERY PURPOSELY NOT BLOCKED ANYONE CUZ I KNEW I WAS GONNA BE SOMETHING ABOUT THIS…

i very honestly had to step aside before i lost my cool, the amount of disrespect that ppl can have is freaking outrageous! I’ve stated that my fetlife profile, my facebook profile, all of my personal profiles, ….were OFF limits that these were NOT to be having any dealings with my work…TRYING LIKE HELL TO HAVE SOME KIND OF SEPARATION IN MY LIFE BETWEEN EVERYTHING…

seems like some jokers can’t respect that just want to continue to cyber stalk me!!!!
there was only one person that sent me a PM with all the friend request I had the other day!!! Because of all the stalking and the abuse that i’ve gone through and the bullshit that “grown children” like to play ….yesssss i’ve very susipicous of ppl that i don’t know being that i’m in the public eye, ESPECIALLY when i haven’t recieved a PM with an introduction of some sort of a kind or if i haven’t invited you to this profile!
being that theres so many that can’t respect a person AND their boundaries, i’ve been quiet upset over this…

the reasons why i had wrote these two writitngs….was because it seems like everytime i try to find somewhere to write, to put my thoughts down, so that i can have an “out” …so that i can work through all the bullshit that i have to contend with thru work …just so that i can look at my words and step away getting a better prospective on things, …..i get crowded out…so it ends up that i can’t find anywhere that i could just call to be “a place that’s personal, just for me” …therefore, im still stuck in a prison because ppl can’t respect boundaries and know the differances between personal and work,,,but at the same time….it’s demanded and expected that i give to them the same respect THAT THEY DONT GIVE ME! HMMMMMM yea i got a little upset over this!
have a good weekend, im going to clean my walls FINALLY lmao on May 18 ?

honestly ive been entertaining the thoughts of me deleting this profile, just like ive started deleting like everything else as far as my profiles…im very tired of the shit and if ppl can’t respect……ESPECIALLY WHEN my pics and vids are under lock and key FOR A REASON, BEING THAT, BEING IN THE ADULT INDUSTRY IS MY JOB, the pics and vids and selling them, thats food on the table for me! and….well….i’ve just recently put a “few” pics up…and….just like i predicted what was gonna happen….happened…yet AGAIN!!!! so guess what…all the pics are gonna be going! fucking smfh!!!! fucking disgust me!


Raw Expression

Not one word was changed! This is purely how I feel. Have been feeling for a long time now. I’ve been wanting all my writings in one place and now, I’m just gonna finally start getting around to it. But I guess you can see how I feel from another aspect of me. From something that wasn’t meant for this blog here.

michelle/MsRogue Ps….yall ever noticed how i sign my names???? the submissive/slave in me keeps screaming out badly…i so hate being dominant i swear lol

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    1. Thank you im the type of person that well….lets just put it this way, im pretty controversial lmao…im not the average person and alot is going on these days and ya know i really want to bring information out there as well as ya know maybe getting people to stop and think about things as well. ive had alot of enlightenment through out my life and i hope that it helps others cuz life itself IS ABOUT THE JOURNEY AND THE ENLIGHTMENT THAT WE GET FROM THE JOURNEY. SO THANK YOU!

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