July’s Site News, Updates, Announcements And Current Events

I will be starting to write a Monthly BLOG not newsletter of any and all site news, updates, things that you need to be aware of…..the WHOLE NINE YARDS. The reason why I’ve choosen to do this as a Blog and not a newsletter is that I am wanting EVERYONE to be getting the news updates. Alot of this is important. This one being the first, I have ALOT to discuss and bring to ya’lls attention. So let’s get started….

Changes In Jot Form

First off, in June Jot Form had made some drastic changes. They have expanded and have now added the New Jot Form Mobile App so they could better assist with their customers needs. I’m not sure how but apparently this DID affect the forms on these two pages by the way of the “Capticha” So I have embedded the forms into the pages so that the Capticha would work. During this time, there werer MANY that seemed to be able to read 3 paragraphs up, where it states the amount of time I need to the your screenings, but yet, couldnt read the paragraph RIGHT ABOVE the screening stating the specific instructions on what to do….

I have very recently discovered that MANY of you have filled out the “Contact Form” thinking this is the “Screening Form” First, let me apologize, I did not realze that Jot Form’s recent changes had also affected receiving the notifications on the “Contact Form” I am looking into fixing this issue. But it also has become VERY evident to me that even AFTER specifically stating “to go to the SCREENING PAGE and fill out the screening form for me” then coming back and reassuring me that you filled out the correct form. This is what led me to this discovery.

Please slow down, take your time, read over everything and fill out the correct forms

I am going ask that you slow down please, pay attention to what your doing, please READ the information that I have provided. It is there for you to inform you of all the things you need to be aware of. Many are playing this “lazy stupid/dumb” game with me, don’t seem to know how to read. I’m gonna state, this is causing quit a bit of commotion as well as miscommunication. We are ALL adults here, please I can not do my part, have you over for a visit to so that you can experience what it is that you are looking for, if you are not doing your part correctly. Thank you on this part.

Contact Page/Form Explained

The Contact Form is there for you if you to need to contact me to ask questions, need to talk with me about something specific, about your visit, or whatever you may need to get with me about. Informing me of job changes, that way I can work with you and be as flexible as I can be with you. I know different situations come up at any given time. I have always expressed all you need to do, is just talk to me…I will do my best to do what I can for me so that you can visit. I will go out of my way so that I can work with your specific unique situation. I can not help you out, if there is not communication between us, I will see you in the middle of the night, if thats your chance and you get off of work at 3AM. This has to be PRE-ARRANGED.Don’t expect me to see you at 3 AM if you have NOT pre-arranged this with me.

The Contact Form is also there for those that have ALREADY GONE THROUGH THEIR SCREENING and just needs to book a visit with me. I have explicitly stated above the contact form if you have NOT been screened yet, to click on the screening button on top on the menu and fill out the screening form. Again, I’m going to ask that you slow down, read the information provided and make sure you are filling out the correct forms.

Screening Form/Page Explained

This should be self-explainatary. if I have NOT visited with you yet, please fill out the Screening Form on The Screening Page. And do so, correctly please. Many of you are NOT BEING TRUTHFUL when filling this out. By doing so, first, most times I ALREADY know that your not be truthful, and secondly your only making this process more difficult for everyone else, and only prolonging your visit with me, IF you get to visit at all at that point. If you feel the need to lie, just DONT EVEN BOTHER FILLING THE FORM OUT PLEASE

***No matter what form you fill out, please read over both pages***

I’m willing to work with you

Now, I’m kinda scared to put this out here, as my kindness most times is taken as a weakness as well as taken advantage of. But here goes, I’m a very compassionate person that’s very down to earth ok. Especially if I have already seen you and even for those that have come to me, and expressing their situations to me and trying to come see me. Ya know, I’m the kind of person that if your going thru a tough time, with your play money, and hey as well as your situation…this is how i am, if you can make an EFFORT, for example, lets say your saving your money, and at that point and time that i may ask, what are looking at, and all you have is my BNG rate and your goal is to save for my HHR Rate, i just may tell you...”dont worry about it, do your screening, I got ya covered for the HHR, bring what you got” okayyyy….you have to communicate with me so I can do my best…This is my heart and my compassion….PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH HAGGLING MY RATES or whatever ok. just thought I’d put this out there so you know….

Legalities Explained

Once and for all, I’m gonna break this down one last time. After this, I’ll just refer everyone back to this one blog for the explainations. So here goes….I am on Disabiltiy due to my back issues. What does this REALLY mean? Ok, This means that my only income is $771 a month. This means that I HAVE to be VERY CAREFUL AND CAUTIOUS, Be on my PERFECT P’s and Q’s, This means, any issues, my ass is risking being up “Up Shit Creek ….for a long time…with no fucking paddle” Hopefully, you can catch my drift…pun intended. Which is ONE of the many reasons why I screen the way I do,….Let’s put it this way, If I’m safe, you are damn well sure you gonna be safe, cuz for me, there CANT BE ANY FUCK UPS OK…

This also stops me from being able to go any farther at this point. This means, I can NOT do OnlyFans, ManyClips, Clips4Sale, or any other platform that does any kind of “pay outs ” These kinds of platforms require you to fill out a 1099 Tax Form, being that you are considered to be a “Freelancer/Entrepreneur” This also is stopping me from being able to offer you more payment options. I have been struggling like hell to find ways and options to get around all this. So….

Investing and Owning My Own Business

Over the course of this year, I have been consulting with the Porn Law Attorney Mike Fattorosi https://adultbizlaw.com . Being that I have unique situation that has to be taken into consideration at ALL TIMES. Things have to be very strategically done in a certain manner. He has recognized that I have been trying to do everything on my own and honestly has been the ONLY ONE that has offered to help me out in any kind of way. For this, I am VERY GRATEFUL FOR! He has worked with me so that I can find a way to do everything. Providing me the resources so far, with EIGHTEEN links of LAWS that I had to learn that I was NOT aware of. And I now have all the necessary legal forms that I needed to have in order to produce my content. This is including the “Model Release Forms” as well as the “Proof of age Forms” that is REQUIRED when making a video wtih ya’ll.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I have started discussing and making plans to own a business and I believe I need to do it under “Inc.” So that the “business gets paid but i don’t” This is the only way that I’ll be able to anything more than what I’m doing now. With him willing to work with me, Im taking $150 out of july’s disabiltiy check as his first Installment, and next month in August the second installment of $150 out of my disability check to do the Inc. Which at this point, I WILL BE ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING that you are wanting, expecting, demanding, requiring and looking forward to me doing. As well as being able to offer more services and different things as this opens a door of endless opportunites for the both of us. He will also be working with me about better content as well as marketing. I just pray everything goes as planned. ?


Maybe breaking it all down in this manner, Im hoping like hell may be more understandable than the way I’ve been trying to explain it. So im crossing my fingers and here goes…lol…normally at this point and stage of preparing to own your business, The Employer, which would be me, would be beginning to take applications to hire Employees. To give you an idea, the positions that i would need filled for my particular business would be: JUST TO NAME A FEW TO START:

  • Producer
  • Director
  • Photographer/Editor
  • Post-Editor for film
  • Accountant
  • Web Designer
  • Graphics Designer
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimatization)/Marketing (this includes the ungodly amount of knowledge with Google Analytics lol)

I would also be needing

  • Upkeep of all Social Media Platforms
  • Regularly updating all 27 different advertising Platfroms
  • verification/Screening service or person
  • set and schedule appts
  • upkeep of website updated very regualrly
  • needs to know coding

This was only JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA….this is what, so far, 1o to 14 different people that I would be looking at to HIRE for EACH ONE OF THESE JOBS.

A “ONE MAN SHOW” Being Employer AND Employee(S)’

I personally do NOT have the means NOR the funds to be able to HIRE anyone for these positions. So that I could be able to lessen the amount my stress load as well as work load that I have ontop of me and have had for a long time now. I need you to understand just exactly what it is that I REALLY DO BEHIND THE SCENES THAT YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF. This means, THAT I DO NOT GET ANY REST, ANY TIME OFF I DONT HAVE TIME FOR GAMES AND DRAMAS AND BULLSHITS, FOR PPL JUST TO PLAY STUPID AND DUMB AND BE LAZY, THAT ACT LIKE THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO READ, I DONT HAVE TIME TO BABY ANYONE TO HOLD YOUR HANDS, AND DIRECT YOU, READ THE ADS AND THE WEBSITE FOR YOU, I ALSO DONT HAVE TIME TO GO IN THE BATHROOM WITH YOU, HOLD YOUR DICKS TO MAKE SURE YOU AIM CORRECTLY TO HIT THE WATER AND “NOT” MY FLOOR! that shit aint funny …i dont have time to chat with each individual, like i would like to,….



Therefore, please understand i have ZERO TOLERANCE LEVELS for any of this kind of stuff, and this kind of shit, only prolongs and pushes me behind schedules of everything that you are demanding of me to give to you. I need to also point out that alot of the demands and expectations that has been put on me, has literally NOT be feesible for my situation, not even close to being legal or within my reach of goals and abilities to be able to provide to you things that has been expected of me. which means, most occasions for the most part, i have been expected and demanded to be able to provide what is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Verifications, My Creditials, My Worth, My Services AND My Talents


We are going to go over ALL (and thats whole lot) of my creditals and my verifications. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER BE FREAKING QUESTIONED ABOUT MY CREDITIONALS AND MY WORTH, I DONT HAVE TO PROVE A DAMN THING TO ANYONE! THE PROOF, ITS ALL BEEN COMPLETELY LAYED OUT FOR YOU AND IS ALWAYS IN MY ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOURS! I’ve spent my whole life TRYING to “prove” to my own family just for them to say fuck you, im trying to keep this nice and clean and without me getting upset . But I’m sorry i can’t help it, this happens on a DAILY BASIS, that i seem to be demanding and expected to explain and to prove myself indiviually to each man i speak with. this is all day long affair of NOTHING BUT TIME WASTING AND MEN JUST OUTRIGHT BEING SUCH EXHAUSTING CREATURES. Yesterday, I spent all morning and all afternoon answering to ppl that THOUGHT THAT I OWED THEM EXPLAINATONS, I literally passed out from exhaustion at 3pm. So here goes ….

  • Been based in San Antonio exactly TWO yrs this past March. Ya’ll ALLLL have heard something about me, I dont care what it was ok. My natural personality, even when I don’t mean to, I can even try to hide and my personality, causes me to be noticed, unfortuanately. So, for the most part, the name MsRogue, I can almost bet, that name is known….somewhere along the line, all you have to do is just ask around…that’s the way it’s always been with me.
  • Not only that but I have been in the SAME place in Dec will make TWO YEARS. Most providers move around and have different incalls, I have had ONE consistent incall that IS my home for this amount of time!
  • I advertise on at least 25 (TWENTY-FIVE) different advertising platforms. I’m not for certain but I think the last I counted was 27 different places.
  • I have been VERIFIED on at least 20 out of the 25 different adverting sites, with the majority of these sites REQUIRING VERIFICATION BY SUBMITTING MY STATE ID.
  • My Social Media Presence and Digital Footprints is very vast over the last 2 yrs which includes: Now 3 Tumblrs that have been “tumbled” lol, Twitter, now, 2 Switters, Reddit, and if you have not become aware of my Motherless profile, you just havent been paying attention. Also this seems like even though my Fetlife profile is a “PERSONAL PROFILE” that is also STILL found, with most that find it, not respecting my boundaries that this is my PERSONAL account.
  • Upon Googling my present name “MsRogueSA” there is normally depending on the data, anywhere between 26 to 33 pages that google pulls up on that name ALONE. This does NOT include, looking up my brand, my number when I used put it out, and any of the numerous variations of my name that Google pulls up.
  • Simply said, my reviews….they speak for themselves. AND they are ALL in ONE place, easy to find, ON ONE PAGE.
  • I have now built FOUR websites from ground up!
  • I back EVERYTHING up and STAND BY a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!! This means that whether you put a deposit to secure your visit or what have you, you are GUARANTEED EVERY LAST PENNY BACK IF NOT SATISIFIED, as stated in DETAIL on the Guarantee Page. For 2 yrs i have sat and watched other ads to see if anyone else offered this…..ONLY SINCE I HAVE PULLED THIS SURPRISE OUT, have I seen THREE different listings with the word “guarantee” in them. AFTER I announced my guarantee.
  • So far, I have invested a little over $1000 into this website. I bring this up because, there is not going to be any cop that INVEST and spends that amount of money…along with time, effort and energy into something that is a sting or front. Also anyone that is a scammer also will NOT put this amount of money into a website alone, so that it can be an INVESTMENT and that also backs up that 100% money back guarantee
  • I will soon within the next month be a BUSINESS OWNER.

About Deposits

Im gonna try to quickly go over this…..The above screenshot, told me SEVERAL THINGS RIGHT OFF THE BAT,

  • you didnt bother to go look on my website, you wouldve found all the information…AND A FEW SURPRISES had you REALLY PAID ATTENTION.
  • you were out for FREE content
  • NOOOO you DONT TOTALLY UNDERSTAND my situation. Don’t say that, i could actually FEEL the insincerity that you had when you typed that out, there is literally not one soul alive that can make that statement and ACTUALLY TOTALLY UNDERSTAND my situation. By you saying this, you DID disrespect me
  • oh and you dont have a leg to stand on with your excuse.

Traveling Takes Money

I’m sorry i’ve given everything to ya’ll and laid my whole life out for ya’ll. you cant have my blood, if you get that i wont be able to suck your dick! if you want me to travel to where you are, i can NOT take the $771 a month i have and do everything that you are expecting me to do with it. it’s gonna take several of you in that one area to be serious and secure your visits with me by deposits. thats just reality.

New Features Added On The Site

I have added a couple of things to the site, on the bottom of each page there are “User Reviews” you have a choice of the “Star Ratings” or I have made it to where you can actually post your own personal review. This is especially good for The Raves Page and The Review Page. And I also have the comments enabled to each page. I’m trying to go through all the pages and post to make sure that every page is enabled with these features.

I have done this with having public interaction in mind. As well as you being Able to go directly to the source for any kind of reviews. Whether its content, visits or any of the soon to be announced options that I plan on offering soon. I can make it to where when you post your personal reviews I can add in the products or whatever that I’ll be offering To each page that way, it can be specified whether it’s visit content or anything else in the reviews.

I have several other new features that is in the works, as well as several plans. I have a Ticker that needs to be activated for little news and tidbits, I plan on starting Raffles. Offering Phone calls and putting together a Podcast (that MAY be in the works, i need to look more into the podcast), as well as selling panties thats in the works that I plan on doing and offering.

Sorry this newsletter wasnt like i had wanted it to be, but these things needed to explained so that everyone has a better understanding of what i’m trying to do and offer. Yall have a good weekend. Stay safe out there

Much Love,


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  1. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d
    like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some recommendations for
    your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look
    forward to seeing it grow over time.

    1. contact page

      I just finished it last night, and im back working on the privacy policy again after these last couple of paragraphs to the legal blog that im putting out for everyone. im always open for suggestions, could use the help lmao…definitely so, i never said that i knew what i was doing hehehe…please do send them. And I thank you greatly for your compliments. and its huge now, i dont think that theres ever gonna be an end to it lmao…ill be opening up subscriptions soon. i just havent gotten that part ready yet. just fyi
      again, thanks a milllion

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